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“This is how a faerie loves: with her whole body and soul. This is how a faerie loves: with destruction…This is how a faerie loves: with a gift.”

-Cassandra Clare & Robin Wasserman


My last official assignment for my character painting class. Only one more week of class and it’s all over.. Time really does fly by, huh? I’ll see what more personal projects I can squeeze in before I return back home and I’ll keep sharing for sure! 

Background is a combination of painting and photobash, the character and props are based on the model we had posing during class. :)

How to feel like a faerie queen/king

*Fill your life with flowers

*Wear natural colors and dress according to the season

*Use rose water on your skin and in your hair

*Laugh often; laugh loudly and without inhibition

*Use a silk or satin pillow case

*Wear perfumes with lavender or rose or musk or citrus

*Put flowers (real or fake) in your hair

*Decorate your bed with ivy vines and roses

*Take a bath with coconut milk, honey, and olive/coconut oil

*If your hair is long, put it up

*If your hair is short, brush it differently–puckishly

*Eat a nutritious vegetarian meal

*Go for a long walk in nature

*Let the sun shine on your face

*Go barefoot if you can

*Dance without caring what you look like

*Kiss someone you love

*Spend time on skin care every day

*Use natural skin care products

*Make a clay mask with bentonite clay and rose water

*Use a body oil and a face oil
To Travel To Elphame : Knocking On Nicnevin’s Door

This is my personal go to practice when contacting and working with Nicnevin. My method differs depending on the situation but this is the basic outline.

Go to a place where the vail is thin, a liminal space if you will. Somewhere where the vary air is different, time seems still or non existent, where even the birds seem to be absent. Bring with you a good whiskey, beer or ale, some food and maybe even some coin. 

 Once you’ve found a place that calls to you, take the liquid offering and present it. 

“Oh queen of Elphame, Nicnevin fair. Whose might is unbound here.
grandmother witch, mother of bones, queen of the fairies I call to thee.”

On your knees pour some of the liquid offering in a horizontal line before you, knocking three times around it

“I ask you to grant me passage and open my eyes to the otherworld.
May I dwell safely within your lands, and return home when I am done”

Wait for a sign or omen. If you’ve been granted passage, stand up and cross the line/door, from there you are free to do what ever workings.

Once you are finished return to the line/door and cross it once more.
Kneel down before it and pour the rest of your liquid offering in a circle at the center. Place your food offering in the middle, and give thanks.

“Oh queen of Elphame, Nicnevin fair., I leave you these offerings as thanks for my safe passage in your lands.
May I be welcomed once again to do my workings in your name.
Hail the grandmotther, Hail the bone mother, Hail the Queen!”

Stand up and bow, walking backwards 3 paces before turning your back and making your leave. 


Mischievous Miscreants - Faeries of the Magic multiverse

Wydwen, the Biting Gale - Matt Cavotta

Oona, Queen of the Fae - Adam Rex

Quickling - Clint Cearley

Surveilling Sprite - Terese Nielsen

Silkbind Faerie - Matt Cavotta

Bitterblossom - Rebecca Guay

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

Placing the lives of Shadowhunters above the lives of your own people—what could be worse?”
“Selling your son to the Wild Hunt because you worried that people liked him better than they liked you,” said Mark. “That’s worse.”
Cristina and Kieran looked at him in astonishment; it was clear they hadn’t heard him come in. The King, though, evinced no surprise. “Mark Blackthorn,” he said. “Even in his choice of lovers, my son gravitates to the enemies of his people. What does that say about him?”
“That he knows better than you who his people are?” Mark said.
—  Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare
Mark coming after the Unseelie King gives me life

The Faeries are divided into two courts - the Seelie (blessed) and Unseelie (damned). They are like Yin and Yang, neither being able to thrive without the other, yet still opposites. Typically, the Seelie rule from Beltane to Samhain, and the Unseelie rule from Samhain to Beltane. The Seelie are believed to be amicable, whereas the Unseelie are depicted as more hostile, almost malevolent. The Faeries themselves come from the Tuatha de Danann of Celtic legend - the people of the goddess Danu - and the Seelie Queen is often shown in likeness to Danu with her flowing red hair.