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Time for a Dance

So this is a drabble I wrote, because I needed some Olicity dancing, and if we’re not going to get it in canon, then I’m damn well going to write it. Huge thank you to the absolutely wonderful arrows-and-fairytales, who assuaged my worry over posting this. You’re so lovely. Hope you enjoy!

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A myriad of colours and bodies twisted and twirled like falling leaves, bathed in the dimming light of spring, they spun, each movement seemingly random, each pair of swaying bodies giving the impression of irregularity, yet, within the madness lay a pattern, indistinct, yet present; subtle, but there. Each couple, though independent, seemed to to be moving in a slow orbit, like ripples from a raindrop, circulating inwards. At the centre of this pattern stood two people, locked in an embrace, circulating, just like the rest, but it was clear the two were far absorbed in other things. Two pairs of striking blue eyes held one another, their gazes as soft as a brush of a hand, but beneath they held a love as deep oceans, yet strong and steady as oaks. The man, Oliver, smiled, inclining his head until their forehead’s brushed, lips mere inches away. It was then he spoke, his voice a whisper, hesitant to break the soft silence that had settled upon them.

“Do you remember our first dance?” He murmured softly. The beautiful blonde in his arms let out a small, breathy laugh. Oliver felt the puff of air dance against the back of his neck, and even after all these years, it sent a shiver down his spine.

“I remember your attempt, yes.” Felicity replied, smirking, “Thank god you’ve improved since then; I’d rather you didn’t break something vital on our wedding night. I’ll need all your limbs in tact, please.” She whispered, her voice taking on a rough, breathy quality.

“Is that so, Mrs Queen?” She felt Oliver’s warm breath against her neck, a brush of his lips against her ear. Though she couldn’t see his face, she knew his azure eyes had darkened.

“Indeed it is, Mr Queen.” Felicity breathed against his ear, lacquered green fingernails tightening against the dark material of his suit. Oliver chuckled and rested his chin atop Felicity’s head, whilst she snuggled closer into their embrace, burying her head in his chest. As they swayed slowly, Oliver couldn’t help but watch the twinkling lights and swirling bodies, remembering a night much like this, the night of Dig and Lyla’s wedding, the night of their first dance.

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Remind Me (an Olicity songfic: Part II) (Part I: Easy)

(Word Count: 3,431 )(Rated T)(less angst, more rom/com)(I highly recommend listening to the song, it really sets the tone)

Oliver stared at the black lettering against the light blue text bubble. He read it once, twice, so many times he lost count. He’d take a sip of his watered down cocktail, replace it to the marble surface, and pull his phone out once again just to make sure he hadn’t imagined it.

“I’ll always be your girl, Oliver.”

In the distance thunder rolled and small droplets of water started to hit the large glass window panes of the ballroom.

At first he was so excited, but the longer he kept re-reading the text, the more he started to doubt himself. Maybe she hadn’t meant it the way he interpreted it. To be fair, when he’d said those words to her several years ago, he had been in a relationship with someone else. He hadn’t allowed himself to realize their weight. Saying it had been as natural to him as breathing.

He had to know for sure. He didn’t want to make assumptions, and he definitely didn’t want to make her uncomfortable with unwarranted attention. God, he hoped she meant it the way he thought she did. The last seven months without her had left him with a deep yearning. He wasn’t drowning without her, not like he thought he would…but he wasn’t really living either. Without a second thought he was on his feet in search of the source, in search of her.

By the time he had made it outside, the droplets had turned into a relentless downpour. He ignored it and hailed a cab, already having dismissed his driver for the evening.

Within ten minutes he was staring up at her new place. She had only been there a month or two, and outside of escorting her home on a few late nights, he hadn’t had the privilege of being invited in. He had watched her though, numerous times through the large windows of her second floor balcony. He only ever did it on those nights when it seemed like the scars left by Darhk cut a little deeper. He just didn’t want her to be alone.

He could see at least a couple of lights on, so he didn’t hesitate to ascend the steps to her townhome. His heart pounded as he got closer and closer to her front door, each step up his legs becoming heaving and heavier.

Perhaps he was about to make a fool out of himself, but that was the point though, right? That was the sacrifice you make when you’re ready to fight for somebody.

And oh, was he ready to fight.

As he reached her door, he tugged his phone out once more and stared at her text. Rather than knocking right away, he chose another course of action. He decided to text her.

“Hi. You busy?”

Within a few seconds, his phone vibrated.

“Nope, unless you count making love to a bowl of mint chip, :) .”

At that he smiled thinking about the countless nights spent together on the couch eating ice cream while watching movies. He wanted that back so bad. Oliver counted to ten, then took a deep breath and knocked on her door.

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I want to take my time with you - to learn … every inch of you. And this apartment has very, very thin walls. I don’t want to have an audience” he added as he leaned down again, brushing his mouth over the cut at the base of her throat, “when I make you moan, Aelin.
—  Rowan Whitethorn to Aelin Ashryver Galathynius (Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas)

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I’m very proud of the way that Emily has taken that character, because she’s always been very, very, very smart, but you’re right, she is very strong, she is very opinionated, and I don’t think that would be anything but attractive and appealing to Oliver
—  Stephen Amell at Wizard World Comic Con x