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i don’t think she’s hugo’s real mother. i guess she is created modelled after hugo’s real mother, who exist in out of that world. yeah i guess hugo is not a person in that world i.e. in that game, and that baby who we know is his avatar. i guess that world is hugo’s mental world, or metaphor of hugo’s the condition of a disease and his mental.
eh, this is just my own interpretation, then i don’t even know the answer myself. because i don’t know about her. her chattering is too incoherent, it’s so hard to understand. hugo is so,too.

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Establishing something in a world should be subtle right? My story takes place during medieval times although its in a different type of world, seeing as this world has an entirely different mythology that I created. How would I go about establishing that discrimination is basically non-existent and that kings and queens can be poc? Also u are amazing, funny, and I honestly admire you❤❤❤

Heavily feature kings and queens that are poc. Don’t feature any discrimination. That communicates the point very clearly. No need to then tell the reader something they’re already experiencing firsthand via the content of the story.

Seven Day Queen and forced kisses

I have been hesitating on writing this post, for one because I didn’t want to do it, but also because I didn’t want to come off as negative. Sometimes I feel a little too..strict (?) after making text posts on serious topics in k-dramas, and I have stopped myself several times since writing about WFKBJ. I really loved the start of Seven Day Queen, and although I won’t be dropping the show because of the forced kisses, I do think they need to be addressed, especially since the tumblr fandom is so small and I’ve seen no one discuss them.

I will present the kisses in the order they occurred. The first forced kiss takes place once the characters are adults, and is initiated by Yeok (male lead) towards Chae Kyung (female lead). Chae Kyung sees Yeok, who now goes by another name and identity, and follows him. Chae Kyung recognises him, while Yeok is trying to keep his identity hidden, and therefore escapes the first confrontation. But Chae Kyung doesn’t give up, and when Yeok finds her too (she follows him), he thinks the only way to stop her would be by kissing her. He quite literally says, “Is this what girls like?” while holding her arms pressed to the wall, and kisses her. Chae Kyung doesn’t push him away, but is surprised, and this is where the episode ends.

The kiss is treated like a surprise action, and from Yeok’s side it’s a punishment and a way to draw a line between him and Chae Kyung. Lee Yeok was bright and positive as a child, and his transition sure is contrasting, but that doesn’t give him the right to act like trash. Lee Yeok clearly knows who Chae Kyung is, so why would he inflict this kind of harm on her? As well as this move being plain stupid, it is also degrading and sexist. No, Yeok, girls DO NOT like being pushed against a wall and kissed against their will by your mouth and “tsundere” self. Chae Kyung doesn’t really get a chance to register her feelings, and the kiss is brushed aside by the time the next episode airs. In short, Yeok tries to distance himself - Chae Kyung is too stubborn and curious to stop.

The second kiss is even more interesting, because it’s initiated by the second female lead, Myung Hae, towards Lee Yeok. Myung Hae helped Yeok when he was away from the state and had to hide, and she therefore thinks she has ownership of Yeok. It can’t be put any other way. Yeok does pull her away and tells her he is not interested in her romantically (more than one time), but it’s obvious she’s not listening. If you’ve watched The Fool (2009), you might remember there’s a secondary character named Park Kyung Ae, who force-kisses the male lead twice, and grabs his behind several times. Those scenes were treated as a joke, though it was clear that the male lead was uncomfortable. This particular SDQ scene wasn’t treated as a joke, because Yeok is at least given a chance to reject her feelings and actions, but still, the force doesn’t go away.

Both are complex and awful scenes, but I hope my little text can make you think a little. I haven’t watched SDQ since episode 6, but it’s pretty obvious that I’m not rooting for neither Yeok nor Myunghae. I’ll be happy with Chae Kyung and the King’s cute moments.

Look at me! I'm more important than the actual performers!

Darren goes to a concert and films the performance to share with his fans on his IG account. He gives us about 5 secs of himself and it’s to show how excited he is to see Queen/Adam Lambert. He doesn’t, even for a second, show that Beard is there.
Beard goes to the same concert and repeatedly films herself and makes sure to show Darren is (stuck) next to her.
This speaks, loud and clear, that she sees everything as being about her. It’s not just about being seen with Darren, it’s about being seen at all. She knows how irrelevant she is without him.
Darren was there to truly enjoy the experience and share it with us.

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tell me someone else's story

(When I was little, my mom would read us stories at night, but on particularly lucky nights, she would make up stories for us, mostly about the adventures of Queen Isabella, her gardening husband, and her three daughters the princesses of the land. I don’t remember many of the stories, but here’s a little retelling of one of their adventures that I do remember, or at least think I do.)

One summer, Queen Isabella’s land was far too cold. It was a blight on the apple trees and the other crops, and even her daughters had to bundle up tight in their coats before they went outside.

So Queen Isabella put on her coat, and she went out into the land to see what was wrong.

It wasn’t long before she found the source of the problem–a snow giant from the next kingdom who’d come to found a new home but found that he was causing trouble instead.

The queen didn’t want to send him away from her kingdom, but she couldn’t have him ruining all the crops either! So she and the giant talked seriously for a while, and in the end she invited him to stay in the palace, which did get awfully hot in the summertime, where he could stay and keep everyone cool as long as he kept it under control and didn’t freeze the palace gardens.

Just finished reading the Class of Classics. It’s super cute. Red/BadWolf’s segment was probably my favorite. Such a cute couple. Charming’s was probably my second fave. I really liked that he was more like the twins than Daring (and Pinocchio is best wingman). Wish we could have seen their mom though. Mad Hatter and Piped Piper/Cheshire’s stories were cute. I was actually a bit disappointed with the Snow White/Evil Queen story though. We didn’t learn anything new about them. Hell, EQ didn’t even get a name, though I guess we didn’t learn Charming’s name either, but we should have. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A NAME! Snow and EQ should have gotten separate stories that still tied together. I loved all of their teen designs, though Cheshire looked a bit too much like Kitty. I’d love it if they did a sequel or something like this for MH. If Mattel ever gets its head out of its ass, they should do this as a special and make dolls of the parents. Dolls that are on the same level as the original dolls. Also who gave Pinocchio the right to be that hot.

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😂😂 no but she has those moments too like when she was staring at an interviewer's boobs and ally noticed but she just makes my gay come out a lot

“You think that I’m gay for Lauren,
You know that’s a lie that you told yourself,
You feel that Camren is forever, naw…
It ain’t true, ain’t true, ain’t true. No.”

Our “LBGT” Queen doesn’t do gay moments. It’s all a misunderstanding. Camila was staring at the interviewer’s clothing. She wanted the same kind.


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when will ss and nh realise both sakura and hinata would make a shit heroine? being a shit heroine in a terrible series isn't worth fighting over. watch a good series with a female protag, wanking bad irrelevant female characters as "queen" isn't feminism, it'd only fuel hate for female characters. i prefer teresa to clare, but holy shit any girl in claymore is miles better than sakura and hinata. and they aint come with a "queen!" wankers squad

Tbh, better be a fodder than a heroine in a fascist series. The premise of this series isn’t heroic in the first place. Why’re SS even fighting with NH over these stupid titles like heroine and princess? Just attack the titles, she’s heir to a clan which put slaves mark on their own kin and would explode their heads if they rebel. 

Yup it’s pretty funny fans of truly badass female characters are more lowkey and humble than fans of these secondary female characters in shonen


I don’t know what you guys are talking about.
I love Alex and the twincer theory. I love Troian, over all, and happy that I got scenes of her speaking to herself… It was great.

*by the way, I am a pamily shipper but I loved the Emison ending. Plus I would’ve been much happier if Hanna died(no hate please)


So here’s the thing

I actually like the Twincer storyline and more so I love Trojans preformance


I’m super mad about all he unanswered questions we had.

I could accept not ever knowing who was in Jason’s house in season two but like …. the plot holes… especially in charlottes story

Like how was wilden a cop when he was 9? How was charlotte prom queen if she didn’t even go there? How did charlotte have a roommate?

And also


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unpopular opinion: honestly? I really feel like Sasha deserved her win. I know that Shea should've had the crown and she was my number one contender to win but we can't discredit how well Sasha did this season. She had so many high marks, was only in the bottom 3 once and never lipsynced. She's truly an amazing queen and if Shea wasn't the one getting the crown I'm very happy it was Sasha.

^^^i promise I did not write this!!


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#i have never been more bisexual than while watching this movie “” biggest mood mate godddd

also hi hello did you cry for steve trevor cause i sure did even after the third time aisudh



my fav taryn @tweekay and I quickly collabed for some slightly older queen bee chloe because who can resist? t did the most amazing sketch (i juz love it so much okay) and i did colouring and all that fun stuff. so happy to be collabing with her (a fav) again after a while! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・