queen of my heart truly and forever

You don’t understand.
And I doubt you ever will.
I love her,
I adore her,
I admire every aspect of her.
Even the parts of her she hates.
But I would hardly see a fault or flaw.
Her eyes spoke more than her lips ever could and don’t even get me started on her lips, the softest most gentle thing about her but don’t ever think of her as gentle.
She’s had men begging at her knees for a glimpse of her centre, her purest form, her most genuine self.
I could never quite get how she made me think I was worthy of her attention but I still think of her as home.
Like she knew I was destined for better and she could get me that.
I spent most of my 3ams laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling thinking of her.
And her voice.
And I’d close my eyes.
I can’t think of a word to describe the way she would have me so at peace with myself for those few seconds I needed to fall asleep.

One morning, a boy asked his father about the nature of the snow white flower floating down the stream.

“It is a lily, my son” the father replied, “white as the light of the moon. It is said that the lily was the flower that the elven queen loved the most. They say that whenever you see a lily floating down the river, being carried away over to unknown lands, the elven king misses his beloved queen, each flower a memory of love.”

“But father,” the boy said, “every day, at sunrise, whenever I enter the forest and walk over to the stream to collect the water, I see it, a white lily, gently moving, its reflection dancing in the light.”

“My dear boy,” his father said and smiled, “such is the nature of love and loss. When you have truly loved, the heart never learns how to forget, and it misses your beloved forever.”  

anonymous asked:

in honor joshifer day post your favorite joshifer fics

aaaand all of a sudden my mind goes blank!

Cause I’m sure I’ll miss fics, have authors and some-but-not-all-cause-it’s-way-too-difficult-to-choose-most-of-the-time individually linked fics instead!

jamiesommers23 (I think the first joshifer fic I read was by the insanely talented Jamie! If you haven’t, read Intimate Confessions - and then everything else!)

therockandthecrazyone (Multichapter fics that are INCREDIBLE and I love them all)

starsmahogany (A LOT of my favourite drabbles writen here!)

ohmyjoshiferr (I worked through every fic in a day - THAT’s how much I enjoyed them all!)

hysterical-for-joshifer (she and ohmyjoshiferr write the best collabs - Only Pretending is soooo good and I’m more than willing/ready to have my heart broken by Do You, I Do)

josmopolitan (Queen Sammy of Smut? :D)

peetasbunmyoven (Outstanding writer - everything is golden - also fab Everlark!)

youarebeingridiculous (God, there’s too many to pick - I won’t!… cause I can’t!)

pachipachiko (Gone is forever going to be in my ultimate faves!)

burlesonpride (everything, absolutely freakin’ everything!)

lawrencehutchersonthings (writing RL fanfic is something I’ll never be smart enough to do, incredible, I Know Places)

hungergameshutch (I am in LOVE with Everything to Nothing!)

aaaaahhhh!!! i can’t remember everyone!!! THIS LIST IS NOT EXCLUSIVE AND I AM SO SORRY IF I’VE MISSED PEOPLE!! really truly, I don’t want ANY writer to feel like I’ve missed you out - I’ve probably liked  loved your stuff and I’m having a mind blank! You are all super talented and I’m so glad that you share your writing in this fandom and I am lucky enough to be part of it. THANK YOU (and sorry again, my memory is shocking.)

(basically, go on joshiferrecs and that’s a good majority!)

HAPPY JOSHIFER APPRECIATION DAY! (I appreciate everyone in this fandom and your writing/giffing/art - it’s all AMAZING!)

Shamelessly gonna add a link to my own fics - I could use the self promo if I’m gonna fall asleep in uni tomorrow!

Of Mice & Men Preference: Wedding Day


austincarlile: Today was the day in my life where I looked at the most beautiful woman in the world and was able to call her my wife. The only one I want to wake up next to and come home to. @Y/I/N looked like a princess and I don’t regret ever asking this woman to be such a huge part of my life. Today marks the rest of forever for me, and I couldn’t be happier.


alanashby:  Today was the day I could have my five best friends and family all in one place, Today was the day I would get to see an angel walk into my vision and greet the rest of my life with 2 words and 1 kiss. The day I start a new chapter with the woman of my dreams.


aaronpauley: Today was the day my parents obsessed over since I was young. My dad always told me stories about how beautiful my mom looked and how much he cried that day. I got to see it unfold before my eyes today and I never thought I would be able to see someone so beautiful be able to hold my heart forever.


mrmoneycat: I had my 4 best men by my side as the woman of my dreams walked down the aisle today. She wasn’t a princess anymore she was a queen. I got to be the knight in shining armor who whisked her away and I thank my parents and hers for such a truly beautiful day.


youngfuego: My princess, my angel, my confidence, my shelter, my heart. my blood. The girl of my lifetime stood before me as we said our vows. Every single tear that was shed was whisked away by her hand, every touch was like the first. Her hand shaking and her voice cracking. It was truly unreal and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share the rest of my life with, (other than the four guys beside me the whole time) 

I watched a Queen documentary this evening, and I was deeply touched… Freddie Mercury was truly an amazing angel, such a talented, wonderful and kind soul…. I cried my eyes out, and I’ll forever be immensely sad that he left this world too soon. Lover of life, singer of songs, you will always be alive inside of people’s hearts.


The note was neatly folded on her desk. When she read it, she wasn’t surprised. Okay, maybe she was surprised his goodbye came in a note. She’d thought maybe she’d rank an in-person farewell. But they were both lousy at that sort of thing. He’d have given a speech; she’d have tried to convince him to stay.

This was certainly tidier.

“My dearest Lieutenant,
No words could ever Express the gratitude I harbor for You. These long months, you have been my Guide, my consolation, and above all, my Friend. But now the time has come, at least for Now, for us to part.

I must find who I am now. I must be, for the first time in my Life, truly Alone. It is time to make peace with past, present, and Future.

I hope with all my Heart our paths meet again. We may no longer be bound by Destiny, but we will forever be bound as Partners.

Yr Obedient,
Ichabod Crane.”

Leave it to this man to pull a drama queen, Jack Kerouac stunt like this. It must be nice to live in a world without responsibilities and demands. But hey, he’d found that cache of Washington’s silver fair and square. If he wanted to go moon around and find himself, she couldn’t stop him.

She’d miss him, though. Even when he’d been moody and pissy since That Day, he was still the first person since Corbin who could see right through her – and who could make her laugh on even her worst days.

But looking at that ridiculously pretty handwriting, there was something else beneath the irritation and the sadness: Relief. It was like someone had unclipped her leash after keeping her chained up for the better part of two years.
There was no out-of-time man-child tying her here. No apocalypse. No Corbin. Jenny, but Jenny was a big girl.

She wished she didn’t feel this way. But, man. She felt free.
Abbie opened a drawer to stash the note. And there, like a new marker of destiny, was the letter she’d gotten after she’d turned down Quantico, back when she was still wearing mourning black for Corbin.

“Should your personal circumstances resolve, Ms. Mills, simply contact me and we will enroll you in the next Academy session. We remain very interested in nurturing you as an agent.”

Abbie didn’t hesitate. She reached for the phone.

First of all I want to thank Rachel Duncan for giving me strength and inspiration. My queen, you’ll live forever in my heart. Second, I want to thank #CloneClub for being such a classy family. You are the nicest ppl I had the pleasure talking to. And third, Commander Lexa, thank you for giving me a reason to keep writing during hiatus.

Now I want to give a huge shout out to thewestcoastlady the one who introduced me this necessary evil and one of my best friends in the world. And to the bolded bloggers you are really rad af. If I forgot someone I am truly sorry but know that each one of you hold a special place in my heart. xx Carmen.

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