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A politician in five acts

1. I WOULD BEND THE KNEE. It is critical that Jon decides to say this, at this precise moment, when he’s in a position in which he has a convenient excuse for not physically kneeling:

This might explain the inconsistency in timing. Why does he say it, even after she said she’d help? It’s strategic. He’s thinking: “Say it now, when I can’t move and when I’m not actually held accountable…” And saying it in this position, he’s hedging that he could claim he never did. Anything before the word BUT was a Ned Stark saying, after all. Northerners would respect platitudes from him. They would also respect the official, ancient traditional ceremonies of fealty like this one:

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Jon knows the power of an actual kneel. You know, the one where the knee touches the floor. After living among the wildlings, Jon will never be a kneeler again. He knows the symbolic power of this gesture, and he refuses to give it to her. In this way, he’s similar to Sansa who also plays “kneeler” politics, with Tyrion as the casualty:

“As he moved behind her, Sansa felt a sharp tug on her skirt. He wants me to kneel, she realized, blushing. She was mortified. It was not supposed to be this way. She had dreamed of her wedding a thousand times, and always she had pictured how her betrothed would stand behind her tall and strong, sweep the cloak of his protection over her shoulders, and tenderly kiss her cheek as he leaned forward to fasten the clasp.

She felt another tug at her skirt, more insistent. I won’t. Why should I spare his feelings, when no one cares about mine?

-Sansa, ASoS

2. MY QUEEN is another strategy, and it comes from this scene below. Jon watches and observes D with Jorah, and notes how they have formed a tight bond/connection, based on his unflagging loyalty (an “old friend”). Jorah is the perfect leal subject who clearly adores and worships her. He kneels (note: we still haven’t seen Jon do this at the end of S7) and says “My Queen” immediately upon their meeting. D is emotional and affected by him. Jon is making a calculated move to mimic Jorah as much as he can stand it.

3. YOU’RE NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Jon knows that D likes titles and wants to feel exceptional. D wants to feel special, but she also wants special treatment. This is an important distinction because there is nothing wrong with the former; it’s insistence on the latter that triggers abnormal psychology. The special treatment D wants to receive is from her subjects. She uses dragons to achieve this: “They filled people with wonder and awe.” Like a stage mom, she wants to live vicariously through her children and receive special accommodations. For Jon, these “accommodations” come in her insistence to fight his war on HER terms (I can’t pretend Cersei won’t take back what I’ve won). Jon doesn’t allow her to do that. 

Moreover, from military strategy to everyday interactions, D places value on special treatment in the form of flattery. Even if she knows it comes from dishonest men, adulation, at least, is a language she knows how to speak. In fact, D has played the same kind of politics of flattery that Jon is low-key playing with her in S7:

To rule Meereen I must win the Meereenese, however much I may despise them. 

Reznak and Skahaz waited atop the marble steps. “Great queen,” declared Reznak mo Reznak, “you are so radiant today I fear to look on you.” 

You are kind to say so,” Dany answered, in the same tongue. 

- D, ADwD

And we also have evidence of this flattery being effective on her:

“I always grow solemn in the presence of such beauty.”

It was a good start. “Drink with me.”

-Hizdar to D, ADwD

Of course, Jon’s version of this is going to look different. He’s trying to deploy charisma, but in a “very Jon Snow way” (Kit’s words). Therefore, “You’re not like everyone else,” sounds downright modest compared to the fawning she experienced in Meereen in the books. Perhaps she would be more likely to fall for it because it’s coming from what looks like an “honest” broker. She even says:

NOW you seem trustworthy. She even regrets not trusting him. Jon, thinking he’s got her full commitment, asks: “SO WHAT NOW?” and she replies: “I can’t pretend that Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march North.” At this, Jon realizes he has to take it to the next level, as @tiny-little-bird has pointed out.

So we have him convincing her to travel by boat where he knocks first. Here, he’s doing his best to deploy his own style of swagger and bravado that she clearly likes. Jon notices that she wants to feel desired. She’s been told she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Jon pretends to act like this:

“I have only one urgent need: Danerys.”

“Shall I send for food? You must be hungry.”

“I have not eaten in two days, but now that I am here, it is enough for me to feast upon your beauty.”

-Daario to D, ADwD

4. WORDS SHOULD MEAN SOMETHING. Sure, Jan. What’s that phrase that is repeated over and over again in the books? Oh yeah.

Words are wind. 

Also, in the dragon pit, Jon’s “I cannot tell a lie” = D’s “I’m only a young girl…” Both phrases ingratiate the person to trust them. They’re both playing naive waifs, too disingenuous to harm anyone. Words are wind, and we know they aren’t really who they say they are.

5. HE HAS TO. Thank you Kit for giving us this word: politician. Like any good one, he’s weighing his options and thinking about what he has to do. Who he’ll have to take down to get what he wants. He did the same with Mance - 

I will kill him if I must. The prospect gave Jon no joy; there would be no honor in such a killing, and it would mean his own death as well. Yet he could not let the wildlings breach the Wall.

Bran and Rickon are still at Winterfell besides. Maester Luwin, Ser Rodrik, Old Nan, Farlen the kennelmaster, Mikken at his forge and Gage by his ovens … everyone I ever knew, everyone I ever loved. If Jon must slay a man he half admired and almost liked to save them from the mercies of Rattleshirt and Harma Dogshead and the earless Magnar of Thenn, that was what he meant to do.

- only instead of being prepared to kill, with D, he’s prepared to control. He’s using her desire of him to act as the “real monarch” behind her decisions, to get her to care about him, and gain her full commitment to stop the WW. It’s almost like Jon knows that he needs to be in a position of power. And who knows about that? “We both want to help people. We can only help them from a position of strength. Sometimes strength is terrible.” - D, S7E6

Finally, Show!D would really benefit from some important advice that Book!D received. This advice was given to her by a character whom she tried to manipulate to gain his ships:

“Danerys, my delight, beneath that sweet young breast beats a tender heart … but take counsel from an older, wiser head. Things are not always as they seem.” - Xaro, ADwD

the queen’s affairs (t’challa x reader smut) 1/3

T’challa and his queen have a day off, and decide to spend it having a bit of fun.

Word Count: 1347

Request: Can I have a multi chap fix with T’challa and his queen? Can the first be smut, basically what they do when they’re not tending to their royal duties? And I read in another fic that he likes lingerie lol // @macfizzle

Warnings: oral sex (female receiving)

A/N: i haven’t written smut in like 731095283 years and i’m rusty so this is just oral and some kissing i’m sorry and i rly hope you like it (maybe come back in like a month or two and i’ll be more used to writing smut i s2g)


Your name: submit What is this?

It was, for the first time in a long time, a relatively quiet day in the Wakandan palace.

You and your husband T'challa had been lounging around your bedroom all day. You had both been surprised to find out that there was nothing on the agenda for the day, and you intended to make the best of your time off — and by ‘make the best of it’, you both meant sitting around and eating copious amounts of cereal.

The two of you were propped up, sitting against the headboard of your bed. You were wearing nothing but a loose old flannel of T’challa’s and your underwear, and he was in boxers and a tight black t-shirt. Considering the warmth of the summer months, neither of you were under the covers, and you were enjoying your time by watching some random game show on the television. A man had just lost a chance to win a car when you were oh-so graciously distracted by T’challa.

“Y/N…” he spoke, his voice doing the thing: that one thing where he most definitely wanted something from you, and you would end up giving it to him more often than not. The tone of his voice would go all gravelly and husky, and your knees would tremble and you’d give in almost instantaneously.

“What is it, T'challa?” you asked, eyes not wandering from the TV screen. There was a feeling festering in your gut that what he wanted was going to require physical exertion. After almost two weeks of constantly running up and down and working, that was the last thing you needed.

“My queen, I’ve missed your affection in the past few days,” he murmured, suddenly much closer to your ear than you remembered. It took your entire will (and then some) to not shudder at the way his breath puffed against your sensitive skin.

You hummed softly under your breath and then collected your racing thoughts.

“T'challa, we’re supposed to be relaxing,” you said with a sigh, clutching the remote control in your trembling left hand. Your teeth dug into your lower lip, almost to the point of drawing blood as you tried to contain any more embarrassing sounds. You knew that he could sense your arousal and anticipation, but it was more fun if you at least tried not to give in sometimes.

But then, he pressed his lips against your jaw and said, “I’m relaxed. Are you not?” and you knew that you were absolutely done for.

You allowed a breathy moan to pass through your lips, eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of his skin on yours — and you couldn’t help but think, ‘God, I’ve missed this.’

“Shit, T’challa,” you hissed. Your grip on the TV remote weakened, and you let it slide from the previously tight hold you had on it. Your fingers went straight to the bedsheets, clenching them between your fingers as if life depended on it. He chuckled against the soft skin of your neck and knew that he had you.

He took your hand in his own and tugged gently, and you knew what to do.

Wordlessly, you shifted over and straddled him, your chest pressing up against his own.

“Hello there, my love,” he said with a cheeky grin, eyes crinkling at the corners from his smile.

Rolling your eyes at his childish behaviour, you leaned in and pressed your lips against his.

If there was one thing about T’challa that you could never get enough of, it would be his lips. They were oftentimes just barely chapped, but always full and soft. Everything about them drove you crazy — when he told you that he loved you, they’d curl up at the corners. When he spoke, watching them just captivated you. The way that they moved against yours made your entire body sing , and heat rush to the area between your legs.

The scent of his cologne (a strong, musky concoction of amber, pine, and sandalwood) pervaded your nose and overwhelmed your senses. Before you knew it, your arms were looped around his neck: fingers of one hand were woven in the fabric of his shirt, and the other hand planted firmly on the back of his neck to pull him closer to you.

He grunted quietly against your lips, his fingers already at work unbuttoning the loose flannel shirt you were wearing.

When all the buttons were undone, you pulled back to take a hearty breath and shrug the shirt off your shoulders. T’challa’s lust-glazed eyes drank in your disheveled form, and he smirked when he saw your remaining attire.


He’d always loved seeing you in lace, from the first time you two had been intimate. And so when he saw you in your red, lace-detailed panties and bra, he was more than excited.

“Oh god, yes,” he murmured, right hand going up to cup your breast. “God, you look good enough to eat, my love.”

You pressed your crotch down onto his, gasping in satisfaction from the contact.

“Fuck, T’challa,” you groaned, your hot breath mingling with his in the stale air. “Please, please, I need more.”

You weren’t sure exactly what you were asking for, but he seemed to understand what you were begging him for. With another smirk and a low chuckle, he wordlessly helped you onto your back in front of him, legs spread.

“Don’t worry, my queen,” he breathed, calloused fingertips trailing gently along your stomach. “I’ll take good care of you.”

Before you could even fathom a response, he had pushed aside your panties (not bothering to take them off) and dragged his tongue down your cunt.

“Fuck!” you hissed, instinctively bucking your hips upwards. One of his hands came up to press your waist down firmly, and the other gripped your thigh. You knew you’d have a fresh collection of bruises along your waist and legs to show for your activities the next morning.

You trembled under his touch. His tongue delved deeper into your slit, and it took all your willpower not to grind yourself against his mouth.

“A-ah, T’challa,” you breathily moaned, clenching the bedsheets with your shaking fingers. “Fuck, yeah. Right there , Jesus Chr—   yes!”

T’challa maneuvered his arm so that it pinned down your waist (not enough to hurt you, but enough to keep you from bucking up into his face).

Before you even knew what was happening, he used his free hand to slide two thick, warm fingers into your slick heat.

You let out a quiet gasp of “shit!” , his calloused digits pumping inside of you while his tongue relentlessly lapped at your your clit. His fingers were abusing your spot, pushing you closer and closer to your approaching release.

“T-T’challa, harder,” you uttered between loud moans, and he complied with nothing but a soft chuckle.

His fingers slammed into your g-spot, pressing hard and making the spring in your womb tighten with every second.

When his teeth grazed your clit, you fell apart. With a lengthy string of curses and moans, you trembled underneath your husband. Fingers still pumping in and out of out a leisurely pace, he fingered you through your intense orgasm while you shook beneath him in ecstasy.

As soon as you came down from your high, you giggled and sat up, nibbling your lower lip. T’challa was sucking your juices off of his fingers, a playful look in his eyes. You raised a questioning eyebrow but he shook his head, flopping back onto the pillows and opening his arms.

Laughing to yourself, you crawled forward and settled yourself in his arms. The TV still played in the background, long-forgotten.

“You can return the favour later, yeah?” he murmured bemusedly into your ear, causing you to giggle and nod.

“Of course, my king,” you murmured, smiling and burying your face into the crook of his neck. “What kind of queen would I be if I didn’t?”

T’challa chuckled at your response, strong arms hugging you closer to his chest.

After all, you did have the entire day off.

timel0rd-of-the-rings  asked:

Any headcanons for Sidon with an s/o that is just as romantic as he is, if not more?

(You guys better prepare yourself for some major diabetes from all the sweetness I’m about to throw in your direction~ Enjoy!~)

Romantic S/o:

Warnings: Extreme levels of sap and sweetness

  • Sappy Flirting 24/7

- Romantics are known to have a unique way with words, Sidon himself uses is able to string long speeches of praise with a wide vocabulary fitting of a well-educated Prince

- Though most of the time he does not intend to talk so much he is able to talk up a storm without losing a single bit of the passion and love that he is trying to convey to the person he cares for

- So, you’d have to be a really good smooth talker because his sweet words only get sweeter when he has a partner to shower them in meaning that your discussions will often be an exchange of playful and passionate flirts

- Every conversation would have a dash of romantic sweetness because of your flirting

- Everyone is convinced that you two are stuck in a permanent “honeymoon phase,” regardless if you’re married or not, because of how ridiculously sweet you are to each other

- Any chance you get you are wrapped around each other going back-and-forth with witty lines that belong in a sappy poem or romantic play, not a casual conversation between two lovers

- “My pearl, you’re absolutely radiant today, if you leave this bed I am afraid the sun will be ashamed.”
“But my prince, if I do not leave then I fear that I will blind your dazzling eyes.”

- “Darling dearest, I would give anything to freeze this moment so we could stay in it together.”
Sweet treasure of mine, then how would we create new memories together?”

- “Oh sweet prince, does your mighty strength know no bounds?”
“I’m afraid not, my sweet minnow, for if I was not so strong I would not be able to protect your beauty from the cruelties of the world.”

- Sidon adores being able to share these moments together, he loves expressing his passion to you and if he gets some equally sweet words back when he does then it is a win-win scenario for him

  • Pet Names Galore

- (probably noticed it already but) The amount of times that you use pet names are through the roof, neither of you can go one sentence without addressing the other by one of the infinite number of nicknames that you have created for each other

- It starts out teasingly but rather quickly it becomes a tradition between the two of you to call each other by cute nicknames and occasionally you will sit down cuddle up together as you go back-and-forth addressing each other by one name after another

- You call Sidon: My prince, My sweet prince, Darling dearest, Darling, My love, Zora of my dreams, My one and only, Fishy wonder, Prince Charming, My knight, My anchor, My king, etc.

- Sidon calls you: My pearl, My sweet pearl, Princess, My treasure, Little minnow, Envy of the heavens, My angel, Beloved, Precious, My everything, The object of my affections, My queen, etc.

  • Date Nights

- You two have a special game where you try to surprise the other on free days trying to see who can surprise the other the most with a super romantic date to help them de-stress after their long day (you do it most of the time)

- But you also plan to have dates on certain days of the week where the two of you can sit together, enjoy a nice meal, have some fun (take that as you please), and just enjoy each other’s company

- They’re always super extravagant and over the top because the two of you are hopeless romantics who adore showering each other in the finest of all things

- A trail of rose petals leading toward a room lit only by the many candles carefully placed around the room illuminating the full meal laid out on the floor ready to be fed lovingly to whoever followed the guidance of the petals

- A visit to a secret waterfall illuminated by colorful paper lamps made by hand and strung along the trees outlining the secret oasis that only the two of you will be in

  • Playfully One-Upping Each Other

- Just like with the dates, the two of you have an unspoken game where you try to playfully out-romance each other by going out of your way to top whatever the other does with surprise visits and dates, gifts, grand gestures, etc

- If Sidon delivers breakfast to your bedroom when he must leave early to carry out some tasks around the palace, then you will make sure to bring him lunch in his office and treat him to a sweet desert to get their mind off work for a bit

- If you find a pretty gem on the bank of a river while swimming and bring it to Sidon as a memento of how the most beautiful things can be found in the most unexpected places, then Sidon will have the gem crafted into a dazzling piece of jewelry so that the beauty can be put on full display of something just as beautiful

- If Sidon can take the rest of the day off and decides to spend his time with you, then you will be sure to pamper him to help him de-stress and reward him for working so hard for the kingdom

- If your favorite outfit is ruined, then Sidon will quickly have a more resilient and finely tailored outfit made just for you

- If his favorite bow breaks, then you will have a stronger, sleeker bow crafted to replace it

  • Everyone Around You Is Gagging On The Inside

- The two of you are almost dangerously sweet together and while everyone loves seeing the two of you so happy when you get lovey-dovey and start spouting your Shakespearean words some people simply can’t handle that amount of raw love and devotion

- You’re just too sweet and when you coo at each other and exchange light kisses because romantics like you two are definitely big on PDA

- Only around casual company that is, not any of the political or official people that Sidon often meets with being the Prince and future heir

- Which means that your closest friends get front row seats whenever the two of you start being affectionate toward each other, whether they like it or not (third wheeling everybody whoo!)

- The two of you would probably be too caught up in each other to notice the awkward and slightly disgusted tension in the room until Link or one of the others says or does something to get your attention and remind you where you are

- Link would probably be the first of everyone to snap you out of your love trance but mostly for the sake of everyone else

- He thinks it’s great that you two are so close and he doesn’t really like interfering with people’s personal business, but could you maybe tone down the canoodling just a little

- You’d probably break away for the sake of your friends but you wouldn’t stop completely and you might slip back into it again (whoops)

BTS React to You Getting Hate For Dating Them

Rapmon: when he came home to find you crying under your sheets, his heart broke. He had warned you about the haters and the things people would say to you but you both knew it would still be hurtful. he would probably comfort you the best way he knew how; he would talk out all of your negative feelings getting really deep and philosophical about relationships and third party unnecessary involvements. by the end of the night, the two of you would trail off talking about the future and other worldly events. 

‘People get too into other peoples business…so what do you think about only accessing 10% of our minds?!’ 

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Jungkook: This poor child wouldn’t know what to say to you. He would probably try and avoid the subject at all costs; He’d hold you close and let you cry to him deciding against saying anything unless he makes the situation worse. However, if you needed to either vent or need confirmation of his love for you, he would be there for both. 

‘I love you, so don’t even worry about it’ 

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Taehyung: Taehyung would feel really bad about the whole thing, he’s such a softie and cares for you so much, so when he sees that youre hurting he can’t help but feel like its some how his fault. He would also try to cheer you up with anything he could come up with, singing, dancing even impressions. he just wanted to see you smile. 

‘Jagi! look over here! look at me!’ 

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Jimin: Jimin knows whats it’s like when hate comments can get too much, he is also like tae and cares for you so very much. seeing you in pain both physically and mentally hurts him. He would also know exactly what you’re thinking so of course he would exactly how to comfort you. he would also feel guilty and would need reassurance from you; he would most likely blame himself for putting you in this situation. 

‘its okay, I’ve got you, you’re alright’

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Suga: As soon as he saw you upset over what some shitty people have said he would go into rant mode; he’d complain about people and how he hates them all. you, being exactly the same as he is would stop your crying and join in. soon enough the both of you were burning pictures from peoples profiles laughing over the fact that watching them burn gave you joy and happiness. 

‘fuck them’ 

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Jhope: as soon as the boy walks into the house, even though your crying, you feel so much better. his presence, in general, could stop wars. your sunshine and happiness would have you crying in laughter instead of crying in sorrow in a matter of seconds. 


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Jin: a tear wouldn't even tempt to escape your eyes. Jin treated you like an absolute princess and completely prepped you for what he knew some people would say.

‘thats right my queen, don’t let these peasants affect you’ 

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Okay so by convention I should preface this by saying that I really liked Felicity when she first arrived on Arrow but I really feel like I shouldn’t have to be saying that anymore. The more I watch Arrow and the more I watch Oliver throughout the seasons the more I realize that the reason I can’t deal with their relationship as it is in canon (although there’s some fantastic fic out there I love) is because she’s screwing him over in a way that is far too familiar to me. (discussion of abusive relationships under the cut if that’s not your thing)

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And so it was that, while beneath the earth
I glided in my Stygian stream, I saw,
Myself with my own eyes, your Proserpine.
Her looks were sad, and fear still in her eyes;
And yet a queen, and yet of that dark land
Empress, and yet with power and majesty
The consort of the sovereign lord of Hell.’
—  Ovid, Metamorphoses

Hood Mills Family in 5x01

125/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

  • Regina: You? You did this?
  • Emma: Sorry...I was just trying to save her life! I didn't know she'd come back with us, let alone who she was!
  • Regina: Do you know what you've done? You cost me my happy ending!
  • Tinkerbell: Well, actually, Regina...now that Marian's alive, it changes everything.
  • Regina: What do you mean?
  • Tinkerbell: Robin was supposed to be your soulmate, in a timeline where Maid Marian dies. In this timeline, where she's alive, that is no longer the case.
  • Regina: So all of this "lion tattoo" crap was for nothing?!
  • Emma: Lion tattoo?
  • Regina: Yeah; the one with the lion tattoo was supposed to be my soulmate.
  • Emma: *rubs wrist self-consciously*
  • Regina: What's that?
  • Emma: It's a lyon flower. I got it when I was younger. Something just drew me to it...
  • Regina: Do you mean to tell me you also have a "lion tattoo"?
  • Emma: Yeah, I guess in a way I do.
  • Regina: Wait, what does this all mean?
  • Tinkerbell: It means that Emma rewrote destiny. You're each other's happy ending.
  • *Elsa bursts through the door*
  • Elsa: Moms!
  • Regina and Emma: MOMS?!?
  • Regina: Guess you really are my happy ending.

Jason smiles and rubs a thumb against your cheek, “Your blushing, my queen. All I was doing was being honest and showing the moon my affection.”

I kiss his cheek and hug him. “Dick, thank you. You didn’t have to get me anything. You and them are the only thing I need to be happy.”