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I don’t think bio queens have a place in the drag community. Drag has always been a place for the outcasts and a cis girl that wants to do her make up like the queens is cool, but it’s not drag. Trans queens are fucking rad, gay queens, ace queens, gender non conforming queens are all incredible. Cis girls are not drag queens, they should not be called drag queens. I get that they wanna be included, but they are not in drag: they’re just girls in pretty makeup. They aren’t outcasts of society.

(hana holquist)

(miss queen sateen)

(creme fatale)

(venus envy)

(lucy garland)

(tayla macdonald)

(mikayla gottlieb with laganja)

tell me again that this isn’t drag

the signs as words used in 2016
  • slay: scorpio, pisces, leo, aquarius, aries, sagittarius
  • yaaaaas: cancer, libra, aries
  • kween/queen mama: leo, capricorn, taurus, cancer
  • lit: leo, taurus, gemini, sagittarius,
  • savage: pisces, scorpio, taurus, sagittarius
  • rad: capricorn, virgo, cancer, libra

The Queen Bee really needs a redemption arc.

Inspired by this piece by @amynchan that they made for @hchano. Hope you two like it! Took me the better half of the day to finish, but I’m pretty satisfied with it.

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