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The part where Holtzmann wrecks shit, we all yelled YAS QUEEN, and gave our hearts away to Kate.

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Forever mad that Annabeth, who was supposed to be an important character, never got powers. What's the point of even being a demigod? She might as well not even be in the series or just be a regular human, it's so stupid :/.

Anon, are you kidding me?? Her lack of active powers is one of the best things about her!! THIS CHICK IS DOPE AF ALL ON HER OWN.  

Annabeth is one of the most powerful demigods in this entire series, while having no active powers. Sure, all her friends have something extra in their arsenal but none of them have her brain. It was Annabeth versus a centuries old mystery and she won using nothing but the knowledge and wisdom she had spent her whole life collecting. 

She didn’t need to summon lightning, fly, control the tides, shapeshift, use an innate sense of the underground, or charmspeak to defeat Athena’s greatest nemesis. She did something that no other child of Athena had been able to do. She did it alone. With no weapons. No special powers. While wounded. And beat a powerful monster, who lived to punish the children of her old tormentor, with nothing more than psychology. Do you not understand how incredible that is??? 

Annabeth Chase is one of the greatest examples of what a person can do with just their brain power. Of course she has needed help along the way as we all do, but she has won countless games of capture the flag, solved riddles that got people killed with the ease of reciting the alphabet, she found the Mark of Athena, and she literally held up the weight of the world!! All without a single power. 

This girl is the essence of Athena and everything she stands for. This is what it means to be a demigod. She embodies her mother’s legacy and carries it with pride, knowing that by virtue of being a daughter of Athena all the knowledge and wisdom the world has to offer is hers for the taking. She knows what it is she is good at, and isn’t afraid of her talents. She’s not afraid to be proud of herself. She’s not afraid to be in charge. All of this, and a lot more, is what makes her Athena’s favorite daughter. Being a demigod isn’t about what cool powers you get from your parents but rather how you carry on their legacy; how you use what you have inherited from your godly parent to further Olympus’s mark on the world. Jason Grace’s legacy will not be lightning and flying, but how he used his big heart and intelligence to bring more peace to the world of the Gods. Percy Jackson’s legacy will not be toilets exploding and waves crashing (though they will no doubt be fun stories passed around) but rather how his smile reminded people of a warm beach day and how he helped people as much as he could the same way the ocean can float a boat safely to harbor. Annabeth’s legacy won’t be how she didn’t have any powers, but how she accomplished so many great things without them.  

Power does not just come from special abilities. It can come from hard work and dedication and perseverance and the determination to be the best version of yourself. This is what draws Athena to the people she has kids with! She inherited no special powers from her mother and Percy and Jason on their best, most powerful days could not hold a candle to the things that Annabeth can do with her mind. She is hands down one of the most important female book characters of at least the last decade and an incredible example of what it means to seek and use wisdom. 

Annabeth Chase 5ever.