queen of meereen

This is how I imagine Sansa Stark meeting Daenerys Stormborn for the first time…


Daenerys: *Looks to Jon for help*

Jon: “Sansa.”


Daenerys: “You’re the wardeness of the North now, I’ve heard.”


Jon: “I gave her the North.”


Daenerys: “I-“

Sansa: “My brother, Jon, is the true heir to the Iron Throne.”

Daenerys: “Upon what claim?”

Sansa: “He is the son of Lysa Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Now tell me, Daenerys Stormborn…what is your claim?”

Jon: “Sansa-“

Daenerys: “I have dragons.”

Sansa: “And.?”

Daenerys: “There hasn’t been dragons in the last-“

Sansa: “I don’t care.”

Daenerys: *squints her eyes*

Sansa: “I’m not scared of them.”

Jon: “I apologize for my sister’s behavior.”

Sansa: “I’ve seen worse monsters.”

If only she had the power, she would have made their nights go on forever, but the best that she could do was stay awake to try and savor every last sweet moment before daybreak turned them into no more than fading memories.
—  Daenerys, chapter 42
A Dance with Dragons