queen of the eternity

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lol all these steroline peeps are deluded klaroline will be endgame but they just can't accept it. Our hybrid king is coming for our vampire queen and they will rule over New Orleans for all eternity

they’ll clearly have to when we get our endgame. i’m honestly feeling more positive than i have in a while. and obviously, klaus is gonna take caroline to new orleans (after he shows her the world, OBVIOUSLY!!) and their new queen is gonna make a grand entrance.

She would find that love again - one day. And it would be deep and unrelenting and unexpected, the beginning and the end and eternity, the kind that could change history, change the world.
—  Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
  • me: nah im a chill shipper y'know :-)
  • otp: are literally JUST next to each other
  • me: what the fukc? im yodeling theyre so in love? wha th efcu-