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Writer!Sana and Boy band member!Yousef

@imanmeskinis is talking about famous Yousana AUs and I love writer Sana. 

  • So first of all the girl squad are all writers
    • Noora gets praised for writing strong female characters and write fantasy 
    • Eva writes chick-lit and is the queen of that market
    • Vilde writes really stereotypical YA-books with love triangles and all, but after becoming friends with the other girls her books get more serious and after a while her books are all wlw YA-books with fun twists
    • Chris B writes adventures books and hilarious strange bestsellers 
    • Sana is the freaking queen of crim. Her most famous series is about a female doctor who solves murders in her free time and she prides herself on doing a ton of research.
  • Other people in this AU
    • Even a director who directed Sana’s first movie based on one of her books
    • Jonas as a book reviewer (when Jonas and Eva dated he called her chick-lit “not real literature and Noora was one of the people that restored faith in her writing when Noora came up to her and was all “You are Eva Mohn! Your books are some of my favorites!”)
    • William and P-Chris is two shitty “bad boys” actors that where in Vilde’s first book to movie (it was terrible and Vilde hasn’t done a movie deal since)
    • The ballon squad is a famous boy band 
  • So, Sana is writing a new book and is totally lost for what it is going to be about and she has hit a sort of writers block 
    • “I don’t know what to tell you when I get a writers block I always go new places to get inspired” is what Chris tells her.
  • So that is why she decides to join The ballon squad on tour to get some new experiences 
  • Honestly can you imagine Yousef knowing Sana  is going to join them on tour and he sees her as this super sophisticated international writer
    • When she comes to the tour bus he sees her walking towards it in slow-mo
  • Yousef thinks she is so beautiful and smart and he can’t help looking at her on the tour bus where she is always carrying a notebook and writing
    • She is only writing complete nonsense trying to beat her writers block, so far she has written the phase “tour bus murder” fifty times. 
  • Sana joins to watch the concerts and she can’t help but to find Yousef a little cute with all of his dance moves and his singing
  • After a while Sana realizes that despite her going on the tour bus to see new places and get inspired she hasn’t actually left the tour bus at all. So the are in Turkey and Yousef volunteers to show her around. 
    • They end up walking around in a park and Sana didn’t bring her notebook that she kind of regrets because she wants to write down how it feels when Yousef looks at her 
  • She gets inspired alright, but it feels a little weird to tell her publisher that she wants to write a romance novel next

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Someone said that Mrs. and Mr. Lucitor could be the reverse of Hades and Persephone and I just thought that was so cute??

In theory, yes, Mrs Lucitor would have wanted to marry the tiny cute mew/h(uman) while Mr Lucitor would have totally said yes to the hot big demon woman.

But in personality i still believe she would be like Persephone, being the freaking Queen of the Underworld while her husband it’s there being the moral support 

why do you freaks think the queen of england is some adorable little grandma, she lives in a fucking palace and was monarch during england’s colonial rule of half of africa. she has immense power and wealth (directly stolen from imperial holdings across the world & her own people) because of the coincidence of her birth. she’s not cute. i dont care about her color coordinated umbrellas or her pet corgis. what the fuck yall.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to play soccer mom? Not one where Steve played your soccer son

well, last week i kicked the heads off of about fifteen robots, and then used them as projectiles to hit other robots with. does that count as soccer? afterwards i yelled at steve for taking his helmet off dramatically in the middle of a fight. he got a concussion. again.

its not there to prevent hat hair steven, its so you DONT DIE. which is also my job, and i can use all the help i can get. 

maybe we should get him a pair of sunglasses or something, so he has something he can remove at a dramatic point mid-combat without actually losing safety equipment. sometimes i think the star-spangled show actually made his tendency towards the dramatic even worse. 

Star VS The Forces of Evil TEASER TRAILER analysis


And it’s going to include as much the battle on the present as the past one (insert fangirl scream here).

First, this:

I think this belongs to the past battle, when Moon and her army were battling Toffee’s. We all know how great is Toffee in strategy, so is not a surprise that things got horrible for mewmans. 

Then this:

Looks like Toffee is not going to take care of Ludo’s body precisely…


Ludo is attacking a mewman town?! Toffee is letting Ludo act by himself? Ok let’s think. Maybe this is a new stage of Toffee using Ludo as his puppet where he drives him even more insane and create some chaos as his minion for the banal dirty work. And probably this is what Star is going to confront with the her “Alfa Team” instead of the actual Toffee. Toffee: I have no time and I’m not in mood of fighting a little girl and her A Team or whatever

And then: 

What the heck is this?! And the place… it looks like the ruins of something… Ludo’s wrecked castle, maybe? The one who is there… is Ludo or Toffee? Is he summoning something? Eclipsa, perhaps? 


I call the darkness unto me

From deepest depths of Earth and Sea

To blackest night I pledged my soul

and crush my heart

To summon forth a deathly power

To see my hated foe devored

Well, looks like we now know what Moon’s darkest spell was. But of course, this leave us with more questions: she sold her soul to the darkness to cast the spell?! The spell “devours”… but since Toffee regenerates, that is why Toffee has a would like the one he has? Is a spell from Eclipsa’s chapter? Sure it is.

And then we heard Toffee saying “Have you learn nothing?” What does that mean? Who is saying that to? To Moon? In the past or the present? What is she going to do or did again that is not going to work against Toffee?