queen of the couch

It’s 1952 in Oxford University, and Susan Pevensie is leaving the Lady Margaret Hall library for the last time.

Her classmates will be sorry to see her go - ask any of them “Who’s the young woman with dark hair and a blue coat?” and they’ll say “what, you don’t know Susan Pevensie? You must be new.”

But most of her friends don’t actually know that much about her. They’ll agree that she’s compassionate and charismatic, “and brighter than you’d think she’d have a right to be, with looks like hers - how come she gets beauty and brains?” but nobody knows anything about her childhood. Or her family.

“She’s lost someone,” says a first-year student with a permanent air of exam-induced panic, “she came here on an inheritance from somebody, and I’ll bet anything it’s her parents because she never talks about them, but we’ve all lost someone, you know? From the war or not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to make her talk.” 

She’s graduating head of her class with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics; she wants to change the world, but really who expects her to do that? There’s a Queen on the throne and a dozen-odd women in Parliament, and many think that’s enough. She’ll make the perfect wife for some politician or businessman, at least while she’s young and pretty enough to be seen and not heard.

The shadows are chilly and long this time of year, so she almost misses the older woman leaving the Principal’s office, but the other woman steps directly into her path.

“Hello, Miss Pevensie,” she says. “I’m Agent Peggy Carter. How would you feel about a job in America?”

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 8

Marinette was staring in shock, and she quietly muttered to Tikki, who was hiding in the collar of her shirt (honestly just to see the chaos).  “How the heck did this happen again?”

“Your parents spotted them,” Tikki giggled, covering her mouth with a tiny paw.


It had been a typical start to a movie night, up until Chat and Queen Bee started to argue over what movie to watch.

“The Princess Bride is a classic!” Queen Bee hissed.  “And I’m tired of your stupid anime!”

“You apologize to Hayao Miyazaki this instant!” Chat gave a far more animalistic hiss back, brandishing his copy of Princess Mononoke.

“Do we get a say in this?” Vixen asked from where her head was in Marinette’s lap, the girl’s fingers stroking through her hair.

NO!” Both heroes yelled, then froze as the trap door to Marinette’s room opened, a bemused Tom and Sabine regarding the four, who at the moment were all doing admirable impressions of deer in headlights.

Everyone remained still for several seconds, until Vixen lazily raised a hand and waved.  “Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng.”

Tom cracked up, and Sabine playfully nudged her husband with an elbow before smiling at the heroes in her daughter’s room.  “If you wanted friends over, Marinette, you could have just asked.  You don’t have to hide them up here.”

“If you’re having movie night, the TV in the living room is much bigger, and you can use the couch,” Tom added.  “And of course, you’ll need snacks.”

Marinette probably shouldn’t have been surprised by how all three heroes perked up excitedly.


Which led her to now. Marinette was trying to reconcile the sight of all three heroes in the rest of her house, interacting and actually getting along with her parents.

Chat was the one that was breaking her brain the most.  Out of all of them, he was the one she least expected to know another language, but seeing him happily chatting away with her mother in Mandarin had her re-evaluating her Kitty a little bit.  The big goofball had some depth to him, it seemed.

Vixen was helping her construct a blanket nest on the couch, while Queen Bee, of all people, was helping her father assemble a snack tray in the kitchen.  The normally brash heroine seemed almost embarrassed at the warm attention and playful teasing from her dad, but also seemed to be soaking it up.

“Queenie told me once, her mom died when she was little and her dad doesn’t pay much attention to her,” Vixen whispered in her ear.  “Let her have this.”

Marinette’s eyes widened, and she shot Vixen a slight smile.  “I don’t mind sharing if Queenie doesn’t.”

“And that’s why we love you, girl.” Marinette yelped as Vixen playfully tackled her to the couch, hugging her.

“Cat pile!  Come on, Queenie!” Chat was distracted from his conversation with Sabine, and soon joined the dog cat pile on Marinette on the couch, which did nothing to help Marinette’s giggles.

Queen Bee rolled her eyes, picking up the tray and using her wings to make a quick hop over the couch and set it down on the table.  “What are all of you, five?”

“Get down here and let us hug you.” Chat grinned, a hand whipping out and hauling Queen Bee in, ignoring her yelp as he and Vixen bracketed her in with their arms.

“Just let them get it out of their systems, it’ll be over faster that way,” Marinette advised, voice serious but eyes twinkling in mirth.

“Ugh, you’re all so immature,” Queen Bee grumbled, sticking her nose up in the air and thus completely missing Vixen’s mischievous smirk.

She didn’t miss it when the fox heroine playfully kissed her cheek, though, and Vixen erupted into giggles as Queen Bee’s face burst into a furious blush, even if she tried to play it off.

Marinette laughed, then flushed when Vixen pressed a kiss to her cheek, only able to let out a squeak.

The sound of a movie trailer was their first clue that Chat had crept off while they were occupied, and Queen Bee squawked indignantly, squirming to free herself.  “I said we were going to watch The Princess Bride!”

“Well, you were busy, Queenie, so I fur-gured that I’d go ahead and pop a movie in.” Chat smirked, and Marinette sighed as the argument resumed for round 2.

Marinette completely missed her mother leaning up to kiss her father’s cheek, then grinning at the foursome before murmuring to her husband.  “I’m so glad Marinette’s getting along with her teammates.”

“They are all adorable, aren’t they?  I get the feeling that Queen Bee doesn’t have a very good home life,” Tom whispered back as they headed into their room with a simple admonishment to try and keep the noise down a bit.

“I get the same from Chat Noir.  We’ll have to make it clear that they’re welcome to come over any time,” Sabine murmured.

“Well, of course. They’re all good kids.  I’m glad Marinette has them backing her up.”

Prompto x Fem!Reader: Sun Kissed

This was an accident I swear

*throws self into the Final Fantasy XV fandom*

The sun beats down on you with strokes of heat, a gentle breeze brushing your cheeks and wrapping around the strands of your hair tucked beneath a sun hat. Grinning, you glance around and take in the stunning beach, waves calm enough that guests and visitors alike have headed into the water to cool off while others are playing games and enjoying the festival in it’s full swing.

Oh gosh you can see Chocobos. A line of them waiting by the pier in makeshift stalls for whoever wants to hire them out for the day.

You wriggle your toes inside your sandals, bouncing a little as you try to hold back the excitement swirling inside your stomach. You’ve been on the road with the guys for what feels like forever now, and you can’t even remember the last time you haven’t been reduced to sleeping in a tent or a caravan. Coming to Galdin Quay of all places now feels like going straight from zero to one hundred, but it’s not like you’re going to complain.

“Okay, those extra hunts were definitely worth it.” You turn to see Prompto jogging up to your side, eyes reflecting the same awe you can feel simmering inside yourself. “I think I might just be able to forgive you guys for the impromptu camping trip you forced on us.”

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“You were born broken, that’s your birthright. 

And now you can fill your life with projects. Your humans and your songs and your little girlfriends but it won’t make you whole.

You’re Marceline Abadeer. There’s no cure for that.”

Lena’s apartment is not at all what Kara expected.

She’d expected something clean, minimal, with expensive artwork on the walls and furniture that’s really more for decoration than for use. Something sterile, like the L-Corp office.

She hadn’t expected this; this warm, open, inviting room, the unframed photos hanging above a queen sized bed, the soft, cloth couch that honestly looks so comfortable that Kara has to resist the urge to lay down and take a nap, the messy kitchen and the basket of laundry that Lena blushes at and quickly moves out of sight. She hadn’t expected the place to look so lived-in, and she especially hadn’t expected the big white Samoyed that barks and jumps into Lena’s arms as soon as it sees her.

“Sorry.” Lena drops the dog onto the couch, brushing herself off a bit self consciously. “He’s a good dog, I swear, he just gets a bit excited.”

“No, he’s cute.” Kara watches as the dog makes another attempt at scaling Lena’s body. “I didn’t know you had a dog.”

“Argo’s pretty new,” Lena admits. “I don’t think the press have seen him yet.”

“Argo, huh?”

“After Jason’s ship.”

Kara nods and takes another look around the apartment.

“Not what you expected?” Lena sets her purse on the coffee table and bends down to calm her dog.

Kara shrugs. “It suits you. It’s just a bit more home-y than I thought it would be.”

“Yes, I suppose it’s a bit of a surprise considering all the time I spend at the office,” Lena says. “I thought it would be nice to have a kind of home to return to after a day at work.”

And it makes sense, how Lena would need somewhere to relax, somewhere where she can be herself, not some superficial, emotionless businesswoman version of herself. Argo fits in too, Kara thinks, because everyone needs someone they can talk to about anything. This home that Lena’s created for herself is so different from every other aspect of her life, and yet it’s so undeniably Lena that Kara suddenly can’t imagine her home as anything else but this. It’s perfect.

She just wishes she were a part of it.

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier - Sparky

You are the newest member of the Avengers. You joined after an accident in the lab you worked at in S.H.I.E.L.D gave you the ability to use lightning. When you join the team you meet Bucky Barnes, who is instantly attracted to everything about you, from your beauty to your wonderful personality. Over time, his affections for you grow and yours for him grow too, but neither of you tell each other how you really feel, both of you thinking that it’s best if you just stay friends. One day, the two of you get paired up on a mission, a pretty simple mission, but these things have a way of not going the way you want them to and neither of you expect this one to go the way it does.

Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, angst, mentions of death, violence, and blood

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anonymous asked:

Hi, i would like to request a BTS reaction. Could you please do either BTS finding out that their wife/girlfriend who is pregnant is having a girl or BTS ho,ding their daughter after the mom gives birth(and after the baby is cleaned). I think that would be so cute~! Thank you~

Having a baby girl

This took a lot of time xD I haven’t been feeling it before today but today I finally finished it, I hope you like it <3


You didn’t want to give Jin any false hopes from the start so you didn’t tell him anything until you were 100% sure that you would be having a baby. However Jin had started to get worried when your eating habits changed drastically and when you were randomly throwing up multiple times a day. So when you said that you were going out Jin started having his suspicions. You were never a good liar so it was evident that you weren’t just going out. While he waited for you to come back he was going over possibilities that would explain you strange behaviour and he eventually came to the conclusion of pregnancy but just like yourself he didn’t want any false hopes so he waited until you were home so he could check with you. Once you walked through the door with a big smile on your face he didn’t even need to ask. You spent the evening watching movies and cuddling, with his hand on your stomach, knowing that in nine months a small mix between the two of you would be running around your home.

Once your little girl was born Jin couldn’t stop looking at her, and he definitely couldn’t stop smiling. Your daughter was wrapped in a towel where she was resting in Jin’s arms, she was smiling just like her father and Jin noticed that they had the same smile, this fact only made him smile bigger. He walked over to you, handed you your daughter and grabbed your hand, kneeling beside the bed and resting his chin on your shoulder. As Jin watched you and your newborn smiling at each other he couldn’t help but think that he had a queen and a princess now.


You would find Yoongi laying on the couch, trying to get a minutes rest before going back to work. He looked very peaceful almost snoring, with both his arms on his stomach and a bit of drool on his chin. You were hesitating, debating if you should tell him once he’s woken up so that he could get his beauty sleep or not, however you decided that this couldn’t wait. So without further ado you gently shook sleeping beauty awake. He would whine for a bit before opening his eyes, seeing the positive pregnancy test that you held up in front of his face and then he would be off the couch in a matter of seconds. This would be the only time you’ll see Min Yoongi wake up so quickly. He would ask you if you’re serious and without a word you would nod and he would be embracing you with a hug in no time, laughter falling from his lips and the sentence “I’m going to be a dad” would be uttered many times during the following nine months.

His gummy smile would be huge on his lips as he held you daughter for the first time. Even though she wouldn’t stop screaming Yoongi would still coo at her, loving every sound wave coming from her. You would joke about her having the same temper as her father but he would just laugh it off, letting you say anything you wanted because this moment was perfect and nothing could even ruin it. He glanced over at you and saw that you were ready to hold her too so he handed her to you as careful as if she was made out of glass. As soon as she was comfortable in your arms she fell asleep. Yoongi cooed some more at her and you laughed, joking again by saying “yep, definitely her father’s daughter.”


I feel that Hobi is a family man so when the realization dawned on him that both of you would become parents he would be the happiest man on earth. He would be even more of a sunshine than what he normally is, if that’s even possible. Calls would be made to his family, to the boys and maybe even to mere acquaintances he had, he would want the whole world to know that he was going to be a father. He would run over to you, pick you up and spin you around, making you laugh. The he would realise once again that you were pregnant and put you down in an instant, not wanting to hurt you or the baby. For the following months he would treat you like glass and do everything for you. He wouldn’t even let you get off the couch.

Holding his newborn girl in his arms Hobi would be shaking slightly from excitement, however making sure not to drop his baby girl. She would be laughing, and you would realise from your position on the hospital bed that your husband and your daughter were both brighter than the sun. Hobi wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off his little girl and you would almost have to beg for him to hand her over so that you also could hold your newborn.  His smile would never leave his lips and you knew that your daughter would grow to love that smile at least as much as you do.


You were not slow with telling the leader that he would get yet another child to take care of, as if the boys already weren’t enough. However, once you told him the amount of happiness he felt at that moment caused him to break one more vase in the house, making you jump. You would not get angry though since this is supposed to be a happy moment for the both of you. He would be the one to be the most prepared out of the seven boys. He will be reading up on how to be the best parent ever and also how to make the birth of your daughter as comfortable as nature allows. He would not freak out too much when the time came because he was so prepared.

Once the worst part was over and he finally could hold his little one the scary aspect of everything would hit him, he had prepared so much for the last nine months but he could never have prepared enough for the moment his saw his daughter for the first time. She was so small and fragile that he was so scared that he would drop her or hurt her in any way. You would be able to see that he was on the verge of a freakout so you quickly asked him to give her to you. Once he did that he stood beside you watching her with adoring eyes, holding your hand to make sure he didn’t faint right then and there.


You were worried about telling Jimin about your pregnancy since he was at the top of his career and he was only 21, that’s still pretty young to become a father. You knew he wouldn’t leave you because of this but you didn’t want him to give up his dreams because of this. You found him playing games with Tae the day you planned on telling him. You asked him to talk to you alone for a moment and once you were in a secluded place you would break the news to him. Instead of seeing his face fall or a scared expression on his face he broke out in a huge eye smile and started freaking out in a positive way. He couldn’t believe it and when he wrapped his mind around it he engulfed you in a big hug. He held you for so long that Tae wondered what was taking so long so he went to see what happened. That’s how both of the 95-liners found out about your soon to be family.

When he first held his daughter in his arms he couldn’t stop speaking in a baby voice. It would almost be like aegyo, however not as cringy as it normally is. He would be cooing and rocking her back and forth as he started singing for her. You had to stop him so that you also could hold her before she fell asleep. All the worries that Jimin may have had in the beginning would not be there anymore and both you and him knew that you would be amazing parents.


Our Tae Tae wouldn’t stop smiling for day on end once he found out that he was going to become a father. He would be a lot like Hobi and tell everyone he knows that you were pregnant. He would also be a lot like Joonie and read some about pregnancy so that he can be a bit prepared for when the time came and also because the circumstances would peak an interest within him. His favourite thing to do during your pregnancy would be to feel your stomach for the baby’s kicks and also talk to it because he wanted her to recognise his voice when she’s finally in their arms.

Once holding his daughter Tae would be so excited for the milestones to come so he would try and get some of them to happen right in that moment. He would be really busy trying to get her to say “appa” even though she’s not even a day old. You would find the whole situation extremely entertaining and giggle a bit at him because he just became even more cute to you. He’ll soon enough hand her over to you and while you started rocking your baby back and forth he would play with your hands and freak out over how adorable she is when he gripped his finger.


Kookie would definitely be the most scared of them all, he’s only 19 and probably not that ready to have a baby so he would be really shocked and not believe you to begin with. Then he would go ask Joonie and Jin for advice but instead he would be rewarded with a bit of scolding for getting you pregnant at such a young age. Afterwards, when they’re sure he realised the severity of his actions they would come with some advice, like like how he should be to you during this time and how it could be after the baby is born. Jungkook would spend the next nine months worrying himself to death.

When he was able to hold his little girl for the first time all of those worries disappeared in a second. The way the baby was staring at him made him feel so sure of himself, he felt like he couldn’t do anything wrong. You saw the change in his posture, how he relaxed, and you knew that everything would be just fine. he turned around towards you, the baby still in his arms and a big smile on his face. He took two big steps and put the baby in you arms instead, then he grabbed one of your hands, crouched down next to the bed and rested his chin on your shoulder. He too knew that everything would be fine as long as you three were together.


Who Would Have Thought

Just a little Drabble. I had a rough morning and after the calm came, (from my bear) I came up with this. Let me know what you think! 

Trigger: Anxiety attack 

Word Count: 837 

The boys had picked you up on a ghoul hunt outside Milwaukee. They had rolled through town and you had been having issues putting the bastard down alone. After everything was said and done they offered to let you tag along back the bunker to recoup. Having nowhere else to go you agreed. It would be nice to have some company.

A few months later you were still at the bunker. You took your own hunts but you also tagged along with them.

Things were going great until the night after a relatively easy salt and burn.

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Daddy-Daughter Date

Request can be found here  for @jackyslittlesally

“A what?” you asked, taking your attention away from the TV and laundry to give your husband, Hoseok, your full attention.

“A daddy-daughter date,” he chuckles, before placing a kiss on your cheek. “You love going on dates with me, so I figured Ha-eun would too.”

“Well that a given,” you snort, causing him to laugh more.

“I do plan the best dates don’t I?” You used the shirt you were folding to smack him, which make him laugh more before giving you another kiss, this time on your lips.

“She has preschool tomorrow though,” you inform him.

“Ha-eun doesn’t have to go, my love.”

“Why does this sound familiar?” you smirk.

“Cause I got you to skip some classes,” he nods his head, “and call in to work a few times.”

“You are a bad influence,” you smile at him before kissing along his jaw line to his ear. “So very bad,” you whisper.

“Is this a yes?” he groans. His hands grip your thighs and move you so you are straddling him. When you continue your kissing assault on his neck instead of answering, Hoseok gently grabs your face and make you look at him. “Jagiya?”

“Only if I get a date too,” you pout.

“You can have as many dates as you want,” he laughs, surging up to kiss your pout away before flipping you onto your back on the couch. “Starting right now, my queen.”


“Are you ready princess?” Hoseok smiles down at his little girl, her mouth open wide as she takes in the Aquarium. When she doesn’t answer he gives the hand he is holding a little shake. “Well Ha-eun, you ready to go in?” his smile grows.

“Go Daddy! We go!” she squeals and begins jumping around.

“Of course princess,” They walk towards the entrance, Hoseok reminding himself to walk slower than he normally did so Ha-eun could easily keep up, especially since she wasn’t so much as walking as it was bouncing. “Mommy was excited when I brought her here too,” he chuckles.

“When did you bring mommy here?” Ha-eun asks.

“Well,” Hoseok picks her up so she can get a look inside the first tank, “it was when we first started dating. I decided to bring her here so she could see all the fishies and I could watch her beautiful face light up like a thousand stars.”

“Daddy watch me too?”

“Of course,” Hoseok points to the tank, “you enjoy seeing them and I’ll watch my princess’s beauty outshine them, just like her mommy did.”

“Okay!” Ha-eun turns her attention away from her daddy and finally to the beautiful rainbow like fish that graced the entrance’s view.


“You’re only supposed to pet the fishes, not swim with them,” Hoseok gently scolds his daughter as he changes her pants, socks and shoes out for one of the spares he had in the backpack.

“But how am I supposed to pet them when they swim away?” Ha-eun pouts.

“You just wait for more to come over.”

“But they take forever!” she whines. Hoseok chuckles as he puts her wet clothes in a plastic bag and stuffs them into the backpack. “They did Daddy!” she whines louder.

“Ok baby,” he smiles, “I believe you.” After putting the backpack back on he picks her up and gives her a kiss on the forehead. “How about we look at the fishes that can swim over our heads?”

“Over our head?!” she squeals.

“Yup, over our heads.” Hoseok walks out the bathroom and heads for the tanks that have a tunnel for observation. “All colorful fishes live there, and even sharks.”

“Sharks?!” Ha-eun gasps.

“Don’t worry, they are nice sharks.” He continues to tell her all about the tanks and the fishes as he makes his way there.

“Close your eyes baby girl,” he tells her as he stops at the entrance to the exhibit.

“Why Daddy?”

“It makes it more magical that way.” Feeling the need to add more he continues. “Mommy even said so.”

“Okay Daddy!” Ha-eun closes her eyes real tight, her face scrunching up as she does.

“When Daddy says to, open your eyes ok?” he kisses her nose and then covers her eyes with his own hand.

Ha-eun’s little hands come up to press his hand further against his face. “Okay!”

“So cute,” he whispers to himself, “just like her mommy.” Hoseok continues into the exhibit and steps onto the conveyor. He watches for when it looks like the tunnel is opening up to uncover her eyes.

“Okay, open your eyes!” Hae-eun’s delightful cry and the clasping of her hands makes Hoseok grin ear to ear and steal a kiss.

“Daddy!” she whines and pushes his face out of her view.

“I stole a kiss from Mommy here too,” he informs her and kisses her again.

“Stealing is bad,” she scolds.

“Mommy didn’t seem to mind,” he snickers. “Mommy loves when I steal kisses.”

Ha-eun’s brows forrow as she takes in the information. Suddenly she kisses Hoseok. His shocked but happy look makes her laugh. “Stealing kisses are fun.”

“Yes,” he cuddles her closer, “but you can only steal them from Mommy and Daddy. Okay?”

“Okay Daddy!” she giggles and turns her attention back to the fishes with a demand to go again since Daddy made her miss them.

“Best daddy-daughter date ever.”

"Why is there a dog on the couch?" - Brett Talbot drabble.

A/N - So this is my first attempt at writing anything like this and it’s done on mobile so it’s not the best. Just a quick tryout thingie.


Coming home after a long Saturday of work was one of your favorite activities.
Your boyfriend would have prepared dinner and you could plop your tired self on the couch and be treated like a queen for a night.

Brett knew how much you hated your job, which you had to keep because it paid well, so he agreed to help you de-stress after work.

You walked through the front door, dropping your bag on the floor in the hallway.
“Hey babe!” You called but got no response.
You didnt think too much of it and went into the living room expecting to find your partner asleep on the couch.

“BRETT!!” You jumped back into the hall, trying to breath normally again. “WHY is there A DOG on the couch!?!”
Getting no response, you carefully peaked into the room again, but the dog was now your boyfriend, woken up by your yelling.

You ignored what you thought just happened and blamed whatever you saw on your tiredness as went into the kitchen to grab food.

Brett followed carefully and the two of you sat down at the table .
Dinner passed slowly, neither of you speaking a word, not knowing what to say.

You got up and put your plate in the sink before taking a much needed shower.
Sitting down under the running water, you kept going over what you saw in your livingroom.
There was no way you imagined any of it and you couldn’t deny that the house had smelled like dogs before.

You couldn’t get the image out of your mind and it was driving you insane.
Your partner was hiding something from you. Only the idea was enough for you to break out in tears.
You sat there trying to calm down, cleaning yourself and washing your hair to distract you from your thoughts.

You got out of the shower, got dressed and walked back to where Brett was, slumped back on the couch, eyes puffy and red like he had cried.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like this.” He slowly sat up and patted the spot beside him. “I’m sorry if I scared you.”
You made your way over to the couch, not sure what to expect. All you knew wa thst you definitely did not expect that what was currently happening right in front of you.

“Remember that it’s still me.” He started calm, his eyes changing to a bright amber color.
Seeing this made you crawl back into armrest of the couch, while on the other end your boyfriend, the one you’ve lived together with for almost a year now, change from the human you always knew, into a wolflike creature.
His eyes and the color of his fur still sharing traits with his human side.
These slight similarities were the things telling you it was truely still him.
“So.. A wolf.” It was all you managed to say.

He carefully moved over to you, placing his head in your lap. You couldn’t help but smile at his gestures and mess up his fur a bit to show you weren’t scared.

“Well. Since we didn’t have enough money to get a dog, I’m okay with you walking around like this more often.”
He scoffed and shifted back to human, still partially laying in your lap. “So you’re okay with dating a werewolf?”

“Are you kidding?” You laughed “Having a boyfriend and a pet in one is a great deal for a poor student like me!”

BTS x Daddy Imagines

{While I’m finishing the Jimin x Reader x Yoongi smut I promised, here are some Daddy Imagines to say thank you for sticking with me during my illness - I’m back sweeties 😇🌈}


• The sweetest most protective and sensual Daddy, he wants to cuddle you all night, have your scent all around him and kiss your cheeks till they’re pink and hot.
• Stretches you so deep and wide, eats you so sweet, foreplay so long to prepare you for him.
• Needs you holding on and digging into his shoulders with your nails, moaning his name all hot and breathless, his goal is to see you in your most vulnerable state with him.
• “Does that feel good Jagi? Does it feel good when I hit it there?”


• The most romantic and thoughtful Daddy always surprising you with his extra time and cute gifts, giving you Eskimo kisses and making you laugh, even when he’s having the worst day you make his eyes light up with happiness.
• Expect relaxed dates in the prettiest places and passionate make outs when you return home, always asking if you enjoyed the evening as much as he did. Tucking you up in bed with him just so he can snuggle close to you, letting his gentle hands wonder beneath your pj’s, his soft lips against your neck, the slightest hint of his teeth grazing your flesh.
• Before you know it the pj’s are thrown off along with his gentlemanly ways as he’s all energy and unrestrained moans in your ears. Your voices echo from the walls as he slips inside…
• “Ohh Jagi, its so wet and slippery for me, you really like me this much?”  


• Intensely territorial and endlessly playful Daddy, he wants you all to himself and when you’re alone expect play fights ending in feverish neck kisses as he inhales your delicate scent till he elicits the wanton moaning sounds he needs to hear.
• Works you up till its too much, till the deep wet ache makes you beg, till he’s high on your screams as you feel his size.
• Needs you to challenge him just so he can show his control by beating you harder, pulling your hair, slapping your ass raw all while keeping intense eye contact.
• “Ooohh fuck Jagi. You’re taking every inch of me, look how deep your pussy is letting me go. Look how much you needed me.”  


• The gentlest and most romantic Daddy ever, looks after you like you’re a fucking Queen, with exquisite dinners and squishy relaxed evenings on the couch, he always makes sure to soften you up so well, always wanting you to be ready for him and the night he has planned.
• Expect brand new lingerie for Daddy’s pleasure just so he can watch the blush rise in your cheeks as he exposes you slowly, kissing every inch of your flesh. Orgasms are guaranteed with his patient and relentless tongue, causing your every nerve chills along with your moans of ecstasy as you arch against him.
• Needs your arms wrapped around his shoulders as he hits you slow and deep, waiting till after your 1st, 2nd, 3rd climax to really lose his control.
• “Jagi just hold on so tight to me, can you feel how wet you are?" 


• The ultimate kinky power Daddy, he’s a fireball of experimentalism swinging from chasing you around the house like a Labrador pup trying to tickle you till you squeal, to scorching make out sessions all deep tongue kisses and hair pulling.
• Toys with you like you’re his personal property with nothing off limits, kitten play, restraints, anal and oral training, but every second you feel his soft touches, his sweet kisses, his reassurance and safety cradling you.
• Wants you loud and shameless AF as you feel his veins pressing against your walls raw, expect to come undone too quick and be punished until you squirt.
• "Jagiya if you start gushing I’m going to beat it so hard. It feels so good on my cock when you squirt around me.”


• The OG Daddy dom who just happens to be the softest cuddle mon in existence, expect him always holding your hand in public proud AF that you’re his and constantly making you laugh by being unintentionally adorable.
• Don’t be fooled by his softness, he has an insatiable wild side and can often take his pent up frustrations out on you to the extremes of your pleasure, it can become brutal and erotic in ways you’ve never felt with another man.
• You’ll be pushed to your absolute limit and through it all he’ll be holding you and soothing you with kisses as you feel his size.
• “Baby… You’re so fucking tight, and there’s still only half of my cock inside." 


• A zero to one hundred real fast Daddy always acting reserved and sometimes cold around others, yet when he gets you home, holy fuck, expect him to become instantly squishy even without words.
• Don’t tease him unless you want to be dragged to the bedroom to give Daddy a lap-dance as he slowly strips you and rewards you with INSANE oral capabilities, expect multiple orgasms and deep tongue fucking as your hands pull in his hair.
• He wants to see you ride it like a pro and impale yourself on his throne like the fucking princess you are as his hands reach up softly for your breasts.
• "Fucking shit Jagiya, look how your pussy is swallowing my cock…" 

Hope you sweeties enjoyed these, please let me know if you’d like more ~ Admin Laura Cathrine 🎀

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First meeting, Oliver hits Felicity in the head with a baseball with a throw or popfly gone wrong

Shifting his feet, Oliver Queen–former catcher and now the new first baseman for the Washington Nationals–prepared for the next play.  It was the bottom of the seventh inning, the team was leading by four, and so far, he hadn’t made any errors during his first game at his new position.  

Which was his first mistake: thinking.  His second mistake was thinking about how he was doing.  And his third mistake was whipping a ball towards first instead of tossing it.  

Time went into slow motion as Oliver watched the progress of the ball.  It flew past the pitcher covering first, going into the stands and making contact with someone–a woman who fell back as the ball impacted with her temple.  

The next thing he knew, he was standing by the barrier, watching as paramedics rushed to the woman and began evaluating her.  Within a few moments, the woman woke up, blinking open a set of blue eyes that knocked Oliver’s socks off.  Even with how dazed she seemed, there was something about her that drew Oliver’s attention.  

“My glasses … my glasses …” she muttered, her hands fluttering from her face to the area around her, her forehead wrinkled with confusion.  

“Here, Felicity, I’ve got them, you’re okay,” said the man sitting next to her.  He was holding her hand tightly, looking worried.  Was that her boyfriend?  

“Oliver, Oliver, c’mon, we gotta get back to our positions,” his teammate Tommy Merlyn told him, tugging on Oliver’s arm.  

He wanted to resist, but Oliver knew he couldn’t.  He nodded and turned to head back to first base, his shoulders slumped.  

The guilt was crushing.  Especially considering that his guilt was mingling with attraction.  But how could he even think of being attracted to the woman he had beaned?  All he should be focusing on was finding a way to resolve his guilt.  


Felicity walked into her townhouse and sighed, stepping out of her heels.  It was her first day back to work after she had gotten hit by an errant baseball last week, but the headache she had been suffering ever since had recurred yet again, so she had come home after lunch.  

If only she had been paying more attention at the game, actually trying to enjoy it instead of fretting about what she was missing out on at work.  When the ball had come flying towards her, her head had been down and all her attention had been fixed on her tablet.  That was why she hadn’t been able to get out of the way.  

It sucked, dealing with the headaches and the constant calls from the baseball team asking if she was going to sue them.  Which was a dumb question, since she knew there was video of her getting hit–thanks to that creepy jerk at work, Ray Palmer–and it clearly showed she wasn’t aware of her surroundings.  So suing the team would just get her a bunch of lawyer bills.  No, thank you.  

Her cell phone rang, making her wince at the high-pitched noise going right to her headache.  She quickly answered it.  “Hello?”

A throat cleared, and then a very deep, masculine voice said, “Felicity Smoak?”


“Hi.  I’m–I’m Oliver Queen.  I play for the Nationals.  I … I wanted to apologize to you,” the voice said, making Felicity drop down onto her couch in shock.

Oliver Queen?  The longest-tenured National, the guy that everyone in Washington loved?  He was calling to apologize to her?

“What?  Why?”  The questions erupted from her because she was too surprised to actually filter her thoughts.  

“Well … I’m responsible for you getting hit, so–so I wanted to reach out and tell you how sorry I am.  I shouldn’t have lost control like I did.”  

This was the hotshot athlete who had the reputation of the bad boy of baseball?  This contrite-sounding man?

“Oh,” Felicity said weakly.  “Um, you really don’t have to feel so guilty.  I mean, I wasn’t paying attention to the game, and that’s how I got hit, so really, it’s just as much my fault–”

“No way.  It’s all my fault,” Oliver argued.  

Felicity frowned.  “No, you just made a simple mistake.  It’s my fault for not paying attention that I got hit.”

“But you wouldn’t have gotten hit if I hadn’t thrown the ball so hard.”

“Why are we arguing about who’s more at fault?” Felicity said, rubbing her forehead.  “I have a headache, so I’m not up for this.”  

“Oh.  I–I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have disturbed you.  I’m sorry.”  

God, he sounded like she had kicked his puppy and his kitten, all the while cackling maniacally.  And normally, guys acting like this didn’t work on her.  But something about Oliver Queen’s voice made her think that he wasn’t what he appeared to be.

“No, wait, Oliver,” she said, leaning back on her couch.  “Look, let’s just say we’re both in the wrong, and on the count of three, we each say ‘I’m sorry’?”  

“That … that sounds like a good plan,” he said slowly.  There was something in his voice that made him sound like he was cheering up.  

“Great,” Felicity said, feeling butterflies flutter in her stomach.  “One, two, three–I’m sorry.”

At the same time, Oliver said “I’m sorry,” making Felicity smile a little.  

“All better?” she asked.  

“Yes … mostly.  I was wondering–Felicity, could I keep calling you?”

Could concussion-induced headaches make you have auditory hallucinations?  That was the only explanation for why she had heard Oliver ask to keep calling her.

“What?  Why?”

“Is that the way you respond to every question?”  Yup, he was definitely smiling now–Felicity could hear it in his voice.  “I asked because … well, I’d like to know that you’re okay.  If that isn’t too creepy.”  

Creepy?  Oliver thought wanting to check up on her after he had caused her injury was creepy?  She should tell him about what creepy really was.  But … another time.  

“Um … yes, I guess.  Sure.  Yeah.  I’d like that.  As long as it doesn’t cut into your time too much.”  

Did she have to babble like a teenager whenever she talked on the phone?

“Yeah?” Oliver asked.  Before she could answer, he said, “Wait, you just said yes like four times.  So you must mean it.  I don’t want to keep you on the phone too long, since you said you had a headache.  If there’s anything I can help with, just–just let me know.  And I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“All right,” she said, feeling a bit overwhelmed.  And her temples were pounding, which would be her justification for anyone asking her why she had said yes.


Marriage Announcement: Smoak-Queen

In Las Vegas this past Sunday, Felicity Smoak of Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. and Oliver Queen of Washington, D.C. were married.  The bride is an IT manager for the federal government.  The groom is a professional baseball player.  They met when the groom accidentally hit the bride with a baseball during a game.  


Thunder rolled itself against the roof; you watched as the lamp shook against the table.

“I’ll go ask for another room.” You grabbed some cash and left the boys by their laptops. You poked your head out of the door and heard a clash of voices. As you drew closer to the check-in desk you saw large groups of people, some of which were soaked through from the storm.

“Excuse me?” You tried to push to the front, “I just checked in with some friends but we’re going to need another room.”

The man stared back at you, “Sorry, ma’am. We’re nearly sold out. Since you already have a room, I’m going to have to ask you to wait until everyone else in here has one as well.”

You threw your head back in annoyance and made your way back to Sam and Dean.

“It rains and suddenly everybody needs a room!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air.

Sam looked up from his laptop, “It’s pouring. Everyone is just trying to avoid it.”

You sighed and dropped onto the bed. “Toss me the remote.”

Halfway into Chopped, the lights began to flicker. Both brothers shoved their chairs back and stood up.

“It’s just the power, guys.” You made the television louder.

“We’d still better check.” Dean grabbed his EMF detector from his duffel bag and began to take a walk around the room. Within seconds, the only light in the room came from the moonlight outside.

“Great.” Sam said, you heard his hands slap his thighs as he dropped them. “Now, what?”

“You got a lighter?” You asked and heard one of the brothers shuffle around in their bag.

You got up from the bed and began opening the drawers of the nightstand.

“I swear I saw some loose crayons when we got here.” You felt something roll beneath your fingers and you held them up proudly, “For the first time I’m happy they didn’t clean the room before we got here.”

Dean lit his lighter and you saw his confused face bounce back against the flame, “What the fuck are we gonna do? Color?”

You snatched the lighter from his hand and burned the bottom of the crayons before sticking them to the table. You held the flame to the tip of each one and slowly, the room began to glow.

“How’d you know they’d burn?” Sam asked, slightly impressed by your work.

You shrugged, “I remember reading it somewhere.”

Dean rubbed his hands together, “Mood lighting.” He wiggled his brows. Sam landed a swift punch to his arm and he groaned.

“I was kidding.”

You laughed and walked over to your bag, “I’m gonna set up my bed before these things burn out.”

“It’s already set up.” Sam motioned to one of the queen beds.

You rolled your eyes, “I meant on the couch, dummy.”

“Dean’s taking the couch.” Sam crossed his arms and looked at his older brother.

“Hell no.” Dean crossed his arms right back at him.

“Rock, paper, scissors for it?” Sam raised a brow.

You whispered, “Children.”

“No way, you know you always win that.” Dean stated.

“Exactly.” Sam answered, on some level proud of his skill. He turned and watched as you tucked a blanket into the cushions. “I’ll take the couch.” Left his lips.

“I’m nearly done. Don’t worry about it, plus I’m smaller than you.” You reached for a pillow off of one of the beds and Sam snatched it from your hands.

You placed your hands on your hips, “I don’t wanna fight you, you know I’ll win.”

“Yeah, whatever you say.” He moved his belongings towards the table by the couch. “Now get in bed before that flame burns out.”

You watched as he began remaking the couch to his liking; his hair flopping around his face as he bent over to arrange the blanket. You turned your head towards the window as another crash of thunder hit the sky. A flash of light came through the curtains.

“Huh.” Sam looked past your shoulder and at Dean, who somehow already began snoring.

“How does he always do that?”

“It’s a talent.” Sam laughed lightly before being interrupted by another crack of lightning. You walked over to the window and pushed the blinds aside, “It’s scary out there.” You noted quietly.

“We hunt demons.” Sam fluffed his pillow and dropped it onto the couch.

You laughed, “But demons can be stabbed.”

“That’s true.” He smiled at you and dropped himself onto the couch. You noticed how his feet hung over the edge. You knew he was too stubborn to change his mind now, so you ignored it and walked over to the crayons.

“Goodnight.” You blew out the flames.

“Night.” He responded, and you heard him roll over.

Slowly, you peeled off your jeans and tossed them onto the floor before switching into your pajama top. It was too dark for him to see you, anyhow. Once you dropped your head onto the pillow, you realized just how windy it was outside. Rain smacked itself against the window repeatedly; you were positive the glass would come crashing down any second.

The blanket scratched against your skin as you tossed and turned. Suddenly, you felt cool air hit your back. Turning around, Sam had lifted the other end of the blanket and began crawling inside.

“Thanks.” You whispered, once you realized he was doing this to comfort you.

“Just go to sleep.” His warmth radiated from his body. You inched closer.

Maybe ten, or twenty minutes had gone by – you weren’t sure, but once you thought Sam was asleep, you pressed your head to his chest and finally shut your eyes.

“Goodnight.” He whispered and your eyes shot open. He placed a hand on your shoulder and you relaxed back into him.


Bachelorette Sleepover

Aria, Hanna, and Spencer lay in the queen-sized bed in Spencer’s barn while Emily and Alison shared the couch. It was the night before Aria’s wedding and they had decided to have a sleepover, knowing Ezra wasn’t supposed to see his bride on their wedding day. And besides, these nights would become few and far between once they all settled down with their own significant others and eventually started families.

“We made an Aria sandwich,” Hanna joked as Spencer slid into the other side of the bed with Aria between them.

“I don’t know if I should be in the middle,” Aria said apprehensively. “I feel like I’m going to vomit.”

“Are you pregnant?” Hanna asked, whipping her head towards Aria with wide eyes.

Spencer rolled her eyes. “Han, she’s getting married tomorrow. She’s probably scared out of her wits.”

She was right, of course. Hanna just liked to think everyone was pregnant. “Why does this tradition exist? Ezra is the only one who knows how to calm me down when I feel like this.” She pulled the covers high until they were right under her nose and only her big eyes were visible. She was so anxious, she wanted to hide from the world. She also wanted her fiance to assure her that everything would be okay.

“I don’t know if I should be offended,” Spencer commented, staring at the ceiling.

Hanna turned towards her two friends and wiggled her eyebrows with a smirk. “Spence, you really shouldn’t be offended.”

“Gross,” Spencer said, knowing Hanna was probably right this time. She physically didn’t have the equipment that Ezra probably used to distract Aria.

“That’s not what I meant,” Aria told them.

“In that case, pretend we’re Ezra,” Spencer encouraged her tiny friend.

A moment later, Aria squeezed her friends’ arms, then lay her head on Spencer’s shoulder.

“Does Ezra also lose feeling in his arm?” Spencer asked, feeling Aria’s ridiculously tight grip. For a small woman, she sure was strong.

“Sorry,” Aria said, slightly loosening her grip.

“We love you,” Hanna told her.

“And we will make sure everything is perfect tomorrow,” Spencer added.

Aria turned her head to smile at Spencer. “I know you will,” she told her, then smiled at Hanna. “Both of you.”

A few quiet moments passed before Aria said, “Guys, I’m getting married tomorrow.”

“Can you believe you’re going to spend the rest of your life with your high school English teacher?” Hanna asked, staring at the ceiling.

“No, because I’m not,” Aria clarified. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with my husband.”

Hanna rolled her eyes. “You’re marrying your English teacher.”

“What do you think we do together?” Aria wondered. “Read excerpts from Hamlet in lieu of foreplay?”

“Again, gross,” Spencer chimed in.

Hanna ignored both of their comments. “I still remember when I found out you were hooking up with Mr. Fitz,” Hanna mused, thinking back to their time in high school. “Back then, I never would’ve predicted you’d be Mrs. Fitz someday.”

“And I never would’ve predicted you’d become Mrs. Homeless Kid Who Sleeps in Rosewood High,” Aria said with a smirk.

Hanna knew she deserved that. Spencer stifled a laugh, glad that Aria was feeling calm enough to crack a joke.

A few quiet minutes passed and the girls closed their eyes. As they drifted off to sleep, Aria tightened her grip once again. This time, Spencer decided she’d just have to lose all circulation in her arm, and wondered how Ezra slept with her every night.

Swan Queen Chat Fic
  • *Emma and Regina are cuddling on the couch*
  • Emma: This is perfect. Nothing could be more perfect.
  • Regina: It is. I agree.
  • *Emma sits up and pinches herself*
  • Regina: (Softly) What are you doing?
  • Emma: I waited so long to be with you... Sometimes I can't believe it's real.
  • Regina: *Wrapping Emma into her arms, back to a cuddle position* Listen to me. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here. I'll always be here.
  • *Emma pinches Regina*
  • Regina: Ow!
  • Emma: (Sheepishly) Just checking.
A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 4

Keeping Marinette’s (rather terrifying, really) admonition to behave and stop fighting in mind, the first strike was subtle.

… Well, subtle to someone who was blind and deaf.  And lived in a cave in the woods.

“I got you something!” Vixen grinned brightly, handing an envelope to the rather bemused Marinette.

The girl blinked, then shot a wary look at the hero, who waved her hands placatingly.  “Don’t worry, nothing that could be used to figure out my identity.”

Apparently satisfied, Marinette tore the envelope open and let the contents slide out into her hand… whereupon she promptly squealed.  “Oh my gosh, this is a gift card to-“

“To your favorite fabric store,” Vixen finished smugly, and noooo, she wasn’t smirking over Marinette’s shoulder at Chat and Queen Bee at aaallllll.  “For fifty euros.”

“Oh my gosh, thank you!” Marinette sprang up and wrapped her arms tightly around the hero, who returned the hug warmly.

Chat and Queen Bee sulked.


“Soooo, I may have picked something up for you, Princess,” Chat purred as he leaned in, trying and failing to hide the rather large gift wrapped box behind his back.

Marinette blinked, then gave Chat a wary look.  “It’s not a dead animal, is it?”

“Princess!  You wound me with your mistrust!” Chat placed a hand over his heart, then had to scramble to keep the box from dropping after he had let go of it.  Flushing, he maneuvered it around and held it out.

Still looking wary, Marinette reached out and took the box, then yelped as the weight hit her.  “The heck is in this thing, rocks?” She grumbled, setting it down and beginning to unwrap it.

Halfway through, she suddenly shrieked and reached over the box to haul Chat into a hug.  “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!  Oh my gosh, Chat, you shouldn’t have, this brand of sewing machine is expensive!”

“Nothing but the best for my Princess,” He answered warmly.  “Consider it a thank you for all of the pastries.”

While still being hugged, he smirked over Marinette’s shoulder at Vixen and Queen Bee, then lifted one finger, licked it, and inscribed a mark in the air.  Point to Chat Noir.

Both female heroes glared and mimed tossing him into a sack, then into the Seine.  They were… scarily good at that.


“Queenie?  What’s this?” Marinette asked, curiously poking the envelope with her name written carefully on the front that had been hung from her loft.

“It’s for you, of course,” Queen Bee said nonchalantly from where she was lounging on Marinette’s chaise, nibbling on a lemon tart and reading one of Marinette’s fashion magazines and very pointedly NOT caring about what Marinette thought of her gift.

Not that she was fooling anyone.

A little cautiously, Marinette took the envelope and opened it, pulling out two pieces of paper and reading them.  “An… all expenses paid day at the spa for me and a friend?”  Marinette beamed, diving onto the couch and hugging Queen Bee.

For her part, the superhero squawked and squirmed.  “Okay, okay, you’re happy!  I get it!” Again, she wasn’t fooling anyone, considering how she curled an arm around Marinette’s shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze in return.  “You should take your best friend.”

“Ooo, right!  I have to call Alya!” Marinette popped up and made a beeline for her phone.

“… I meant Chloe,” Queen Bee muttered under her breath, which was thankfully drowned out by Vixen’s sudden, hysterical laughter.

Queen Bee pouted.  Even after all their gifts, none of them had drawn ahead of the others.  It looked like it was time to step up their games.