I did it. I finally did it. and so let me introduce my favorite character on DW EVER, yes Clara, it’s you.
For the first time I saw her I thought she barely could replace Rose, or even Amy (although I don’t like her as much) or basically any other companion.I was obviously judging her just by her appearance and with some sort of personal prejudice BUT LISTEN I FELL IN LOVE IN 30 SECONDS. it was that episode with Daleks, where she was just walking around and it was just freaking 30 seconds and I knew she was gonna be amazing.

P.s. Wasn’t her dress made of stars? (no way it wasn’t)

possible AoU end credits scenes

(aka headcanons)

  • steve and tony getting vision to drop the hammer into an elevator, and as it goes up they start cheering sarcastically like “yay! the elevator is worthy”- “thank god I was worried for a minute there” and give thor Pointed Looks
  • pepper and jane arguing over whose man is more annoying- “ok but tony is worse”
  • steve’s new apartment in brooklyn. invites avengers over for housewarming dinner. parallel to shawarma scene except in steve’s unfurnished kitchen.
  • wanda + clint at pietro’s grave
  • hey remember “the most versatile substance on the planet and they used it to make a Frisbee” so what if nat and clint take that as inspiration and are trying to play frisbee with the shield
  • and thor is like “no you guys, it’s obviously meant for baseball” and swings the hammer at it
  • steve’s training sam & new team. he takes a punch- “ah, shit” - “LANGUAGE!” the whole team yells. steve glares at nat- “you had to tell all of them too
  • empty room. silent. natasha alone with the hammer. she reaches down to pick it up; it creaks and she lets go instantly. pause, glances around. bends down again and- cut to black.
  • entire team sans clint standing silently at the checkout in a store, clustered behind an overflowing cart of baby gifts.

Favorite People » Megan Hilty

❞ It seems so harsh these days, especially with the anonymity of the Internet. Everything strays so negative so quickly. I look at my Twitter feed sometimes, and there’s just people tearing apart other performers. It seems so counterproductive to what we’re all trying to do. I don’t know. I rarely see people celebrating other people. So that’s disheartening. But it’s everywhere. It’s in everything. It’s so much easier to complain about something than celebrate it. I’ve kind of taken a vow — if I don’t have anything nice to say, I’m not going to tweet about it at all. I can save my opinions. Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but I don’t understand why we have to saturate social media with all the negative stuff.“