queen of my stupid life

watching Mystery Queen (which, btw, is GREAT) reminded me of how exhausting the efficient, need-to-solve-the-mystery-in-less-than 45-minutes breakneck rhythm of most western series (and movies) is. I missed Christie’s Poirot’s pace, and Mystery Queen stretches the plot of one case over two or three episodes, so it’s really slow-paced, and it’s great. the scenes are sometimes long but have all the time they need to allow emotion to develop, a rare feature recently.

the main character is so sweet and lovely and passionate and determined!!! i love her so much!!!

there’s quite a bit of social commentary, especially on sexism and classism, that rings very true

the show itself is very pretty and visually expressive with lovely cinematography

a lot of the show is light-hearted and funny, but sometimes they pull out all the stops and ruthlessly hit you right in the feels!!!!! i haven’t recovered yet

My sexuality is:

a. Stephen Amell’s stupid abs

b. Stephen Amell’s stupid butt

c. Stephen Amell’s stupid body

d. Stephen Amell’s stupid smirk

e. Stephen Amell’s stupid smile

f. Stephen Amell’s stupid facial hair

g. Stephen Amell’s stupid wink

h. Stephen Amell licking his stupid lips

i. Stephen Amell’s stupid face

j. Stephen Amell’s stupid everything


Dancing with your soulmate/TL vs Dancing with the guy who wants to kill you

Requested by rubyc152


“I’ve got a book I want to read, 
I’ve got new recipes to try.
Or I might just spend three days sitting here
and staring at the sky.”