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the signs as celtic goddesses
  • aries: flidais –
  • goddess of the woodlands and wild things. she is a shapeshifter and is associated with protection and wild animals.
  • taurus: druantia –
  • queen of the druids and goddess/mother of the tree calendar. symbolises protection, knowledge, passion, fertility, growth and forests.
  • gemini: brighid –
  • goddess of fire and water. she is immortalised by many springs and wells. brighid was so loved that she was made a saint when christianity became onset.
  • cancer: cyhiraeth –
  • goddess of streams. her scream foretells death. she is the queen of banshees.
  • leo: arianrhod –
  • goddess of time, karma and retribution. keeper of the silver wheel of stars, a symbol of time and karma.
  • virgo: cerridwen –
  • goddess of moon, grain and nature. she is the patron of poets and greatest of all the bards. she represents luck, inspiration, the arts and astrology/zodiac.
  • libra: don –
  • queen of the heavens and goddess of air and sea. rules over the land of the dead. symbolises control of the elements and the moon.
  • scorpio: morrigan –
  • queen of phantoms and goddess of sensuality, prophecy, revenge and magic. often appears as a raven or crow.
  • sagittarius: cailleach –
  • goddess of disease and plague. she is also known as the "veiled one". she resides in the afterworld realm where she receives the dead.
  • capricorn: creiddylad –
  • goddess of flowers and love. connected with the festival of beltane (a celtic festival celebrated on may day) and called the may queen.
  • aquarius: airmid –
  • goddess of healing, medicinal plants and keeper of the springs. regenerates the dead and brings them to life again.
  • pisces: caer ibormeith –
  • goddess of sleep and dreams. often takes the form of a swan. singer of the sweetest, most restful music ever heard on earth.

Deep in the elder forests of flowing green the Wood Nymphs roam, They are mysterious creatures who blend into the scripted bark of swaying trees. The Wood Nymphs run through the forest their footprints molding into the mossy floor.

Wood Nymphs are the attendants of the Faery Queen. In ancient Greece Artemis (Diana) the Goddess of hunt and moon had Wood Nymphs as her companions. ” A nymph is any member of a large class of female nature entities.”

The Wood Nymphs bodies become part of the trees they inhabit, their beauty in they Nature Spirit form is mesmerizing. They are known to be the symbol of good luck, protection, lucid dreaming, and grounding energy.

When you go on a nature walk carry Tree Agate with you to connect with the Wood Nymphs. You can mediate in the forest to connect with the Fea realm.

Wood Nymph Tea

  • 1 tsp Green Tea
  • ½ tsp Ginger
  • ½ tsp Lemon
Merlin x Reader: Surprise

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy! 

“Well lookie here, boys,” You moved into a defensive stance as the bandit leered at you.  “Looks like we found ourselves a little forest nymph.”  His lackeys cackled.  “What’s your name, gorgeous?”  He took a step closer.  You responded by stepping back.  He raised an eyebrow.  “Not telling, eh?” His eyes scanned your form before landing on your collarbone.  His eyes widened and you mentally cursed yourself as you tugged your cloak forward so it covered you completely.  “A druid mark?”  The look on your face said it all.  A sickening grin spread across his face.  “Little far from home, aren’t you, missy?”  One of his followers stepped forward and whispered something in his ear.  The leader’s eyebrows widened and he looked at you again.  “Well considering you’re here, it looks like you haven’t heard.”  You face remained stony.  “Camelot’s offering a reward for any druids brought to court.  The news made your blood boil.  Your people were scared to leave their dwellings for this exact reason, and you had finally had enough.  “So like it or not, you’re coming with us.”  He reached towards you menacingly.  Reacting quickly, you grabbed the man’s wrist, twisted his arm behind his back, and kicked him.  He hit the ground with a loud thud.

“Sorry, but that’s not going to happen,” You said as you flicked some hair out of your eyes.  The bandit stood up and brushed the dirt of his tunic angrily. 

“Oh, you’re going to regret that, missy.”  He seethed as he took out a pair of daggers the same time as his posse revealed all of theirs.  You took your staff from here it was strapped to your back, never taking your eyes off the men.  The air was silent.  Nothing moved.  Then the first man lunged towards you with a loud cry.  You threw your staff up, deflecting his weapons and throwing him off balance.  He staggered back, his face burning.  His face twisted into an angry mask and he whirled to face his men.  “Well don’t just stand there!”  He jabbed a finger in your direction.  “Get her!”  The men turned to you with similar snarls on their faces.  You hefted your staff and braced yourself.

“Stop!”  Someone shouted.  Everyone froze and looked around for the owner of the voice.

“Up there!”  One of the bandits pointed up. You followed his finger and saw a legion of Camelot’s knights watching you.  “No one move!” They turned their mounts and rode to the mouth of the valley.  The men all looked at each other before taking off.  They were long gone before the knights made it to your position.

“You!”  The one you recognized and King Arthur demanded.  “Where did they go?”  You jabbed a finger in the direction they had fled.  Arthur waved his hand and five knights rode past you in that direction.  You avoided looking at Mordred, slightly saddened that he would forsake his roots.  Arthur dismounted and walked over to you.  “What is your name, and what are you doing so close to our borders.”

“Your Highness, you wound me!  I was under the impression I was expected.”  Seeing that he didn’t understand, you shrugged off your cloak, revealing your tattoo.  You dipped into a curtsey.  “Queen Y/N of the Forest Druids.”  He still had a dumbfounded look on his face.  “I was coming to meet with the King and discuss our people.”  Arthur raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve made arrangements for such a meeting.”

“Oh,” You laughed.  “Not you.” He gave you an odd look.  “I meant the Druid King.”

“There’s a Druid King?”  You turned to look at Merlin, who had remained silent during the exchange.

“You never told him?” Merlin shrugged as he tried to come up with a response.

“Tell me…what?”  Arthur turned to Merlin. 

“Yes, Merlin, what are you going to tell him?”  You played innocent and he glared at you.

“You’re cold, N/N.”  You gave him an innocent look.

“Well, out with it, Merlin!”

“Y/N’s my wife.”  He blurted out suddenly.  Your eyes widened.  Well that was…blunt.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Arthur looked between the two of you.  “You…You’re married?!”

“Yes.”  You said simply.  “And if I’m the Druid Queen, that that makes him…”  You helped him along.

“The Druid King.”   He went silent for a moment, before taking a step towards Merlin and giving him a smart rap on the head.  “Why didn’t you tell me, Merlin?!  Don’t you think that’s something you should’ve told me!”  Before you could intervene, the knights returned.  The one with long black hair swung down with a grin on his face. 

“We got them; Mordred’s taking them to the cells.” He told Arthur before turning to you.  “You’re safe now.”  You looked at Merlin, who just shrugged again.  “May I ask the lovely lady’s name?”

“Okay.”  You told him.  He blanked for a few moments. 

“…What’s your name?”  He asked awkwardly after a few moments. 


“Well, Y/N.  I’m Gwaine.”  He said as he produced a flower out of nowhere and handed it to you with a flourish.  You stepped back and held your hands out. 

“No thank you.”

“Oh, come now, don’t be shy.”  He persuaded.

“If I show you why I’m saying no, you’ll feel like an ass.  Would you like to know why I’m saying no?”  Gwaine thought for a moment with a confident grin on his face. 

“Sure,” You cocked an eyebrow in response to his smirk. 

“Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  Without waiting for a response, you walked over to Merlin, grabbed him by the kerchief around his neck, and pulled his mouth to yours.  He stiffened for a moment, before relaxing and loosely wrapping his arms around your waist.  When you pulled back and looked at your audience, their eyes were wide and their jaws were slack.  “This is my husband.”  You said simply.  Gwaine’s face flared up and he awkwardly dropped the flower he was holding.  The knights burst out laughing.  Arthur cleared his throat and the commotion settled.

“Well considering the sun will set in,” He looked up. “Three quarters of an hour, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t offer you and your…your husband,” He gave Merlin another weird look.  “A place to stay for the night. 

“That’s very kind of you, Your Majesty.  Thank you.”  You curtseyed.  You mounted Merlin’s horse behind him, and he turned his horse as you followed the convoy back to Camelot.

“You got me in trouble, you know.”  He said after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh don’t worry, you actually have rank now.  Use it.”  He laughed.

“Somehow I don’t think that will make a difference.”

Well, we’ll find out when we get there, won’t we?”  He removed one hand from the reins and lowered it to cover where your hands were clasped around his waist.

“Yes we will.”

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My 5e D&D character creation party was mostly successful!🎉

Three players bailed at the last minute. The other four successfully (mostly) created their PC’s🎉

Rhogar Myastan, Neutral male Brass Dragonborn Rouge

Captain Seraphina, Ex-soldier, Good? female Scourge Aasimar Fighter

Blunt,? female Halfling Sorcerer of Blue Dragon ancestry

Windy, Chaotic Neutral, female Half-elf, Druid

Dak’kon Fey’ri Dar’kloud, Chaotic Good, male? Tiefling Bard(npc)

So I decided to run a modified Hoard of the Dragon Queen, I think the party’s mix of characters will make for good RP opportunities.

I know one player plans on making a spellcaster of some kind. Another wants to be the healer. And the third needs to look at all the options available to decide.


“I am the queen of the sea.” 

Independent. Bold. Strong. Ambitious. Grace was a woman of knowledge and beauty. A daughter, mother, and radial leader. In Ireland during 1530-1603, Grace became a history maker and remains a legend. 

Hair of embers, she was like a rising sun against the oceans blue horizon. As a pirate she sailed and lead her men into battle, winning from strategy and speed. A warrior of feminine strength, courage and wit, she became known as the queen of the sea. 

Crystals That Connect To Grace O’Malley:

  • Preseli Bluestone: Celtic earth, magick, warrior energy, lucid dreams
  • Aquamarine: Ocean energy, clairty, express the truth, intuitive
  • Garnet: courage, leadership, protection, goddess energy 

Art Credit 

Merlin x Reader: Surprise Part 2

I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

Now, you’d be lying if you said you’d thought your meeting with King Uther would go well.

But this was ridiculous.

You sighed in exasperation as soldiers filed out from all corners of the citadel, drawing their swords and pointing them at you.  “What is the meaning of this?” Arthur shouted as he dismounted.  King Uther himself strode out.  

“That is Queen Y/N of the druids!” Uther shouted.  “She is not to be trusted.”   Merlin moved to dismount, but you stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ve got this.”  You dismounted as gracefully as you could.  “Your Majesty,” You began.  “I come bearing no ill will towards you or your kingdom.  I come in hopes of forging a peace treaty between our people.  

“I will not speak with the queen of demons.” The words stung, and you glared at Uther.

“How about the King?” An arm wrapped around your shoulders, and you looked up to see Merlin staring at Uther coolly.  Uther was shocked.  His face was white, but anger quickly darkened the colour.  

“You dare hide in my castle, under my very nose?”  Uther drew the sword hanging at his waist and ran towards the two of you.  Yours and Merlin’s eyes flashed.  Merlin ripped the sword from Uther’s grip, and you threw him back.  Arthur ran to his father.  “They attacked me!” Uther roared.

“In all fairness, you attacked them.” Arthur reminded his father.  “And I want to listen to what they have to say.  It could bring a new era of peace.  I know we’ve never accepted magic, but if there’s even a chance of bringing harmony to our land, we should jump at the opportunity!”  Uther looked like he wanted to argue, but he couldn’t deny the logic of his son.  He sighed in reluctant defeat.

“Fine,” He ground out.  He stood up and began to walk away.  “Show the king and queen to their chambers.” He disappeared into the castle.  You and Merlin sighed in relief and allowed the knights to take you to your rooms.

You flopped onto the bed and you sighed, feeling the tension leave your body for the first time in weeks.  “That comfortable?” Merlin asked in amusement.  You hummed, smiling up at him and holding your hand out.  Merlin grinned, took your hand, and allowed you to tug him down next to you.  He groaned and slung an arm around you, pulling you close.  “I missed you,” He kissed your temple lightly.  You smiled and snuggled into his chest.

“Me too.” You mumbled.  You were both silent for a moment, until you spoke up again.  “Do you think Uther will listen to us?”  He sighed.

“I don’t know,” He told you truthfully.  “But whatever happens, we’ll know that we tried.  And as long as we protect our people, we will be fine.”  He finished.  You smiled, leaning up to kiss his chin.  

“You’re a wonderful King.” You told him.

“I’m nothing without my Queen,” He smiled.  You felt your heart squeeze and you wrapped your hand around his neck, tugging him down to kiss you.  He grinned into the kiss and held you tighter.  When you pulled back, you both lay there in each other’s embrace, simply enjoying being in each other’s presence.

Sadly, the moment of peace didn’t last wrong.

Knuckles pounded against the door.  “Your Highnesses!” Someone called through the door.  “The King will see you now!”  You sighed and looked up at Merlin, who smiled at you reassuringly.  With one last kiss, you intertwined your fingers and walked out the door, ready to fight for your people.  

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Witchy Inspiration of the Day: Druantia 

Druantia is the Celtic Goddess of trees and fertility. Her names derives from the Indo-European root “deru” meaning tree or wood. Also called the Queen of the Druids, Druantia is associated with the fertility of both plants and humans, ruling over sex and passion. She is a triple Goddess of fir trees. She is credited with the creation of the Celtic tree calendar, which divides the year into 13 months that correspond to the cycles of the moon. Druantia is often seen as the eternal, wise, and knowledgeable mother, the one who guides the seeker to their truth path as She instructs and teaches the sacred ways of the forest. She carries the ‘green magic’. She symbolizes protection, knowledge, creativity, and growth. Her feast day was Beltane.

uh so am i allowed to make another set of asks because i’m a lot

i’m so sorry for inflicting my boredom on you guys again but i really really want to talk about my characters and how much i love them so aaaaaaaaah. this is an exercise in seeing if i can actually answer these questions that i’m setting out for myself; if you guys end up sending in the numbers, i’d be over the moon to answer any of them for you :) note that a lot of these are sort of based in d&d 5e because i’m most comfortable with that system.

general character asks

1. what kinds of characters do you generally prefer, if any?

2. favorite class/subclass and why?

3. do you come up with or build the character first? (i.e. does the character sheet come in front of the character or do you write the sheet to fit a character?)

4. have you tried playing any homebrew classes?

5. do you favor a race when creating characters?

6. how do you feel about multiclassing?

7. how do you determine your stats?

8. opinion on feats?

9. do you prefer min/max’d or balanced characters?

10. do you draw from outside inspiration for your characters or are they usually 100% your own creation?

specific character asks (if you reblog, reblog with the names of your characters so that people don’t ask you about mine lol)

characters (all from 5e): 

-agarduin/cil’endil (they/them, elf tempest cleric/monk of the long death, worshiper of the raven queen)

-altoid skyrock (she/her, halfling druid of the land/lore bard)

-artemius “trooper” mante (he/him, half-elf arcane trickster)

11. how did your character get his/her/their/??? name?

12. quick backstory?

13. what are three adjectives that describe your character?

14. who’s in your character’s family?

15. would you be friends with your character?

16. how does your character react to conflict?

17. what is your out-of-character goal for your character?

18. what is your character’s goal?

19. alignment?

20. what does your character do when he/she/they aren’t fighting or adventuring?

Unpopular headcanon: Tauren never “lost” their druidic ways and powers, but had them stolen by a power hungry Queen Aszhara who strong armed Malfurion and the other early elf druids into learning the druidic arts from “a lesser, bestial race”. Soon after, Azshara ordered the tauren druids purged and their people violently exiled from the forests of Kalimdor, forcing them into their nomadic lifestyle. Azshara forcibly suppressed these memories in Cenarius, Malfurion and his druidic kin, just in case she needed leverage later.

(headcanon submitted by @talgonite)

Critical Role: The End (For Now)

Wow. Ok. Wow. Nothing has ever made me cry for so long and so hard. Not funerals, not tragic reveals. This means so much for and has helped me through so much. When Laura and Taliesin said at least 5 names. Those are the 5 names of Vox Machina. When Sam said “I wish I could’ve done more” and how I shattered. The idea of the last adventure of Vox Machina actually being a two week ‘excursion’ to Pandemonium to save Grog’s soul without insane disappearing-from-existence stealth checks from Vax and him one shot-surprise attacking enemies with his twinnie. Everything. Kima asking where that fucker went, yet them never actually saying. The goodbye to the Raven Queen and Percy trying to save Vax. Vax taking his last level in Druid and walking away with Snowdrops at his heels. Vax embracing his mother. Percy missing his family and remembering how all he wanted was to be a clockmaker and then doing it. Pike and Galdric, sitting together for an hour, reflecting on life. And, of course, dear Keyleth, making her own Raven Tree, growing and cultivating it, spending time with the Raven that comes to her, maybe even dating (but probably not) someone else, and a long, long, long time from now, merging with the Raven Tree and becoming one with the land she needed to save oh so often. Thank you Vox Machina. Thank you so dearly.

*peeks out* hello hi i felt like this place needed more undead dance crews so here we are. besides any very very bad ideas, i could probably post/most definitely will end up posting about my (for now) two lovely pcs, an agender elf cleric of the raven queen named agarduin and a little baby lesbian of a halfling druid of the land named altoid (there is a story behind that name)

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Hi, can you make a list of Criminal Minds episodes where Reid is injured/sick/tortured? And do you have any idea which episode of Merlin has whump scenes? Thanks a lot! :)

hi there! to be quite honest, the thought of compiling a list of Reid whump was a little overwhelming to me because 1) i don’t watch the show regularly, and 2) there are A LOT of pretty whumpy Reid moments. BUT! fortunately for you, some lovely person JUST created a list detailing every single whump Reid moment… you can find it here.

and i haven’t watched Merlin in years, so i’m sure i’m missing a bunch of little whumpy moments (the poor guy gets hurt a lot – lots of hurt, and very little comfort because he’s hiding his secret and the injuries that come along with it, etc) but i’ll list some of the ones that come to mind. :D {and if anyone remembers any more, feel free to tell me!} 

  • 1x04, The Poisoned Chalice - Merlin drinks from a poisoned goblet (thus the name) that is meant for Arthur, and collapses almost immediately afterwards. He spends pretty much the entire episode unconscious, sweaty and thrashing around while Arthur searches for the antidote. 
  • 3x01 & 3x02, The Tears of Uther Pendragon - Merlin is knocked unconscious by Morgause’s henchmen, chained up, and left to die as Serkets (basically, giant scorpions) surround him. He manages to fight them off with magic, but he’s eventually stung and before he collapses, he calls for Kilgharrah, who saves him, heals him and forces him to rest until he eventually recovers from the Serket’s poison. 
  • 4x01 & 4x02, The Darkest Hour - While on a mission to save Camelot, Merlin is badly injured protecting Arthur, and is sent back to Camelot to be healed by Gaius. (He is healed along the way, but there is some lovely Merlin whump, and worried!Arthur.) 
  • 4x06, A Servant of Two Masters - Merlin is injured in an unexpected bandit attack, and is dragged halfway across the countryside by Arthur before he is captured by Morgana, in the process of (once again) saving Arthur.
  • 4x10, A Herald of the New Age - Merlin is knocked out by Elyan. (Not super whumpy, and it’s very brief, but it’s decent.)  
  • 5x01 & 5x02, Arthur’s Bane - After being kidnapped by Mordred and forced to walk for miles across a frozen wasteland, Merlin is thrown across the room and into a rock wall by Morgana while attempting to protect Arthur (surprise, surprise), and he loses consciousness briefly before being healed by the Diamair. 
  • 5x04, Another’s Sorrow - After figuring out that Mithian’s maid is Morgana in disguise, Merlin is attacked by Morgana and choked (with magic) until he loses consciousness. He’s apparently badly injured, because Gaius is forced to use magic to heal / revive him. 
  • 5x08, The Hollow Queen - Morgana uses a “druid” boy to lure Merlin into the forest under the guise of “helping his sister”; once there, she knocks him out, poisons him, and pushes him off a cliff. This is probably one of the whumpiest episodes of the entire show; Merlin is left weak, nearly unconscious and dying until the “druid” boy, guilt ridden about what he had unknowingly done to Merlin, saves his life by making a potion – but he isn’t “safe” until after Merlin tries (and fails) to save himself with magic, seizes from the effects of the potion and “dies” (passes out). 
  • 5x09, With All My Heart - Merlin falls off a cliff and loses consciousness. (Very brief whump - it’s not mentioned again. As usual.)
  • 5x10, The Kindness of Strangers - While in the woods, Merlin meets a sorceress who Morgana is currently looking for, and when Morgana’s men find them and attack, Merlin is shot in the stomach an arrow. They eventually make it to a nearby abandoned castle, and after struggling up (and collapsing on) the stairs of the tower in an attempt to evade capture, Merlin is able to escape Morgana by calling Kilgharrah, who arrives just as he passes out. And, of course, Kilgharrah once again heals him.
  • 5x12, The Diamond of the Day - After having his magic removed by Morgana, Merlin must travel to the Crystal Cave to regain his powers, but on the way, he is apprehended by Morgana, and trapped in a cave, where he loses consciousness briefly and gets scraped up. Again, not super whumpy, but the last two episodes (5x12 & 5x13) are overflowing with angst and will absolutely rip your heart out and ruin your life, but yeah. Watch at your own risk. :)))))))

That’s the majority of the noteable Merlin whump, I think! Feel free to tell me if I missed any. :) 


*edit* oops, just realized that you asked for whump from Merlin, not necessarily “Merlin whump”. hahhh. if you wanted Arthur whump instead, let me know, and i’ll see what i can do. :) 

We had our first session of dungeons and drag queens on monday and one of the highlights was us going to the drag bar where our bard works, and suddenly the stage manager rushes up and says she desperately needs another queen to do a duet.

and somehow, my gay deaf druid boy was drummed up into doing it and ive never been so stressed in my life 

I’d never heard of total eclipse of the heart and I thought my dm was gonna kill me