queen of the lamps

Title: ‘Vices’ - Chapter 1 ‘Cauthess’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: IgNoct (Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia)
Rating: Explicit (super NSFW - PWP, mild bondage)
Word Count: 2900

Summary: Noctis escapes from the world by heading to the most exclusive pleasure club in Insomnia - The Cauthess, requesting the one man that can bring him pleasure like no other escort in the establishment. AU setting. Inspired by a panel in “Miwaku Shikake” by Amai Wana.

Dedicated to my partner in crime. (◡‿◡✿)

Chapters (so far): 
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Ch 13  Ch 14  Ch 15  Ch 16  Ch 17  Ch 18

Sunglasses cover the crowned Prince of Lucis’ eyes, as he leaves the confines of the royal estate, walking towards the car that is waiting for him. The moon is at its midway point in the sky, not yet late enough to be called morning, but slowly creeping its way towards it. He opens the backdoor of the Regalia, and closes it with limited force. The partition is down, allowing him to see his driver, who is already heading down the driveway. He settles back in the backseat, finely tailored slacks hanging loose around his legs, his fingers going to unbutton the matching jacket he wears, exposing his vest and tie. Black on black on black. Perfect to blend in, which he needs to do, given that everyone knows exactly who he is.

“Where are we off to tonight, Mr. Caelum?” His driver asks, as they pull onto the highway.

Looking out at the city he’s meant to govern one day, he makes a fist with his left hand on his thigh. “Cauthess.”

“Very well. I’ll get you there in flash, Prince. We should be there in twenty, if traffic stays light.” The partition goes up, leaving Noctis to be alone with his thoughts.

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Oh I'm sorry ! I didn't know that would make you uncomfortable :( How about the EQ using the genie lamp to wish for Emma to be hers (instead of never being the savior).

Thank you anon, for both the prompt and understanding.I hope you like my answer ;)

AO3 version

The glint on the Queen’s eyes darkened as she smirked, her hold on the lamp tightening as tendrils of magic skimmed over the glimmer surface. “I won’t grant you any wishes.” Aladdin muttered painedly, his brow furrowed as he eyed the lamp. His face was contorted in agony and Emma’s right hand trembled once as she tried to move towards the duo while she kept staring at the woman standing in front of all of them, her green eyes trying to catch the Queen’s but failing.

“Regina.” She whispered through gritted teeth but the royal woman didn’t hear her or, at least, feigned not to.

Smirk growing crookedly, the brunette turned her head brusquely towards Aladdin, her red blood lips letting go a small yet cruel rumbling laugh. “But.” She started, blinking slowly, mocking the man. “Don’t you see? You don’t have any other option but to grant them. I hold the lamp. I own you.”

The last sentence was whispered, the words trickling down her lips, coating the air between Emma and her as she turned fully towards her, glint on her eyes only growing as she finally focused on the woman’s irises.

Emma’s breath felt trapped within her throat as she stared at the Queen, a Queen she could remember, a queen that was the shadow of someone else, of someone she knew far too well. Her mouth trembled, ready to speak again but the older woman beat her to it.

“In fact.” She said, taking a step closer to Emma. The blonde rose a protective arm in front of the other men but the Queen didn’t seem worried about it. Caressing her own neck, black nails against her skin, the regal woman seized the savior before turning once again towards Aladdin, a sudden chill cursing through all the ones present. “I think I know what I want. Don’t I, Genie?”

Emma’s eyes went from the brunette’s figure to the man, noticing the sudden stiffness of Aladdin and the way the wristbands on his arms let out a faint glow.

“Aladdin.” She called for him but he didn’t seem able to do anything but let out a strangle sound just as The Queen rose the lamp, the jewels on her dress looking like hundreds of small flickering flames as she mimicked a kiss on its surface, her pursed lips never leaving an imprint as they didn’t really touch it.

“You.” She spoke as she looked towards Emma once again. “Are predestined to destroy my curse, my happy ending.”

“I don’t want that.” Emma sighed, raising both of her hands. “Regina, please.”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed as she seethed, her bare teeth glinting very much like the jewels had done mere seconds before. On her eyes a purple swirl could be seen and Emma’s movements halted just as the older woman took a step towards her, close enough for the blonde’s fingertips to hover over the seeming-silken fabric of the dress.

“I’m not her.” She stage-whispered, her voice suddenly hoarse, devoid of the dark glee that had danced through her words before. “I will never be her.”

“But you are.” Emma answered, relaxing her stance, trying to make herself as harmless as possible beneath the woman’s glare. All of a sudden, no one but the brunette and herself seemed to exist and she swallowed thickly, waiting.

“I’m not.” The Queen repeated through pursed lips, her chest heaving as she turned towards Aladdin once more, spell broken as the others around them came into focus as Emma blinked dazedly. “You want the freedom of all, don’t you want that? Emma? Yet you trap yourself, to be the savior, the one who will always be tied to your own destiny.”

The words cut through Emma like finely sharpened blades and the blonde exhaled just as the Queen positioned herself back at Aladdin’s side, the man’s face as pained as before as the binding magic of the lamp lighted up his wristbands once again. “Is funny to see how a woman that claims to be the True Hero of all is not even an ounce of the woman she remembers.”

The way the “she” was uttered was enough clue to let all the ones around her know who The Queen was referring to and just as Emma surged to defend herself she let all fight leave her body, the truth behind the words harsh enough, real enough, for her to realize she couldn’t defend herself against them. Because, she thought while nibbling on her bottom lip, the Queen had said what Regina may well never say but could be seen prying on the back of her eyes every time they looked at each other; She wasn’t the woman she had been once. Not anymore.

“So maybe.” The Queen, Regina, the two of them blurred in front of Emma until she couldn’t very well know who was talking to her anymore. “Since you want so badly to be owned… you may very well belong to me.”

Her last words were punctuated by Aladdin’s monotone chant “Your wish is my command” As a golden light came out of the lamp, floating towards Emma’s own wrists in were the faint lines of very similar wristbands Aladdin wore started to appear on her skin to the horror of Hook and Emma herself.

“No!” The blonde heard at her back, the magic prickling on her skin as the type-like shackles titillated once, then twice, before they disappeared completely, magic dissolving as if it had never existed.

“It failed.” Emma whispered, mirrored by the Queen’s voice as she turned, livid, towards Aladdin, the man sporting now a small smile where there had been a pained expression mere seconds ago.

“Why did it fail?” The brunette screamed as everyone around them halted, Emma still eyeing her wrists where the bands had almost circled her wrists. “What did you do?!”

“I did nothing your Majesty.” The man replied, tilting his head towards Emma as the blonde rose hers slowly, eyes glowing on her own dirty white power. “You were right; the power a genie owns is immense yes, and we cannot deny our master’s wishes. However… we can’t touch or rewrite anything made by the most powerful magic of all…”

“Love.” A voice spoke, one very similar to the one of the Queen’s but holding a softness that made Emma’s legs to buckle just as Regina appeared at her back, face pale. “He is talking about love.”

“Apparently.” Aladdin continued, smile widening. “You wished for something you already have your majesty. Her.”

And then everything turned black for Emma, nothing else but Aladdin words echoing on her brain as she fell, one last cry breaking through the darkness.


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Hey babe even if I'm almost never on tumblr anymore I always come to you r blog to catch up with your amazingness! love you so much Cosmic Queen 💖

u are my leo light lamp, never leave me 💖💖

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This skin color shit isn't the tea tonight. What does your room look like?

I be got big glass doors I front overlooking the broth of my island, a queen sized bed to the back, my side table with lamp, black couch the the left, a carpet with my weights in the middle, and a table with my tv and gaming stuff set up. I’ve got some posters up and it’s like a beige color with white wooden ceiling.

some cherry headcanons :^)

☾ - sleep headcanon:

  • - cherry is a light sleeper, she wakes up at the slightest sound.
  • - she sleeps under a lot of blankets!!
  • - she’s a side and tum sleeper (foetal position and on stomach)
  • - she takes all the covers
  • - shE SNORES 
  • - she mumbles in her sleep sometimes
  • - she wears socks to bed

☆ - happy headcanon:

  • - cherry, marcia and their friends have sleepovers every friday at each of their houses
  • - cherry going on double dates with bob, randy and marcia to the movies or at a diner
  • - watching movies alone or in compagny, driving through town with friends

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

  • - when she’s mad, sHE’S MAD, she’ll scream at the person that pissed her off and get them back. (i.e: throwing coke on their face, calling them a hood) 
  • -she’s gonna defend herself, no matter what. nothing can stop her

  • - if shes in an argument with someone she cares about or is close to, she’ll try not to snap at them, but she’ll still call them out on their bullshit 

✿ - Sex headcanon:

  • -she loves teasing her partner!! feather like touches on their spine, kisses on sensitive areas, hair pulling, rough make out.
  • -she’ll ride ya good ;^))), she’s good with her hands, she keeps her nails trimmed..

  • -she takes really good care of her partners, 

  • -after sex cuddles, naps

■ -  Bedroom headcanon:

  • -she’s probably the most organized person in Tulsa (after her dad)
  • - her room is on the second floor, she has few picture frames on her walls, a white/grey fuzzy rug in the middle of her room in front of her queen size bed. on her bedside table there’s a lamp and two picture frames (one with her and parents together and the other one is her, marcia and bob when they were little). she has a record player next to her dresser, which has all of her records on it (she probably listens to jazz or blues and some of the more popular stuff from the time.) her walls are a light blue and her floor is a dark wood-ish brown?

- family headcanon:

  • cherry is an only child, her parents didn’t succeed in conceiving after (i tried making this sad i’m sorry). 
  • -her mom is a very elegant lady, she’s very tall, her hair is always up (cherry got the red hair from her). despite the elegant and posh exterior, she’s really goofy and fun, she’s very easygoing.

  • -her dad is the complete opposite, he’s a really stressed man, he overworks himself too much and his wife needs to remind him to take some breaks. he looks tired most the time but he’s a pretty friendly man. (when he’s not in a bad mood)

☮ - friendship headcanon

  • -marcia and cherry and stuck to the hip, they’ve been best friends since kindergarten, they dont really remember how they became friends, it just happened.
  • -she’s fun to be friends with, she makes a lot of plans on the weekends (she’s a very active person)
  • -she’s friendly so it’s easy to become friends with her

- quirks/hobbies headcanon:

  • - she LOVES mythology and folklore, (she could talk to you about it  for hours and you wouldn’t even mind, the way her eyes light up and aLL THESE CRAZY HAND GESTURES while she starts talking super fast because she gets so enthusiastic and aaaaaaaaaaaaa she loves it so much!!
  • - she’s ambidextrous, but prefers writing with her left hand
  • - she has a bad habit of chewing/biting the inside of her mouth and her bottom lip when she’s nervous or bored
  • - she’s allergic to pollen

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon


  • -her car
  • - she loves the colour blue
  • - sweets, deserts are her guilty pleasure
  • - she is a big fan of horror movies
  • -wearing bob’s sweaters, they smell like him
  • -cheerleading
  • -attending her schools sport events


  • -bobs drinking habit
  • -orange juice
  • -knives/weapons in general
  • -violence/blood
  • -heights

- childhood headcanon

  • -once when she was 9 and her parents weren’t looking, she got some scissors and tried to cut her hair shoulder length, (her hair was mid back) when she did (and shed done it pretty bad too) the ends were uneven and heR BANGS WERE CUT TOO SHORT her mom got so mad! but she could fix it. (she laughed afterwards)
  • -she somehow never learned how to ride a bike?? (me)

- cooking/food headcanon

  • -as much as she would try, she could never bake a cake without messing it up, shed put too much or not enough of flour, replace the sugar with the salt. it would never go her way. but she’s good at cooking, not a master chef but she could handle it without burning the house down.

☼ - appearance headcanon

  • - she’s covered in freckles! she used to be self conscious about them when she was little until her mom said that when she was born the stars came from the sky and covered her skin in kisses,
  • - she has piano fingers ;>)
  • - you’ll never see her without her nails done to perfection
  • - she’s toned from all the cheerleading
  • -  her thighs are really strong, she could probably crush a watermelon with them :^)))))

ൠ - random headcanon
-she would really want for ponyboy to stop being a baby


“Sir,” said Queen Lucy. “By likelihood when this post and this lamp were set here there were smallertrees in the place, or fewer, or none. For this is a young wood and the iron post is old.” And they stood looking upon it. Then said King Edmund, 

 "I know not how it is, but this lamp on the post worketh upon me strangely. It runs in my mind that I have seen the like before; as it were in a dream, or in the dream of a dream.“ 

 "Sir,” answered they all, “it is even so with us also.”