queen of the mississippi

to all white people feeling offended by poc muns: it’s irrelevant. we were not violated, manipulated and conned. people saying they hate white people is not the same thing as what just happened. we don’t have to understand their anger but we sure as fuck have to respect it because we all know there would be hell to pay if the tables were turned good fucking night y’all i’m done with this website for tonight.

B A C K W A T E R  W I T C H C R A F T ( T H E  S E C O N D )

“an ancient suitcase full of beeswax candles and unknown bones wrapped in dirty burlap, gris-gris bags and jars of anointing oil.”

(a convenient followup 8tracks playlist of my favourite voodoo blues, southern gothic, swamp witch sounds)

[ tracklist ]

I Put a Spell On You - Joss Stone  |  Don’t Go Into That Barn - Tom Waits  |  Black - Kari Kimmel  |  Special Death - Mirah  |  Black Cat Bone - Lightnin’ Hopkins  |  Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac  |  Instructions to Meet the Devil - Tom Brosseau  |  House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'connell  |  Oh Death - Rising Appalachia  |  Black and Evil Blues - Josh White  |  Diggin’ My Grave - William Elliot Whitmore  |  Season of the Witch - Donovan  |  Beat the Devil Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  |  Mississippi Queen - Mountain  |  No Place to Hide - Jace Everett  |  She Belongs to the Devil - Washboard Sam  |  Little Drop of Poison - Tom Waits  |  Sign of the Gypsy Queen - April Wine  |  Black Magic Woman - Santana  |  The Love Me or Die - C.W. Stoneking  |  Nothing But the Water (Part 1) - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

l i s t e n  h e r e

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mississippi queen by mountain makes for a good tune to strip tease/give a lap dance to robert hnnngggg

YES YES YES! <333  I dare anyone to listen to this song and not take off your clothes.  It just happens.


Milwaukee Road #261 on Wisconsin River at Wis Dells, WI June 2004 by Keith Schmidt

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So question, if you dont mind me asking! Do you have any songs you listen to when youre writing smut? I struggle writing it, but weirdly enough if i find any decent songs it kinda makes it easier lmao. Also your hanzo and mccree fics were so good!!!

Thank you so much!

I actually have a playlist that’s about 2 hours long for my smut writing lol. Here are some songs from it:

  • Avenged Sevenfold - Scream
  • Beyonce - Blow, Dance For You, Drunk In Love, Naughty Girl, Partition
  • Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson - What’s It Gonna Be
  • Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
  • Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Duffy - Mercy
  • Foghat - Slow Ride
  • Ginuwine - Pony, So Anxious
  • Guns N Roses - Rocket Queen
  • J.S. - Love Angel
  • Janet Jackson - Anytime Anyplace, If
  • M.I.A. - Hombre, XXXO
  • Michael Jackson - In The Closet, Break of Dawn
  • Mountain - Mississippi Queen
  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer
  • No Doubt - Push and Shove
  • Outkast - The Way You Move
  • Pitbull - Toma
  • Rihanna - Cockiness, Only Girl (In The World), Shut Up and Drive
  • Sade - Smooth Operator, The Sweetest Taboo
  • Spice Girls - 2 Become 1
  • Sublime - Caress Me Down
  • TLC - Diggin’ On You, Red Light Special

I know its not for everyone but it helps me. and of course, please listen at your own discretion

lana masterpost

okay so i was talking about my collection of lana music and i got a few messages asking where i got all my lana song so i compiled a source of all the all her songs and albums i know of. there are a lot of lana masterposts but a lot of them are incomplete and don’t include recent leaks and lana’s music is virtually impossible to keep up with so this is my best attempt at gathering them all

the password for secured files is “delrey”

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i’m getting really nostalgic right now so for people who have been fans of regular show since the beginning who remembers
• when the fandom had more than like 7 people and new episodes were talked about
• that one kid in class who would always go “you know who else ____? MY MOM!!”
• rigby died at least once every season
• those previews that ended with a still of the park and a narrator saying “regular show: it’s anything but. new episode monday at 8.”
• lady pecs
• before eileen was introduced so in a desperate attempt to give rigby a love interest people made female raccoon ocs that all had the same “cool chick, loves coffee and video games” personality
• party tonight was the ultimate jam
• but there was that super weird official music video for it that cartoon network released that had people actually dressed up as the characters and it just… nyeeeh
• “cj was a really cool character i hope she comes back one day and makes up with mordecai”
• super saiyan benson
• it was pretty much agreed by everyone that the funniest scene was when muscle man got punched by the hammer and his own boobs hit him in the face
• “i hope mordecai and margaret kiss under the mistletoe in the christmas special!”
• techmo was everyone’s fave
•when bendrey still like existed
• that meme about mordecai eating salad
• the acid trip from weekend at benson’s and how you will probably never listen to mississippi queen again without imagining mordecai, rigby, and benson stumbling down the street while dancing chili peppers distort reality around them
• people editing that scene from brain eraser where the cashier guy goes “i watch it all day, every day” with their favorite show
• the really creepy original ending to terror tales of the park 2 (you see mordecai and rigby’s mangled dead bodies at the scene of a car crash and then everyone goes to hell)
• the promo for bad kiss coming out and everybody flipped
• 10 hour long loops of summertime lovin on youtube
• everybody being super proud when mordecai punched benson… yeah you know the moment
• back when rigby was just starting to like eileen but not quite so in ship fics and stuff he was depicted as like “gosh i HATE eileen and her STUPID face so why do i want to KISS HER SO BAD?”
• mordecai’s mom cecilia
• when power tower first aired and for some reason that was never explained the colors were all wrong and did it kind of hurt anyone else’s eyes?
• future meets the past (HAVE FUN BIRTHING US)
• art of rigby and rocket raccoon
• this is probably really dumb but… i miss when margaret almost always wore yellow for her casual outfits? like, i don’t know, but i still headcanon it as her favorite color :3
• people thought rigby was gay for mordecai (but come on they weren’t wrong) because he showed no interest in girls or dating for the first, second and arguably part of the third season
• “thomas is such a boring character why did he even join the show?”
• when benson told mordecai and rigby he loved them in blind trust :_)
• don’t lie, you HAVE thought about changing your name to trash boat
• “they should use the song come on eileen in the show”
• that mordecai in art school flashback and how everyone thought it was the cutest thing
• everybody hated benson after best burger in the world
• when rigby ran on all fours more often… i miss that :_(
• crossover art with adventure time
• mordaret was the most popular ship in the fandom seriously everybody was rooting for them
• i think benpops was pretty popular too
• that scene from terror tales 5 where rigby goes “let’s do something REALLY scary!” and pops goes “we could go to bed early and be alone with our thoughts” and how every once in a while the regular show tag will be spammed with the same screenshot of it over and over
• meteor moves had half the fandom screaming over the mordaret kiss and the other half reeaaally mad about the whole friend zone thing
• you probably tried to send something to the moon once, it most likely didn’t work
• that part from video game wizards where mordecai is trying to sleep in a motel room while rigby blasts his homemade song on a boom box outside and how people always replace the song with another one in edits that are all like “trying to get your friend to listen to ___”
• “omg donald trump tried to destroy thanksgiving in regular show!”
• chad and jeremy fan art/fanfictions EVERYWHERE
• the preview for steak me amadeus came out just a little after adventure time’s fire and ice aired and people were like “i have a bad feeling about mordecai and margaret since finn and flame princess just broke up”
• people wanted cj to be the new waitress at the coffee shop after margaret left
• did anyone else try to learn how to do mordecai’s robot from the tgi tuesday dance battle? no? just me? okay
• the fandom went nuts when phone recordings of comic con panels were uploaded to youtube (also remember when william salyers acted out rigby asking eileen for a date? good times)
• “can mordecai fly?”
• the calvin wong/toby jones and hilary florido/madeline queripel board teams
• i think cloudyleen was a thing for a while
• ooh also cj x thomas was actually pretty huge i’m pretty sure even one of the storyboarders like toby jones or owen dennis or someone said they shipped it
• admit it at one point or another you have wanted a mordecai and the rigbys t-shirt or an eggcellent hat
• i don’t remember the exact situation but someone from the show posted something about “ready to go steady” and tagged it rigby and eileen and nobody knew what it meant but the shippers had a field day
• how benson’s car was accidentally aired before the terror tales episode that explained how thomas got stuck wearing his pizza costume until thanksgiving so HE JUST RANDOMLY WALKED INTO THE HOUSE DRESSED AS A SLICE OF PIZZA WITH NO CONTEXT AND WALKED RIGHT OUT HAHAHAHAAAHA
• the tag after maxin and relaxin aired being flooded with screencaps of all the mordeblushes
• after the movie there were people who went “SEE this is why i hate rigby he’s selfish and ruined mordecai’s future and lied about it” and then there were people who went “LOOK AT HIM RIGBY MY SON HIS PARENTS DIDN’T BELIEVE IN HIM NO DON’T CRY HE’S TRYING TO MAKE THINGS BETTER HE GOT BRUTALLY REJECTED FROM THE MOST ACCEPTING COLLEGE ON THE PLANET HE HAS SUCH LOW SELF-ESTEEM I WANT TO GIVE HIM A HUG”
• eileen’s rock polisher jokes
• the mordaret shippers getting excited for diary but then “I THINK EILEEN LOOKS HOT WITHOUT HER GLASSES ON!” and the rigleen shippers rose
• the titles and synopses for the first few episodes of season 6 being released and they were all about muscle man and the entire fandom was like “aw CRAP HERE COMES ANOTHER SEASON 4 BOYS”
• a lot of people were even praying that the end of muscle man was about his untimely death
• speaking of which remember how like half the fandom went “damn they had the perfect opportunity to kill off muscle man” after last meal haha
• the running gag where maellard always called benson the wrong name
• also the one where margaret had a new boyfriend every episode
• you may or may not have known someone who said “TGI TUESDAY!” every tuesday for like a year
• the best rap in the entire show was probably when mordecai was telling rigby off in sweater woes for being selfish and not moving on from margaret (“not fine not fine!”)
• screen caps of those animatronics from fuzzy dice with the caption “is this five nights at freddy’s”
• when the post card was announced and all the writers were like “it’s a hi five ghost episode! no, really!”
• “you really have to blow, you’re not blowing hard enough, BLOW HARDER!”
• this was in season 7 so not exactly old but sam spina’s bad art contests
• the swift rise and fall of the cloudygret ship at one point in the love triangle i think it was after eileen flat screen aired
• everybody making their own theories about skips and his “mystery lost love” and then there were tears when skips’ story aired
• muscle man getting beaten up to holly jolly christmas and we all laughed because he deserved it
• benson’s girlfriend veronica
• “i can’t believe evangelion copied regular show”
• you’ve witnessed the introduction, filling, and re-digging of the crash pit
• the eileen flat screen fake out where jg quintel hyped the episode and said it was gonna be big and people immediately thought “RIGLEEN” but it was like nope margaret’s back
• “still think i’m a momma’s boy?”
• people making thomas memorial videos or “rip thomas” text posts after the real thomas aired
• how a lot of people left the fandom after the two great controversies™, meteor moves (“FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE!”) and the season 6 love triangle, also the real thomas but to a lesser extent, but most of them still went “but tell me when rigleen becomes canon yo”
• is it just me or will my favorite scene always be the season 4 ending where rigby joined mordecai on the park house roof and they watched the sunset together
• “you take margaret to the airport?” “yeah” “you want to talk about it?” “no” seriously if this is not your favorite moment then why not

Rock Band is a great game because you can either imagine you’re a band that wrote Gimme Shelter, Mississippi Queen, and When You Were Young or one that somehow just became massively popular by doing covers


//This will forever be my favorite moment in Regular Show.

Online gay dating: Masc vs. Fem

Most gay men already know that the more masculine you present online, the more interest you will attract.  I’ve always known that, aside from being Black, my hair was the greatest deterrent to online dating, which is why I stopped doing it altogether.  I recently signed on for a few weeks  to put some real numbers to it and the results are pretty interesting.  Predictable, but still interesting.

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one more mile: a mix for cranking up the radio and hitting the road

[01] renegade - styx
[02] misty mountain hop - led zeppelin
[03] la grange - zz top
[04] take it easy - eagles
[05] sweet hitchhiker - creedence clearwater revival
[06] call me the breeze - lynyrd skynyrd
[07] midnight rider - the allman brothers band
[08] radar love - golden earring
[09] mississippi queen - mountain
[10] life in the fast lane - eagles
[11] slow ride - foghat
[12] a horse with no name - america
[13] lodi - creedence clearwater revival
[14] simple man - lynyrd skynyrd
[15] going to california - led zeppelin


Fanmix Master List

For anyone interested, these are all the fanmixes created by you wonderful followers:


  1. Brandi Carlile - “The Story”
  2. Georgia Satellites - “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”
  3. Mountain - “Mississippi Queen”
  4. Florence + the Machine - “Strangeness and Charm”
  5. Goo Goo Dolls - “Iris”
  6. Natalie Merchant - “My Skin”
  7. Nina Simon - “I Want A Little Sugar in My Bowl”
  8. Reba McEntire - “Fancy”
  9. Ego Likeness - “I Live on What’s Left”
  10. Incubus - “Southern Girl”
  11. Pat Monahan - “Her Eyes”
  12. Lady Gaga - “You and I”
  13. Janis Joplin - “Piece of My Heart”
  14. Kill Hannah - “Lips Like Morphine”
  15. Lita Ford - “Kiss Me Deadly”
  16. Better Than Ezra - “A Southern Thing”


  1. Sheryl Crow - “Strong Enough”
  2. Imagine Dragons - “Demons”
  3. Garbage - “Stroke of Luck”
  4. HIM - “Razorblade Kiss”
  5. Tori Amos - “A Sorta Fairytale”
  6. John Legend - “All of Me”
  7. Lady Antebellum - “Need You Now”
  8. Sick Puppies - “Poison”
  9. Lana Del Rey - “Blue Jeans”
  10. John Mayer - “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”
  11. P!nk featuring Nate Ruess - “Just Give Me a Reason”
  12. Jeff Buckley - “Hallelujah”
  13. The Civil Wars - “The One That Got Away”
  14. Better Than Ezra - “Hey Love”
  15. Frank Sinatra - “Luck Be a Lady”


  1. Florence + the Machine - “Howl”
  2. Leona Lewis - “Hurt”
  3. Better Than Ezra - “The Killer Inside”
  4. Former Vandal - “War”
  5. Eddie Veddie - “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”
  6. Kelly Clarkson - “Dark Side”
  7. Apoptgyma Berzerk - “Lost in Translation”
  8. Brandie Carlile - “Downpour”
  9. Kenna - “Phantom Always”
  10. Ray LaMontagne - “Let It Be Me”
  11. Liz Phair - “Support System”
  12. Nine Inch Nails - “Closer”
  13. The Civil Wars - “Poison & Wine”
  14. Stabbing Westward - “Inside You”


  1. Placebo - “Begin the End”
  2. Natalie Imbruglia - “Torn”
  3. Leela James - “A Change Is Gonna Come”
  4. Daft Punk - “Something About Us”
  5. Jessie J - “Magnetic”
  6. VNV Nation - “In Defiance”
  7. The Cranberries - “Zombie”
  8. Florence + the Machine - “Only If For A Night”
  9. Depeche Mode - “The Sinner In Me”
  10. Ingrid Michaelson - “Are We There Yet?”
  11. Rachael Yamagata - “The Only Fault”
  12. Vienna Teng - “Recessional”
  13. David Bowie - “Heroes”
  14. MC Hammer - “U Can’t Touch This”

Rogue Family

  1. Gillian Welch - “No One Knows My Name”
  2. Soul Asylum - “Runaway Train”
  3. The Dresden Dolls - “Girl Anachronism”
  4. Garbage - “Happy Home”
  5. Glee Cast - “Get it Right”
  6. Better than Ezra - “Beautiful Mistake”
  7. Dolly Parton - “Silver Dagger”
  8. Avicii - “Hey Brother”
  9. Gary Numan - “My Last Day”
  10. Vienna Teng - “The Tower”
  11. Miranda Lambert - “Gunpowder & Lead”
  12. Country Heroes - “Friends in Low Places”
  13. Within Temptation - “Stand My Ground”
  14. Lydia - “A Fine Evening for a Rogue”


  1. “Imagine” (Prof. X)
  2. “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” (Cyclops)
  3. “The Scientist” (Beast)
  4. “Dark Angel” (Archangel)
  5. “Rise Like a Phoenix” (Jean Grey)
  6. “New Zero” (Iceman)
  7. “With a Wonder and a Wild Desire” (Banshee)
  8. “Beautiful” (Storm)
  9. “Grace” (Nightcrawler)
  10. “Metal Heart” (Colossus)
  11. “One Girl Revolution” (Shadowcat)
  12. “Nuclear” (Magneto)
  13. “Turning Japanese” (Psylocke)
  14. “Anna Marie” (Rogue)
  15. “Scream Where My Heart Should Be” (Jubilee)
  16. “Postcard from Paris” (Gambit)
  17. “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” (Emma Frost)
  18. “Veteran” (X-23)
  19. “Doppelganger” (Mystique)
  20. “Run” (Quicksilver)
  21. “Spellwork” (Scarlet Witch)
  22. “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (Deadpool)

Age of Apocalypse

  1. Apocalyptica - “Hope”
  2. Evanescence - “Lost in Paradise”
  3. 30 Seconds to Mars - “Hurricane”
  4. The Smashing Pumpkins - “The End is the Beginning is the End”
  5. The Prodigy - “Breathe”
  6. Daft Punk - “Tron Legacy (End Credits)”
  7. Nine Inch Nails - “March of the Pigs”
  8. VNV Nation - “Kingdom”
  9. De/Vision - “Hope Won’t Die”
  10. Gene - “Sleep Well Tonight”
  11. Nirvana - “Something in the Way”
  12. R.E.M. - “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel FIne)”
  13. Apocalyptica - “Hope Vol. 2”