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Remind Me (an Olicity songfic: Part II) (Part I: Easy)

(Word Count: 3,431 )(Rated T)(less angst, more rom/com)(I highly recommend listening to the song, it really sets the tone)

Oliver stared at the black lettering against the light blue text bubble. He read it once, twice, so many times he lost count. He’d take a sip of his watered down cocktail, replace it to the marble surface, and pull his phone out once again just to make sure he hadn’t imagined it.

“I’ll always be your girl, Oliver.”

In the distance thunder rolled and small droplets of water started to hit the large glass window panes of the ballroom.

At first he was so excited, but the longer he kept re-reading the text, the more he started to doubt himself. Maybe she hadn’t meant it the way he interpreted it. To be fair, when he’d said those words to her several years ago, he had been in a relationship with someone else. He hadn’t allowed himself to realize their weight. Saying it had been as natural to him as breathing.

He had to know for sure. He didn’t want to make assumptions, and he definitely didn’t want to make her uncomfortable with unwarranted attention. God, he hoped she meant it the way he thought she did. The last seven months without her had left him with a deep yearning. He wasn’t drowning without her, not like he thought he would…but he wasn’t really living either. Without a second thought he was on his feet in search of the source, in search of her.

By the time he had made it outside, the droplets had turned into a relentless downpour. He ignored it and hailed a cab, already having dismissed his driver for the evening.

Within ten minutes he was staring up at her new place. She had only been there a month or two, and outside of escorting her home on a few late nights, he hadn’t had the privilege of being invited in. He had watched her though, numerous times through the large windows of her second floor balcony. He only ever did it on those nights when it seemed like the scars left by Darhk cut a little deeper. He just didn’t want her to be alone.

He could see at least a couple of lights on, so he didn’t hesitate to ascend the steps to her townhome. His heart pounded as he got closer and closer to her front door, each step up his legs becoming heaving and heavier.

Perhaps he was about to make a fool out of himself, but that was the point though, right? That was the sacrifice you make when you’re ready to fight for somebody.

And oh, was he ready to fight.

As he reached her door, he tugged his phone out once more and stared at her text. Rather than knocking right away, he chose another course of action. He decided to text her.

“Hi. You busy?”

Within a few seconds, his phone vibrated.

“Nope, unless you count making love to a bowl of mint chip, :) .”

At that he smiled thinking about the countless nights spent together on the couch eating ice cream while watching movies. He wanted that back so bad. Oliver counted to ten, then took a deep breath and knocked on her door.

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Time for a Dance

So this is a drabble I wrote, because I needed some Olicity dancing, and if we’re not going to get it in canon, then I’m damn well going to write it. Huge thank you to the absolutely wonderful arrows-and-fairytales, who assuaged my worry over posting this. You’re so lovely. Hope you enjoy!

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A myriad of colours and bodies twisted and twirled like falling leaves, bathed in the dimming light of spring, they spun, each movement seemingly random, each pair of swaying bodies giving the impression of irregularity, yet, within the madness lay a pattern, indistinct, yet present; subtle, but there. Each couple, though independent, seemed to to be moving in a slow orbit, like ripples from a raindrop, circulating inwards. At the centre of this pattern stood two people, locked in an embrace, circulating, just like the rest, but it was clear the two were far absorbed in other things. Two pairs of striking blue eyes held one another, their gazes as soft as a brush of a hand, but beneath they held a love as deep oceans, yet strong and steady as oaks. The man, Oliver, smiled, inclining his head until their forehead’s brushed, lips mere inches away. It was then he spoke, his voice a whisper, hesitant to break the soft silence that had settled upon them.

“Do you remember our first dance?” He murmured softly. The beautiful blonde in his arms let out a small, breathy laugh. Oliver felt the puff of air dance against the back of his neck, and even after all these years, it sent a shiver down his spine.

“I remember your attempt, yes.” Felicity replied, smirking, “Thank god you’ve improved since then; I’d rather you didn’t break something vital on our wedding night. I’ll need all your limbs in tact, please.” She whispered, her voice taking on a rough, breathy quality.

“Is that so, Mrs Queen?” She felt Oliver’s warm breath against her neck, a brush of his lips against her ear. Though she couldn’t see his face, she knew his azure eyes had darkened.

“Indeed it is, Mr Queen.” Felicity breathed against his ear, lacquered green fingernails tightening against the dark material of his suit. Oliver chuckled and rested his chin atop Felicity’s head, whilst she snuggled closer into their embrace, burying her head in his chest. As they swayed slowly, Oliver couldn’t help but watch the twinkling lights and swirling bodies, remembering a night much like this, the night of Dig and Lyla’s wedding, the night of their first dance.

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Oliver's been living with Felicity but when he gets his mansion back he realises he misses her a lot and asks her to move in with him to the mansion

A cool prompt that I received yesterday. I’ve realized that I do enjoy writing casual Oliver and Felicity just hanging out in a space they both share. It’s refreshing and ‘feels’ worthy. Here you go, anon! Enjoy! 


“I just think you’d be a lot safer.”

Felicity gave him an incredulous look. 

“… There’s a lot of space?”

She frowned. ”Oliver what is this really about?”

There she went again, crossing her arms and using her ‘i see right through your excuses’ tone. It sometimes scared him, how well she was able to read him, but he honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Which was why Oliver Queen didn’t want to say goodbye to being Felicity Smoak’s roommate. 

“This is about your safety, Felicity. If I hadn’t been here the day that burglar sneaked in who knows what could have happened.”

Felicity rolled her eyes and stretched out on her couch. “Oliver I was safe before you moved in and i’ll be safe after you move out. Besides, weren’t we both out for lunch when the burglar came?”

He was getting absolutely nowhere with her.

“The mansion has ten rooms, you’ll have your pick.”

“Whoop-ti-do, my apartment has two and I love it.”

Oliver groaned, huffing in frustration before plopping down beside her feet on the couch. Convincing Felicity to move in with him was proving to be a loosing battle. She was in love with her cozy apartment and rightfully so. "It’s my first, very own place,” she had explained to him one night. “I’m proud of it.” 

Looking over at her as she hummed while messing around with her tablet, Oliver knew he couldn’t leave her. Over the last five months he’d become accustomed to her presence. Walking into thei— her apartment always felt like slipping on a warm coat. It was different from the atmosphere he had been used to at the mansion. It was different from most homes Oliver had set foot in. 

Imagining going home to a cold and empty mansion had him curling his hands into fists. 

Felicity didn’t know it but she had become his center. He was caught in her gravitational pull and Oliver didn’t know if he ever wanted to leave. Even looking at her then, in her sky blue hoodie and black leggings, toes painted bright orange and blonde curls let loose, Oliver knew he never wanted to be absent of her presence. 

“I’ll miss you.”

The words left his mouth and hit the air before he could suck them back in. He’d been doing that a lot lately. Ever since the ‘I love you’ his mouth seemed to have no filter when he was around her. 

Felicity looked up from her tablet and smiled softly. “I’ll miss you too. It was kind of fun being roommates, wasn’t it?”

Oliver nodded, turning and placing her feet in his lap. “So there’s no convincing you?”

His blonde IT girl sighed and placed her tablet on the coffee table. “Oliver… we can’t be roommates forever. You know that, right?”

He looked away. 

“I mean, we’re not together. And when I say together i mean we’re not together together. One day you’re going to find another girlfriend and i’ll probably land a dude and things will get… awkward. And if not awkward, crowded. Invasion of privacy will be an issue and then things won’t be so fun anymore. I don’t know I just don’t want to ruin— Ow! Hey, i’d like to keep my toes, thank you!”

"Oh. Sorry.” Oliver released the grasp he had on her feet, not even realizing that he’d went from massaging to strangling. He looked up to see Felicity giving him a sad smile. 

“You don’t want to go back to that big empty house by yourself, do you?”

He snorted, desperately trying to cover up how hurt he really was by her rejection. “I’m not twelve, Felicity. I’m pretty sure I can stay in my ten bedroom mansion without someone there to hold my hand. Hey, maybe i’ll even get a girl for each—”

A petite foot promptly kicked him in the side. 

“Don’t you dare go all ‘playboy Ollie’ on me Oliver Queen. You know I don’t buy it so drop the act please and remember who you’re talking to here.”

She was right. 

"… Sorry.”

“Me too.”

Oliver looked at her in surprise.

“I kicked you pretty hard.”

And then he was laughing, Felicity joining in with a few giggles of her own, and Oliver marveled once again at how easy it was just to be around her. 

“What am I going to do without you?” he said in between chuckles. 

A soft hand grabbed his, interlacing their fingers together. 

“Be Oliver Queen, CEO by day and Arrow by night. Also known as: Guy with the ridiculously large house.”

“A large house I could share with you.”

Felicity seemed both amused and impressed at his third attempt to get her to move in with him. 

“I think i’d like to marry a guy before I move into his place.”

The stupefied expression on Oliver’s face was almost comical.  

I want to take my time with you - to learn … every inch of you. And this apartment has very, very thin walls. I don’t want to have an audience” he added as he leaned down again, brushing his mouth over the cut at the base of her throat, “when I make you moan, Aelin.
—  Rowan Whitethorn to Aelin Ashryver Galathynius (Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas)
Suddenly Everything has changed - An Olicity short story.

Inspired by a post by ohmypreciousgirl from last week : 


but consider this: olicity post declaration of feelings waking up married cause they got injected with that drug that lows their inhibitions and that was the first thing they wanted to do

Thanks Naty for the inspiration. Don’t know if that’s what you had in mind :) Also I tried for funny and then this happened. Meh.

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Who do you want standing next to you when all of your dreams come true? - Peyton (One Tree Hill)



“Are Oliver and Felicity with you?”

A pause. “Of course not. They are supposed to be in the foundry where you are supposed to watch them until the drug wears off.”

“Well, I turned my head for like a minute and next thing I know they are gone.”

A sigh. “Did you try calling them?”

Roy scoffs. “Of course. They didn’t answer, obviously. What do we do now?”

“We try to find them before they do something stupid.”


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Two Truths and a Lie - Olicity Oneshot

Summary: If there’s anyone who knows Oliver, I mean really knows him… it’s Felicity. 

A/N: This idea came to me out of no where when I was thinking about the game two truths and a lie and well… this was born! lol 


Felicity took another swig of her champagne and leaned forward to grab a second slice of pizza. Roy said something funny and she laughed, her heart feeling lighter than had in weeks. It was in these moments, where she was surrounded by her team, her family, that Felicity felt she could simply kick off her shoes and relax. 

Her eyes scanned their laughing faces, drinking them all in, until they stopped on the smiling face of a strawberry blonde. For a split second Felicity frowned, feeling the wrongness of Laurel’s presence in their new ‘Arrow Cave’ but then she shook the negative thoughts out of her head and focused her attention on Roy again.

So what if Laurel knew? So what if Laurel crashed their Friday night get-togethers? So what if Oliver didn’t try to hide the fact that he and Laurel often left and arrived at the cave together? So what if she walked in one afternoon to see him teaching her how to draw a bow because “you won’t always be lucky enough to have a compound bow around next time”

Whatever that meant. 

Felicity wasn’t a malicious person. Diggle often told her that he didn’t believe she had a single mean bone in her body. She liked to believe that he may be right, but that didn’t stop the dark thoughts from slipping in sometimes. Especially ever since she started working for the Arrow.

“What should we play next?” Roy asked after everyone had been chewing on their slices of pizza for a few silent minutes. “I feel like we’re running out of games. How many Friday nights has it been now?”

“A lot,” Diggle answered. “Any ideas, Oliver?" 

Oliver shrugged, devouring his third slice for the night and thoroughly impressing Felicity once again. The guy was a human vacuum. It only took two bites for him to reach the crust. 

"Don’t look to me for games,” he said after swallowing a mouthful of dough and cheese. “I was on an island for five years.”

“Yeah and before that you were a party animal,” Roy chuckled. “I’m pretty sure you picked up a few things.”

“Yeah, I did, but I thought we were keeping this Friday night thing PG?”

No one asked Oliver for a game suggestion again. 

“Alright well how about two truths and a lie?” Felicity blurted, sitting forward in her chair and wiping her greasy fingers on an already greasy napkin. 

“Oh yeah I think i’ve played that once or twice,” said Roy. “It’s pretty fun.”

Diggle and Laurel nodded, familiar with the game as well. Everyone seemed to know what it was except for Oliver.

“How do you play?” he piped up. Felicity watched as he reached for another slice but thought the better of it, pulling his hand back. 

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Oliver letting Felicity borrow his hoodie and then he never gets it back

Thanks for the prompt anon! Sorry I didn’t write it yesterday<3 I hope you like it, it was fun to write. ;D


Oliver got back in the car and grasped the steering wheel tightly. 

“Dead end,” he bit out, turning to stare at a frowning Felicity. 

“Back to the drawing board then,” she sighed, leaning back in the passenger seat. “Don’t worry Oliver, we’ll catch this creep.”

Oliver yanked off the mask on his face and threw it unto the back seat.

“There isn’t enough time, Felicity. We should have caught this guy weeks ago. I don’t like this. He’s following the exact same trail as Slade, striking the very same places he did when he first came to Starling.”

“But he’s not Slade.”

“I know.”

“Slade is in an underground prison on an Island. It’s not Slade.”

“I– I know.”

They fell into a comfortable silence, the glow of street lights their only illumination. A breathy shiver came from Felicity and Oliver turned to look her over. “You’re cold,” he stated plainly, just now realizing her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

“Well you did drag me out of my house at five o’ clock in the morning to chase a lead,” she quipped, tugging on the short sleeves of her pajama shirt. 

Not bothering to a wait a second longer, Oliver shimmied out of the simple green hoodie he’d decided to wear and held it out in Felicity’s direction. 

She blinked over at him and raised a single brow. “Aren’t you going to be cold too? No, Oliver it’s OK. I don’t need–”

“I’m fine,” he insisted, placing the sweater in her lap. “I just ran around that entire building looking for the guy. I’ll be fine.”

“Well… if you insist.” Felicity quickly shrugged on the warm material and Oliver couldn’t help smiling when a content sigh escaped her lips. 

“It’s a little big, but really comfy,” the blonde announced, rolling up the sleeves until her hands weren’t swimming in them. Oliver found that he liked the color green on her. One day he’ll hint to her to wear it more often. 

“Let’s go home.”


The next day Oliver Queen greeted Felicity Smoak in their new ‘Arrow Cave’ and tried to hide his surprise at seeing her sporting his large green hoodie. 

“The heater down here is on the fritz again,” she explained, seeing right through his amused expression. 

“I’ll fix it,” he chuckled, still watching her even after she turned back to her computers. Yeah, he definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her in green more often. 


A year later Oliver Queen was helping Felicity Smoak clear out her closet and move into his place. He stumbled upon a familiar green color and pulled the material out from under a purse. 

“Felicity?” he called, a slow smile lifting the corners of his mouth. 

“Yeah!?” she bellowed from the kitchen, jogging into the room. 

“Is this–”


“Because it looks like–”

“It’s a different one.”

Oliver turned around to see her blushing a fiery shade of red. 

“Then explain this bullet hole." 

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Accepting olicity prompts? If so: their first kiss, of the way YOU want to happen. Thanks! Love your fics!

Hey anon thanks for the prompt. Hmmmm that last kiss I just wrote is kinda sorta what I would want Olicity’s first kiss to be like. I just want it to be really sweet because I think Oliver would treat Felicity a lot more carefully than his past girlfriends. 

Anyways, I shall attempt this prompt nonetheless, trying my best to not be redundant.  



His voice was hoarse against her ear. There was a strain to it that she’d never heard before. A sad despair that made Felicity’s fingers curl at the nape of his neck. 

“Felicity, Felicity, Felicity…”

It was like he had to say it multiple times in order to reassure himself. So that he knew with a hundred percent clarity that she was real, and alive. 

That she was breathing. 

"I’m right here, Oliver,” she whispered softly, pressing herself further into him. “I’m not going anywhere.”

A shuddering breath coasted across her neck, making Felicity shiver in her thin pajamas. The window in her room still stood open, unfiltered moonlight washing over their embrace. 

The first night Oliver showed up in her apartment, panicking and wide eyed, Felicity hadn’t known what to do. She’d panicked along with him and tried to get him to talk about what was bothering him. He wouldn’t say though, and refused to budge from the chair by her bed the entire night. 

The second night Oliver showed up in her apartment she at least knew what to expect. He had that same wild look in his eyes but she gave him space, allowing him to pace around her room, hand rubbing at the back of his neck. Something was bothering him, that much was clear.

But again, he wouldn’t say. 

Now, on the third night, Felicity had pulled him into a hug and almost gasped at the way he immediately curled himself around her. They sat on her bed and rocked slightly, a soft wind tickling their backs. 

“I can’t lose you.”

Felicity froze. Her gentle rocking coming to an abrupt halt. 

“I can’t lose you, Felicity.”

She immediately pulled his face up to stare her directly in the eye, stomach swooping at how defeated he looked. 

“Hey, what’s this all about? You’re not going to loose me Oliver. I’m right here. I’ve always been right here,” she promised him, rubbing her thumbs along the stubble on his cheek. 

“Was it a mistake?” Oliver whispered back, her words completely going over his head. 

Felicity frowned. “Was what a mistake?”

“Letting Slade live.”

A soft breeze tinkled the necklaces on Felicity’s dresser, snapping her out of her dry-mouthed stare. 

“Don’t think like that,” she snapped, shaking her head. “Don’t you dare think like that, Oliver Queen. Slade’s a million miles away in a maximum security prison. He can’t hurt you, me or anyone else. You made the right choice.”

Oliver shook his head as she talked, rough hands rubbing at her soft arms. 

"I can’t lose you,” he said again, as if setting this simple fact in stone. 

Felicity nodded. “And I can’t loose you. Which is why I need you to snap out of whatever this and get a hold of yourself.”

She watched as Oliver closed his eyes tightly, blonde lashes pressing against the bags under his eyes. “I’m sorry I just— I keep having these nightmares and…”

Felicity gave him an encouraging smile. “It’s ok. You can tell me.”

Oliver’s eyes traveled all over her face, as if assuring himself of her presence before he said what he was about to say.

“In each and every one of them Slade kills you.”

Felicity blinked, heart stuttering.

“And it’s always before I can tell you the ‘I love you’ was real.”

Her eyes widened.

“I love you, Felicity. Do you understand? I love you. I can’t sleep knowing Slade’s still alive. I can’t sleep knowing he can still hurt you. I just love you too much.”

Felicity could have sworn she felt her heart swell, bruising her ribs with all the love she was feeling. ”Oliver I—”

He pressed his lips oh so softly against hers, and they were salty from his previous tears. 

"Oliver…” she breathed when he pulled back, giving her only a second to catch her breath before he descended on her again. His mouth slanted over hers in a kiss that had her mind reeling and lips trembling.

Everything in the world suddenly paled in comparison to a kiss from Oliver Queen.

Felicity stuttered out a gasp when his lips traveled down her jaw and to her neck, making her fingers dig into his shoulder. “Oliver,” she moaned, causing a fierce blush to spread across her cheeks.  

She felt his chuckle and almost urged him to continue when he suddenly stopped. His arms circled around her middle and tugged her closer, towards him. She was glad when he snuggled into her neck more, the feel of his nose tickling her warmed her. 

“I can’t lose you,” he mumbled against her smooth skin, reminding her of why he was there in her room at three o’ clock in the morning. 

“And you won’t,” she assured him once again. “I’ll make sure of that." 


You know when I see scenes like this, I’m reminded of how much he wants her, but can’t allow himself to. He’s not supposed to allow himself to love her, because In his head he’s not worthy of being with someone like her. He doesn’t deserve her light because he’s darkness and he brings it to everything he touches. His mother being the latest casualty of his darkness and the enemies his made because of his troubled past.  Just look at the second gif, the way he looks at her,  and that deep sigh he takes when he looks at her lips, right before he looks away. That to me says it all. No words needed really. If the circumstances were different he would have kissed her for days right there and then. Am I saying that he’s aware of his feelings? NO, at least not yet. Although moments like this make me realize that his feelings are there.

But all that sexual tension is gotta amount to something. Maybe it’s just the way Stephen & Emily play Olicity but knowing that most of their moments if not all are scripted gives me hope that they are coming sometime in the future. I mean it would be such a shame to waste so much chemistry and story potential.

Why Throw A Circle- Two

SUMMARY: Some Olicity drabbles dealing with the aftermath of Slade. 

SPOILERS: Up to the end of 2x23. 

AUTHOR’S NOTES:  I’ve never written from Oliver’s POV before. Holy lord is he tough. I am in awe of those of you who do this regularly.

DISCLAIMER: Arrow belongs to DC Comics. The title is blatantly stolen from the song “I See You, You See Me” by The Magic Numbers.  

Part One


I often thought that you’d be better off left alone
Why throw a circle round a man with broken bones?
But darling when I see you, I see me

 ~“I See You, You See Me” by The Magic Numbers


It takes two hours to fly from Lian Yu to Hong Kong, but it feels like an eternity. Mostly because he can’t see her.

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