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Highborne Ruins - Eldre’Thalas

Sidenote: The city has been spelled with the ‘t’ in ‘thalas’ both capitalized and lowercase. The importance of one or the other is unclear, however the spelling of Eldre’Thalas where it is capitalized seems to be the official one.

One of few royal cities in Azshara’s empire, Eldre’Thalas was built during her reign twelve thousand years ago to protect Queen Azshara’s most prized arcane secrets. This ranged from processing her most important demands to the safekeeping and storage of her precious tomes. Led by Prince Tortheldrin and Azshara’s greatest revered arcanists, the House of Shen’dralar, Eldre’thalas was established by expeditionary forces in the lush jungles of Feralas.

Eldre’thalas appears to have more of a druidic and naturalistic direction than many other Highborne cities of its age. Granted, all night elf cities were shaped in concert with nature and built with dozens of gardens, however Eldre’thalas has the touch of nature magic in its very existence. In addition to many elven statues, there are figurines of deer, bears, and owls. Eldre’thalas had an Ancient protector, Tendris Warpwood, whose very heart was inexorably entwined with the fate of the city. The official art of Eldre’thalas shows wandering treants, some of which inhabit the conservatory in the eastern wing and Milicent Serene, Highborne naturalist, created the Fruit of Fertility which protected Eldre’thalas and made it flourish. Eldre’thalas may, as a result of its unique direction, have been a useful location for the combined study of arcane and natural magics even before druids existed.


Eldre’thalas is a massive, multi-tiered sprawling expanse of gardens, districts, and corridors (sometimes hidden) that connect every part of the city. There are three official districts in addition to the central colosseum. The north and western districts, the Gordok Commons (named for the ogres that now inhabit it) and Capital Gardens respectively are connected to the Athenaeum, the library that serves as the very purpose of Eldre’thalas’ existence. The eastern district, the Warpwood Quarter exits through multiple passageways, such as Lariss Pavilion which opens up well outside the boundaries of the city.

In similar fashion to other decrepit Highborne cities, some areas of Eldre’thalas have been renamed in favor of their intruders. The Gordok Commons and Warpwood Quarter were claimed by outsiders and likely no longer sport their original names (although the Warpwood Quarter may have been named for Eldre’thalas’ protector, Tendris Warpwood). The function of the northern district is unclear, but the eastern district has a conservatory, a pool (either for bathing or as a moonwell, perhaps), and the Shrine of Eldretharr. The western district, the Capital Gardens, was likely a great place for socialization. It’s dominated by a massive garden and plethora of benches which make up the Court of the Highborne.

The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is indisputably the most valuable part of Eldre’thalas. It is the library that holds much of Queen Azshara’s tomes in addition to compendiums detailing the known history of Azeroth. It may also be a place of science, considering the Highborne armillary sphere on display. It shares its model with the Highborne Astrolabe, however it looks like an armillary sphere which is a model of the celestial globe.

All books stored in the Athenaeum are protected with the Mark of the Athenaeum which prevents any unauthorized viewings. Even if one were to break the seal, it is implied that only people with the “requisite intellect to consume the knowledge” can read the sacred books. This may just mean that it depends on the reader’s skill level and has nothing to do with one’s magical aptitude.

The books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System.


The same prefix, “Eldreth” shows up in regards to Eldre’thalas many times. Eldreth Row and the Shrine of Eldretharr are subzones of the massive city. Ghostly inhabitants are called “Eldreth Sorcerers”. It is likely some Darnassian word with an unknown meaning, however ‘thalas’ alone translates to kingdom. In the translation of Eldre’thalas, ‘Eldre’ would then be its own word, meaning that Eldreth, at least where the name of the city is concerned, does not apply.

Eldreth could be a name for the inhabitants, similar to how people who live in America are called Americans. It could simultaneously be a word used to denote things that are “Eldre’thalas” in design, like how one will refer to certain items as “American”. Eldre’thalas is inhabited by the Shen’dralar, however they are not a race so much as they are a house: the House of Shen’dralar. This may have been Prince Tortheldrin’s royal house, which would include his servants and most loyal followers. The Eldreth, in this case, would be the lower caste civilians of the city, later to be sacrificed by the Shen’dralar in order to prolong their lives after the Sundering. That would explain why any living Highborne from Eldre’thalas never call themselves Eldreth, but instead Shen’dralar.

the signs as celtic goddesses
  • aries: flidais –
  • goddess of the woodlands and wild things. she is a shapeshifter and is associated with protection and wild animals.
  • taurus: druantia –
  • queen of the druids and goddess/mother of the tree calendar. symbolises protection, knowledge, passion, fertility, growth and forests.
  • gemini: brighid –
  • goddess of fire and water. she is immortalised by many springs and wells. brighid was so loved that she was made a saint when christianity became onset.
  • cancer: cyhiraeth –
  • goddess of streams. her scream foretells death. she is the queen of banshees.
  • leo: arianrhod –
  • goddess of time, karma and retribution. keeper of the silver wheel of stars, a symbol of time and karma.
  • virgo: cerridwen –
  • goddess of moon, grain and nature. she is the patron of poets and greatest of all the bards. she represents luck, inspiration, the arts and astrology/zodiac.
  • libra: don –
  • queen of the heavens and goddess of air and sea. rules over the land of the dead. symbolises control of the elements and the moon.
  • scorpio: morrigan –
  • queen of phantoms and goddess of sensuality, prophecy, revenge and magic. often appears as a raven or crow.
  • sagittarius: cailleach –
  • goddess of disease and plague. she is also known as the "veiled one". she resides in the afterworld realm where she receives the dead.
  • capricorn: creiddylad –
  • goddess of flowers and love. connected with the festival of beltane (a celtic festival celebrated on may day) and called the may queen.
  • aquarius: airmid –
  • goddess of healing, medicinal plants and keeper of the springs. regenerates the dead and brings them to life again.
  • pisces: caer ibormeith –
  • goddess of sleep and dreams. often takes the form of a swan. singer of the sweetest, most restful music ever heard on earth.
Merlin x Reader: Surprise Part 2

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Now, you’d be lying if you said you’d thought your meeting with King Uther would go well.

But this was ridiculous.

You sighed in exasperation as soldiers filed out from all corners of the citadel, drawing their swords and pointing them at you.  “What is the meaning of this?” Arthur shouted as he dismounted.  King Uther himself strode out.  

“That is Queen Y/N of the druids!” Uther shouted.  “She is not to be trusted.”   Merlin moved to dismount, but you stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ve got this.”  You dismounted as gracefully as you could.  “Your Majesty,” You began.  “I come bearing no ill will towards you or your kingdom.  I come in hopes of forging a peace treaty between our people.  

“I will not speak with the queen of demons.” The words stung, and you glared at Uther.

“How about the King?” An arm wrapped around your shoulders, and you looked up to see Merlin staring at Uther coolly.  Uther was shocked.  His face was white, but anger quickly darkened the colour.  

“You dare hide in my castle, under my very nose?”  Uther drew the sword hanging at his waist and ran towards the two of you.  Yours and Merlin’s eyes flashed.  Merlin ripped the sword from Uther’s grip, and you threw him back.  Arthur ran to his father.  “They attacked me!” Uther roared.

“In all fairness, you attacked them.” Arthur reminded his father.  “And I want to listen to what they have to say.  It could bring a new era of peace.  I know we’ve never accepted magic, but if there’s even a chance of bringing harmony to our land, we should jump at the opportunity!”  Uther looked like he wanted to argue, but he couldn’t deny the logic of his son.  He sighed in reluctant defeat.

“Fine,” He ground out.  He stood up and began to walk away.  “Show the king and queen to their chambers.” He disappeared into the castle.  You and Merlin sighed in relief and allowed the knights to take you to your rooms.

You flopped onto the bed and you sighed, feeling the tension leave your body for the first time in weeks.  “That comfortable?” Merlin asked in amusement.  You hummed, smiling up at him and holding your hand out.  Merlin grinned, took your hand, and allowed you to tug him down next to you.  He groaned and slung an arm around you, pulling you close.  “I missed you,” He kissed your temple lightly.  You smiled and snuggled into his chest.

“Me too.” You mumbled.  You were both silent for a moment, until you spoke up again.  “Do you think Uther will listen to us?”  He sighed.

“I don’t know,” He told you truthfully.  “But whatever happens, we’ll know that we tried.  And as long as we protect our people, we will be fine.”  He finished.  You smiled, leaning up to kiss his chin.  

“You’re a wonderful King.” You told him.

“I’m nothing without my Queen,” He smiled.  You felt your heart squeeze and you wrapped your hand around his neck, tugging him down to kiss you.  He grinned into the kiss and held you tighter.  When you pulled back, you both lay there in each other’s embrace, simply enjoying being in each other’s presence.

Sadly, the moment of peace didn’t last wrong.

Knuckles pounded against the door.  “Your Highnesses!” Someone called through the door.  “The King will see you now!”  You sighed and looked up at Merlin, who smiled at you reassuringly.  With one last kiss, you intertwined your fingers and walked out the door, ready to fight for your people.  

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark + Faeries

Legend has it that the Unseelie King has been entombed for two centuries. The Unseelie Court is known for harming humans for entertainment, you see. The Seelie Queen sought guidance from the druids when this began to extend to her own people. He was bound in a cage of cold iron and put beneath the ground. There are few things he can release him, one way being melting the iron with mercury.


Witchy Inspiration of the Day: Druantia 

Druantia is the Celtic Goddess of trees and fertility. Her names derives from the Indo-European root “deru” meaning tree or wood. Also called the Queen of the Druids, Druantia is associated with the fertility of both plants and humans, ruling over sex and passion. She is a triple Goddess of fir trees. She is credited with the creation of the Celtic tree calendar, which divides the year into 13 months that correspond to the cycles of the moon. Druantia is often seen as the eternal, wise, and knowledgeable mother, the one who guides the seeker to their truth path as She instructs and teaches the sacred ways of the forest. She carries the ‘green magic’. She symbolizes protection, knowledge, creativity, and growth. Her feast day was Beltane.