queen of owls

Twice 20 years from now...

Chaeyoung: rules all the charts

Tzuyu: popular actress in China

Mina: popular solo artist in Japan, worries about Sana

Nayeon: Jungyeon’s loving wife

Jungyeon: Nayeon’s charming wife

Dahyun: designs cool clothes with eagle patterns and logos

Momo: owns a peach farm somewhere in south Italy, secretly loves Jihyo

Jihyo: takes over JYP entertainment and buys SM and YG, secretly loves Momo

Sana: gets lost on a vacation to Norway and becomes the queen of local squirrel community, wonders if Mina likes squirrels

thank you bryankonietzko for making my dreams a reality again - you and Mike, as always, rock


Blythe of Ga’Hoole, Queen of the Great Tree ((Tyto Alba))

Galleus of Ga’Hoole, Guardian, Ryb of Search and Rescue ((Asio Flammeus))

Kei of Ga’Hoole, Healer, Gifted with Stjernemagen ((Asio Flammeus Sandwichnesis))

Stjernesser of the N’yrthghar, Blacksmith and Wielder of Stjernemagen ((Tyto Novaehollandiae))

Some aesthetics from the @guardians-of-a-new-age​ rp… It’s almost over and I’ve had so much fun with it!




Thursday: Favorite Outfit: QUEEN LEAH’S


For Rosa. 🌹

Note: the image is transparent, feel free to drag him around if you’d like too!

Hybrids like Evan weren’t an uncommon sight in many cities across the globe, many of them had minor features that defined what animal they have in them. In Evans case, many people are aware that he’s an avian hybrid, they just don’t know which one to be exact, some have thought he’s part barn owl, others say he’s part hawk. The first one was closer, but he’s no barn owl. An Eurasian Eagle Owl to be exact. 

Being an owl hybrid isn’t necessarily difficult. The only thing that is difficult with being one, is that it’s hard to stretch your wings when you want them too, especially when they end up-

“OW motherfucker! Evan! You smacked me in the face with your wing again you absolute dickhead!”

“I would say that I’m sorry, but I’ve had my wings closed for three solid hours. So shut the fuck up Tyler.”