queen of reinvention

Ok, but can we talk about the importance of second and third generation girl groups? They came with lots of different concepts and ideas: we had the ‘not so good looking’ rebels (2ne1), the elegant retro divas (Wonder Girls), the unbeatable visuals (Girls Generation), the powerful R&B vocals (Kara), the queens of reinventing themselves (Brown Eyed Girls), the sexy bombs (4minute) and so many others such as SISTAR, Miss A, F(x), Nine Muses, After School… 

Now, tell me, how many of them are still together? Or active? Or sporting all of their original members? Yes, 2. And who’s fault is this? Most people like to blame it on their companies’ shitty management, but let’s be real: it’s ours. We, as k-pop fans. We, as a messed up society. We, who stan boy groups wholeheartedly for years, who wait for their long hiatuses, who accept when they come out with singles which do not meet their standards, but refuse to do the same for girl groups. 

Boy groups are allowed to have a scandal once in a while, or to say all kinds of ‘quirky’ and stupid shit on tv and fan meetings, or to have sarcastic-sassy personalities. It’s fun, it’s nice, ‘boys will be boys’, he has a “4D personality”. But as soon as a girl group member fits any of the mentioned, the whole group pays, having their image broke and all sorts of news and forums about it. Let’s not even mention the idea of one of them dating another idol… (THAT BITCH!). 

Do not let this happen to 4th generation. Support them. Accept them. Stop saying there’s nothing new and that girl groups are annoying. If you’re into k-pop, research, check and see that there’s some really talented, funny, beautiful and atheistic groups out there: know them, love them and don’t let them be sucked into the same fate as their sunbaes. 

Interview with Rookie Magazine

Marina Diamandis, the Welsh singer and songwriter also known as Marina and the Diamonds, is the queen of reinvention. She made her pop debut in 2010 withThe Family Jewels, and in 2012 released the ambitious concept album, Electra Heart. It stars a super-glam character of the same name, embodied by Marina, who comments on female pop-culture archetypes (housewives, Hollywood starlets, bad girls, et cetera): “I’ve lived a lot of different lives, been different people many times,” she sings on one of the album’s tracks, “Fear and Loathing.”

In April, Marina will release her latest album, Froot; last week, I got the chance to chat with her about self-expression, playing a character, and sticking to your guns.

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