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During one particular mission that involved all four teams, everyone was aboard the Waverider.  While Sara and Ollie were screaming and arguing in the fabrication room about the mission plans, the others were in the galley watching J’onn and M’gann impersonate Sara and Ollie and fake argue about something ridiculous. Everyone was dying laughing until the real pair walked into the room behind the Martians. To this day no one has ever seen such a look of fear in J’onn’s eyes than when the real Sara starting slow clapping behind him.


Finally saw the season finale of Supergirl and it was everything I wanted it to be! Epic fights, Superman, General Zod (without actually being Zod so it didn’t take away from Rhea), Rhea vs Kara, Kara vs Kal-El, Cat Grant being a badass boss at CatCo and inspirational to Kara, the return of M'Gann, White Martians (!), Martian Manhunter fighting, Winn fanboying over Superman, Mon-El doing the right thing and showing his character arc for the season, Kara making the tough choice for the good of the world, Phantom Zone (!), Sanvers cuties, Danvers Sisters talk, Clark/Kara talk, awesome special effects… so much packed into one ep.

Can’t wait for season 3! Well-done, writers and actors. (Oh and the fun Lynda Carter/Melissa commercial for the new Wonder Woman movie was perfect!). Love love love.


So Barry and Iris have done every trope at least twice (confessions of love, first kisses, proposals), let’s keep that up with their wedding. 

I want the Legends, Team Arrow, and Team Supergirl to come to CC for the wedding. I want all the females being Iris’s bridesmaids. I wanted freaking Linda to be the maid of honor. I want Oliver talking to Barry about how he was wrong saying guys like them don’t get the girl. I want some end of the world thing to happen as Iris is walking down the aisle and they all run outside to see what it is. I want Barry to pull Iris close because god fucking damn it he can and will protect her. I want the villians to be fucking good and I want there to a shit ton of fighting. I want Barry to almost die and Iris go off on someone (preferably Oliver because why the fuck not) about how he is the love of her life, she almost died with Savitar, but she would not lose him on their wedding day. 

I want everyone fighting tooth and nail. I want them to save the day. Then I want there to be a scene where Barry and Iris are holding hands, exchanging vows, (mostly coming from Iris because Barry tells her his every other episode at this point). I want there to be an after party scene where Cisco makes a speech about Barry being a stubborn ass and Iris not being much better, and god help all of them should they ever have kids. 

Then I want it to end with Barry and Iris waving people goodbye. She looks at him with the biggest grin and says,” So what happens now, Flash?”

And he says,” Whatever comes next, Mrs. West-Allen.”

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I just can’t seem to break away from this damn show. It is a five+ year investment. It has gotten under my skin. It is in my blood. Maybe I shouldn’t even try anymore. Writing Arrow/Olicity fiction brings me small comforts in uncomfortable times. So be it.

I wrote this story in flight from Alaska down to San Diego. I was looking for something to do to pass the time. Reading wasn’t working. Playing games wasn’t either. Instead, I came up with the following story.

“Oliver…stop. I need to stop.”

Oliver stopped and turned back to look at Felicity. They had been running in the tunnels beneath Star City for over an hour, managing to stay ahead of the ACU—just barely. Oliver could their boots stomping behind him, echoing off the tunnel walls like ghosts. They were no more than 15 minutes behind Oliver and Felicity, and they could smell blood.

Earlier this morning, Susan had gone on air and reported to the world Oliver’s connection to the Bravta, and then she dropped the real bombshell and ousted Oliver as the Green Arrow. She had detailed information on him, (mostly provided to her by Prometheus) leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of her claim. The woman was in a fever pitch as she made her report, and as Oliver and Felicity watched the newscast from the Bunker, they both could see and hear anger in Susan’s voice.

Then just after Susan finished her reveal, and before the cameras turned off, a sniper’s bullet hit her between the eyes. Blood and bone fragments splattered the podium she stood at and sent shock waves throughout the city. Everybody immediately assumed that Oliver was the shooter, given the information Susan had just related. The SCPD and ACU were dispatched to seek out and apprehend the now defrocked Mayor Oliver Queen.  Oliver suspected that with the ongoing manhunt for Green Arrow over Detective Malone’s murder, that this public execution of Susan Williams would motivate the police to ignore the apprehend directive and put Oliver in their cross hairs. Oliver and Felicity were shocked at this turn of events and Oliver felt a certainty come over him that Prometheus would further add to all this by revealing the location of the Bunker, probably through an anonymous tip.

Oliver was right in his instinct and he told Felicity that the Bunker was now compromised. They needed to get out of there.

So they started running.


Oliver looked at Felicity as they stopped the mad pace he had set for them. She was bent over, panting and teetering from exhaustion. His heart broke as he watched her struggle to catch her breath. When they left the Bunker on the Ducati, Felicity’s arms tightly clutching around Oliver’s waist, his plan was to try and make it to the chamber he had found 2 years earlier, an off-shoot of the old subway system that used to run beneath the city. It was a small compartment furnished by the builders, a place they used for breaks and rest during the grueling work. It was not on any map or city plans and Oliver knew that if he could make it there ahead of the ACU’S pursuit, he and Felicity would have a temporary safe haven.

Oliver continued to look at Felicity and he fought against the urge to go to her, to enfold her in his embrace.  But now was not the time for tenderness and intimacy. It was time for survival.

“Felicity,” he spoke to her. “We can’t stop yet. They are right behind us and catching up. We have to keep going. The chamber is only 10 minutes away. We will be safe there until I can figure out what we’re going to do.”

Felicity straightened up and looked back at Oliver. There was dirt and grime streaked on her face and clothes. Her ponytail had come undone and her blond hair lay limp and plastered to the sides of her face, dampened by the condensation in the tunnels. Oliver also saw fear and defeat filling her eyes.

“Oliver…” Felicity started to say, and then she collapsed down to the rough stone floor of the tunnel.

Oliver immediately went to her, lifting her into his arms. Felicity’s breathing was shallow and Oliver softly brushed her damp hair away from her face. He secured his hold on her, then turned back around and started running again, hoping he would reach the secret chamber before the ACU caught up and open fired.


Oliver and Felicity made it to the chamber 12 minutes later. Oliver found the marker he placed there last year, an arrowhead he wedged into the wall just below the entrance. Unless the ACU stopped for a closer look, the chamber was well camouflaged and not easily found. About 3 feet above the marker was a small crawl way. Oliver was able to hoist the sleeping body of Felicity into the space then squeeze in next to her.

Once inside the chamber, Oliver gently laid Felicity onto a small cot and covered her with some blankets he stored there. There was also some supplies, food and water, enough to last them for at least a week. Felicity instinctively curled into a fetus position and fell into a deeper sleep. Oliver was relieved that her breathing had evened out as he began to feel his own exhaustion move through his body. He might be a superhero, but he was still mortal. He pulled up a small camping chair and sat down next to Felicity. He felt a familiar comfort being next to her. He was now in complete protective mode.

After about 10 minutes, Oliver surrendered to his mortality and fell asleep.


Felicity came awake, and as she opened her eyes, she saw Oliver sleeping in a chair next to her. She had never felt as tired as she did now. It settled into her bones like lead bars. This whole day was so surreal. In the Bunker, before Susan changed everything for them, Oliver and Felicity had been finally reaching out to one another. A few days ago, Felicity felt a shift in how she was handling everything that came between them. After the debacle that was Helix and the danger they represented, Felicity reminded herself that the only time in the past 5 years she felt truly safe was with Oliver and the crusade she joined him in. After John told Oliver about her participation in Helix, Oliver was able to track her down. Felicity had lost count over the years of how many times Oliver had come to her rescue, whether she wanted him to or not. In the case of Helix, she had lost control of the situation and Oliver was a welcome sight when he burst into their lair.

As these memories took hold of her, Oliver woke and sat up, reaching his hand out to her. “Hey, “ he asked her. “Are you okay?”

Felicity stared back at him. “Yeah,” she replied. “I think so. Thanks to you, Oliver. I would have been caught without you.”

Oliver shook his head. “Felicity, no. You have always been so resourceful and brave. You told me that you fell in love with me because I always found a way. I fell in love with you for the same reason.”

A small smile lifted the corners of her mouth. “Actually, I said you finding a way was one of the reasons I fell in love with you.”

Oliver sighed and sat back in his chair. “Does that mean that…uh…that you still…”

“Love you?” Felicity responded. “Well, I guess that was what we were going to discuss before we started running.”

“Felicity…I could not have ever imagined having this conversation with you sitting in an abandoned chamber under the city, not in a hundred years.”

“Well, it seems that we are stuck here with a lot of time.” Felicity felt a surge of apprehension course through her tired body. “Oliver, things really got out of control between us over the past year.”

Oliver nodded at her. “Yeah, and I’m sorry I ruined everything.”

“Oliver, don’t. We both made mistakes. Yeah, you really screwed up keeping William from me, but I did too by slamming the door in your face and not at least giving you a chance…uh, I mean another chance to explain it all to me.” Felicity paused and felt the anger she carried with her over all this. But now that they were finally bringing it all out in the open, she released it. “Oliver,” she went on. “I’m sorry too. Do you remember what we confirmed to each other after we saved Ray? We said that neither one of us ever had a normal, healthy relationship.”

Oliver smiled at the memory she called up. “Yeah,” he added. “And then you told me that we were going to be fine. “

Felicity lost herself in the memory. “I said we found ourselves in each other.” She shook her head. “It was all such a fantasy. Dialog right out of a romance novel.”

Oliver shook his head, all levity gone. “Felicity, you were right.” He looked into her eyes, unwavering and sure. “I felt, and I still do, the best part of me is you. When we broke up, that part of me felt empty and without direction. Felicity, without you next to me, in my life, I am lost. Yes, I continue to fight for and protect the city, but there is no redemption unless you are with me, fighting and protecting…and loving.”

Felicity reached her hand out and Oliver put his into it. “Oliver, I’m sorry I pushed you away. But in the spirit of that, I think it was what both of us needed. I think we’re both better and stronger for it.”

Oliver squeezed her hand and smiled for her. “Felicity…I love you for a thousand reasons, and for only just one. I’m done running.”

“Me too. So, what now?”

Well,” he said to her. “I can think of two things. First, do you think there is enough room on that cot for both of us?”

A loving smile filled her heart. “Well, if not, there’s always the floor. What’s the second thing?”

Oliver climbed out of his chair and stretched out next to Felicity. “The second thing is—now we fight back.”

“Great, what do you have in mind?”

“Felicity, I’m glad you asked me that. I wanted to get your input on a plan.”

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The DCU has a healthy fanfiction community based around its many superheroes. And they know about it. After learning about it, Diana couldn’t look at Bruce and Clark together for three days without chuckling, J'onn’s remark of “I do not believe that is anatomically possible” caused Ollie to snort coffee out his nose, and Jason Todd tried to get the ones he didn’t like taken down, with predictably disastrous results.

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If there is a movie focused on any member of the Batfam, I want it to come out after all the other heroes have a chance. Jason Todd does not deserve a full length movie before Billy Batson, Oliver Queen (a faithful one hopefully), Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, ect.


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