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I posted a fanart with papa Toffee and baby Star and I decided to post these drawings before finish (I don’t know if I’m really going to finish but ok).

14 years old Star with her dad.

16 years old Star with her (boy)friend Marco.

18 years old Star with her parents on her coronation day.

The new queen with 19 years old.

@kabuki-akuma hope you like it, I love your au.

Gintama anime ep 323/manga chaps 574, 575, 576, and 577

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Thank you so much for enriching our lives and feeding our brains with Gintama. Gintama is our Altana. I am so grateful for all that you have given us and continue to give us, and for your constant tolerance of my mindless chatter. Once again, I humbly submit to you what I am most appreciative of in this week’s episode. Please do not let this be the last season of the show.

I am thankful for the following:

- Sakamoto, the expert Joui interpreter,

- Joui spit-takes,

- Sakamoto, the trusty Joui spittoon,

- friends who are both liabilities and saviors,

- the old friends family who helps protect the new friends family of their dear friend brother,

- the Joui 4 (and Kondou?)

- crazy, violent, blood-thirsty Yatos,

- the universe’s stupidest strongest father and son,

- the universe’s most awesome little sister,

- Yato family drama,

- Kagura-chan,

- Kagura-chan,

- KAGURA, the Leader, Boss, future Queen of Kabuki-chou,

- rainbow demons who interrupt family dramas,

- pissed Papis,

and lastly, my favorite manga to anime SCENES (cuz there was too much awesome for me to just choose one):

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


About unhookable bra and unzippable dress

                                                 A wedding night.

Everyone knew, as a matter of fact, that one day, a china girl and sadistic officer would join and discover the pleasure of matrimony.

It wasn’t hard to conclude so since Kagura turned sixteen her rival had been looking at her…Differently, in a way a rival shouldn’t— he couldn’t help but peek here and there during their quotidian spar. It was not his fault, she had matured in a flash of time yet still wore her usual red Chinese dress that was just too much body-hugging now, or even worse, her two pieces outfit showed off entirely her toned stomach and creamy legs. It was unfair from her to develop so nicely when he could snicker at her lack of sex-appeal before, it became impossible. Not when he himself defined her as attractive.

He may be the Shinsengumi prodigy, a deadpan sadist and even more than the two united, at this time he was a twenty years old man who had a stunning female companion at his side.

Really, he wasn’t the one to blame. Just a discreet peer, it was nothing, right? As long as he was the one doing it, because of China, he had decided, would be solely his to admire. Kabuki district’s boys also found her suddenly attractive, she wasn’t the ‘Yorozuya brat’ anymore but the ‘sexy exotic foreigner’, her Chinese mafia became endearing and not annoying, her violent personality didn’t turn them off anymore, on the opposite, she was more than just a pretty doll. In all, Okita Sougo got annoyed at them leering and her, being more than dense, didn’t notice it a bit.

Her lack of knowledge had played him many times when he started to court her. They still bickered each time they met but sometimes, after fighting each other until exhaustion, he invited her to some dango or ramen. He had openly called himself as ‘her suitor’ in the hope of getting noticed (it didn’t) and even secretly sneaked flower in her closet-room when he felt like it.

While Gintoki and Shinpachi had disapproved his inclination at first, Okita persisted like this for the whole year, yessir, he who was known to be anything but romantic and patient, had tried so hard to get her. At some point, the Yorozuya, Kondo, and Hijikata proposed a free vacation on a luxurious tropical planet, fearing the worst. (“Oh my poor child, he probably over-worked!”) Okita had attempted to kill them afterward. His pride already took a toll, there was no need for him to be  considered as crazy. Or perhaps, he was.

He remembered feeling really frustrated at her cluelessness, he had been obvious of his feeling but she didn’t seem to really observe or understand it as if she was still this fourteen years old brat in her mind. Would he even get her, one day?

Fortunately, someone changed the situation.

Boss lady, it seemed, had taken upon herself to teach to Kagura what the silver perm couldn’t and wouldn’t teach, about romantic relationships, a lady’s manner, a list of rules for any modern Edo woman. Kagura had been well-advised

So, she started to ignore him.

All of sudden, China avoided him like plague. What the hell had he done?!

He feared— the first division’s captain feared— of it being a way of rejecting him. He was ready to kill anyone who might have won first her heart, for it was unforgivable, there was no one else but her as a wife. Once he had set his eyes on Kagura, he knew he would never abandon. He couldn’t see himself with Nobume like some Shinsengumi members had suggested, or anyone else. It was China or his right hand for all of his life. So why did she run away upon meeting him? It had never happened before!

He was angry, anxious, sad, infuriated, he was a mess. In the end, he had decided to let it be and see how it will go, maybe she was just feeling bad about something? Or, a tiny flame burned in his mind, maybe she had noticed something from him?

It was during one of his afternoon patrols that the redhead girl came to him, they went to their bench in the parc— the favorite spot they had shared for years— sat down, and discussed. Or more like she was going the chat.

“Hey S-Sadist, do you like me? I mean, in a romantic way.” She stuttered, looking absentmindedly at the sunset setting in the sky.

He wondered how did she finally realize, it should have been much quicker to figure it out, then again, he wasn’t one to complain now and cocked an eyebrow. “Yeah, I do though you’re stupid as ever, what do you think a guy feel when he invites you often to restaurants with a glutton like you?” He sounded deadpan as ever when he really wasn’t. It was already a step forward.

“Anego said so too,” was he seeing things or the young girl was beet red? “It’s not my fault okay?! You had always annoyed me, how should I expect this kind of things?”

“Don’t yell, I have ears you know?” He frowned at her words, “Does that mean you can’t see me as something else than a rival? That’s why you have been avoiding me lately?” Kagura was unsettled at his genuine words and it was weird. Sadist wasn’t one to be honest, usually, not with anyone, and for him to act like this…

It stirred an odd warmth in the pit of her stomach. Blood rushed to her head, “It’s not like that either…It’s just…Just so unlike you and it doesn’t dwell well with me. I can’t sleep anymore! My stomach feels like I have fucking diarrhea and I’m sure my heart is sick, too.”

He chuckled. “You mean you love me right?”

“NOT A BIT, SADI—” She was going to die from embarrassment.

“I even bother your sleep, uh? Since I’m a Sadist and have been an M too long for a damn monkey like you, let’s make it even worse.” She didn’t understand until he grinned, leaned and finally captured her lips. The soft lips he had wanted to devour months age ago, were finally his. “This is for the flowers I bought,” he kissed her again, “This is for making me wait so long,” and a last one, more passionate “And this one because I’m happy.”

“So we’re a thing now?” She was breathless, this was new to her.

“Yup, you’re my personal slave now~”

“BASTARD!” He passed out after getting beat up by the china girl and surprisingly didn’t mind losing this time. Gintoki, Kondo, and Hijikata were the one to pass out upon learning the news.


His proposal wasn’t romantic at all. They were slouching close to the river beneath the bridge, it was yet another casual walk they did while arguing and sometimes, just to chat honestly. The water dazzled if the sunset’s reflection, the couple stopped to admire nature’s work and Okita seemed to conclude that it was the best moment to propose. It wasn’t surprising to her when he did because he had mentioned it a lot of time ever since they dated each other. She wasn’t anymore bothered too, life with Sadist was interesting and she secretly knew that no one but him would do.

However, he could have been less lazy.

“Hey, since no one else would want you, let’s marry.” He uttered in his deadpan tone, looking bored as ever.

Kagura looked at him disbelievingly, “Are you, serious Sadist? You’re going to propose like this? Fuck you, this queen of Kabuki-Cho doesn’t need a useless Sadist with you, every man want her already,” she argued back, vein popping on her head. “Even you duh, sneaking flower in my closet you were mad in love with me, where did your passion go little shit?”

“Don’t matter anymore, because—” he caught her by behind and held her wrists to finally slide forcefully a silver ring on her lady’s finger, “Because you’ll be forever mine now, right?”

“No, you are mine, you do-S freak!” She stuck her tongue at him, but her rosy cheeks didn’t lie, she was fulfilled— and excited— though Sadist was as possessive as ever if she’s lucky enough he will be less jealous upon marrying each other? Megane and Gin-chan had been bothered a lot by it, once the Sadist broke in the Yorozuya lot of time, debating that she should be living with him, for he was the boyfriend. Gintoki usually replied that they couldn’t, following Edo’s tradition, a woman shouldn’t live with a man without being married. And he, of course, was different as he was family, the poor silver perm got the second ranking on Okita’s to-kill list, right after Hijikata.

His lips curved into an evil smile, “Even if it’s the case, you’re still mine.”  


They had planned the wedding since months— or at least, Soyo-chan had been planning and financing it even if the Shinsengumi could easily support the event, she said it was only normal for a best-friend to do so. Kagura wasn’t so sure about but let it be, the princess could be as stubborn as her and after all, she trusted her fellow sadistic female.

When the day came, she had woken up early by maids— she and Sadist stayed in the castle for ‘practical reasons’— and was immediately thrown into a hot bath. It would have been quite refreshing is the female servants weren’t scratching her skin off to clean it, then put jasmine-scent oil on her whole body before washing her hair, more perfuming, and worst…Adding make-up!

Being a Yato woman had cons and lot of pros, like having a pale skin that geisha could only imitate, yet the maids insisted in putting her lip gloss, eyeshadow and other stuff she did not want to know about. It was very irritating, but upon looking her reflection, Kagura realized how grateful she should be. It’s not like she lacked confidence in her beauty (she bragged about it more often than not), this time, was different. She felt like some fairy tale princess and couldn’t help but suddenly act cheerfully and childishly…

Her long hair had been slightly curled and made into an elegant chignon, her cerulean eyes stood out even more with the touch of golden, not to mention her tinted lips.

“Hmm, Okita-kun’s going to have a hard time controlling himself, with you this gorgeous!” Soyo was at the door, smiling mischievously while showing Kagura lingerie. Sexy, lacy with ribbons on each side of the panty to remove them quicker, what she never wore! Sure, she did have ‘cute’ set, however, she wasn’t fond of them, they often irritated her. “AND THESE BABIES, OF COURSE!”


“Don’t worry, the bra’ strap are transparent so it won’t be noticed with your dress,” she rolled her eyes, “don’t forget the wedding night, Kagura-chan. You’ll have to please him, you know?”

The redhead paled at the words, she had totally forgotten this detail…Though they had dated for three years and did have some steamy make-out sessions, Okita accepted her wish to preserve it until marriage. Perhaps this was why he was so keen on marrying?

“So put this, you’ll have him in the palm of your hand, I assure you! No men can resist this kind of weapon.” She smirked when her friend finally gave up, going to the change room, “Please bring the dress too.”

“Yes, Hime-sama.”


Today had been restless, first, the wedding ceremony was happening in Kyoto which is why they all had to wake up early in the first place, it took around one hour and a half with a private jet (Tokugawa private line) to finally arrive. Kagura and Okita didn’t see each other yet, they had been separated so they couldn’t, it would be considered to be of bad premonition if they did

Finally getting out, Kagura hummed at the scenery. Soyo, it seems, had decided on a traditional temple, which makes her wonder why— she was clad in a western dress— but shrugged it off. Whatever, she was happy either way, what if she was in a classic white dress in a temple? Their couple has never been normal, one was a sadistic human and the other an Amanto from another planet, equally violent, who cares? The redhead smiled, still hidden under her veil, everything had been already prepared, the last step was the ceremony and the vows. Then…FOOD! Her true love.

“Kagura-chan, everyone found a seat, you have to go to the altar with Gintoki-san!” Soyo called out, pointing the newly-installed altar, there was even a priest, with familiar sunglass…”Madao-san became a priest recently, it’s amazing right?”

“He’s just here for the food too.”

“Too?” The brown haired a brow, “Okita-san wouldn’t like to hear that.” She playfully pushed her friend toward the silver perm, wearing a black costume and in the verge of crying (his eyes were about to explode), probably anxious (he was shaking too much that he looked like a drill). “He’s waiting for you.”

Kagura took a big breath, as Gintoki tried to walk her to the altar, her legs suddenly felt numb. Okita was wearing a white smoking, to match her own outfit, with a red tie. His eyes softened at each of her steps, while she chuckled at Shinpachi and Kondo tearing up, she was going to be a big girl now. Live with Sadist…Have family with him, in all, be his wife. Her fourteen years old self would be disgusted to even imagine them close, not to mention lovers, right now she was delighted. Sadist could actually be kind, didn’t mind her temper and enormous appetite. She wouldn’t admit it but…She was glad to have fallen for him and not someone else.

“Kagura, don’t forget us too soon, alright?” Gintoki whispered the distance was of one-two meters at most.

“I’m not disappearing with him you know? I’ll still visit you guys, and do some jobs with you and Megane, like good old’ time!”

This was when she grinned at him through the transparent cloth, turned her back to stare at her husband-to-be, he was trying to be as deadpan as possible however his expression said otherwise. After reaching him, the homeless priest started the vow.

“Ahem— we are here today to unite these two sad—” Otae threw her bag at him, “Demo—” Otose aimed his head with a kiseru, “THESE TWO LOVELY PEOPLE TOGETHER.” He coughed. “Okita-san, do you need promise to not kill your wif—”

“Do your job Madao !” Shinpachi cried out, vein popping.

“Fine, Gintoki, I’ll be the priest!” Katsura went up to the altar and took place beside Hasegawa. “So bakufu dog, do you promise to marry and then divorce with Leade—”

The Earth dad kicked him, the terrorist idiot’s fetishism fir widows was showing again. Hijikata was already chaining him up, then made him seat to respect the remaining ceremony. “Err, Souichiro-kun, do you promise to love, protect, feed and pay for Kagura’s rent until death?”

The flaxen-haired man cocked his head, well, that was expected, “I do.”

“Kagura, do you promise to love and give him support until death?”

“I do,” she rolled her eyes in amusement.

They started to exchange the rings, his fingers sliding the precious object on her lady’s finger one more time, it was not adorned with a diamond— instead, there was a ruby. He had said that only this color suited her. After returning the favor, Gintoki finally smiled (Kagura swore she could see salty pearls coming out):

“You may kiss the bride now.”

Okita raised her veil, revealing her face more clearly, gently closing the distance to drop a chaste kiss, then murmuring to her ears “I’ll keep the rest for the night.” She was blushing madly at the mention of the topic, even more, when he pulled her against his body, his arms snaked around his waist.

And they stayed like during the whole day, even when eating and discussing, Okita loved to rub salt on the Yorozuya, and even Hijikata who declared that “You’ll never get China-girl.” As for herself, she was too busy eating her delicious Sukonbu-tabasco cake, careful in not inhaling the spicy side, or else she’ll be a dragon throwing up blazing flame at her own wedding. It was already good that she wasn’t burning, the sun had been fortunately clement.

“Stop eating the cake for a moment China and launch the bouquet,” Okita extended her the said flowers, after wiping the remaining cream puffs on her cheeks with a giggle, he had been in a very good mood today. Kagura cheered inwardly to tease him about it later— she lazily took the bouquet and when everyone was behind her, she threw it, as humanely as possible or else it will fly to space— a girl squealed.

“Who’s the lucky future-bride?” Otose asked.

“It’s me, it’s me!” They all stared at the owner of the low voice.



“I feel like I’ve forgotten something very important,” admitted Kagura in the car that will conduct to the hotel, a bit further and in a more romantic area for the honeymoon. Everyone else were dead-drunk in the restaurant they went, Sougo requested to leave earlier for reasons.

“The honeymoon?”

“Not this, pervert.” Well, she did. But earlier didn’t count, right? “Everyone was invited, so why do I feel like I missed some people.”

“You’re just overthinking it, China.”

“Yeah, probably.”

Somewhere, in space, a baldy and a redhead psycho sneezed.


Sougo had been impatient for this day to come, to marry China, officially Okita Kagura now. It sounded good, Okita Kagura, rolled on his tongue sweetly, without any raspy sound, far better than Kagura the Yato or sometimes, Sakata Kagura when she needed a first name, thus using her surrogate father’s one, now she had her own and he will soon  continue his lineage, like Mitsuba hoped. The concerned was in his arms, looking through the window in deep thought, or dazed with the passing scenery, he put his head on her laps.

“Sadist?” She was startled, for he had been showing a lot of PDA today. “Are you tired?”

“Of course, what do you think? We’ve been entertaining everyone for so long, and I had to stop Kondo-san each time he tried to make Boss lady drink alcohol.” Kagura caressed his hair slowly, it’s true that he had done most of the job when she was busy eating. “Can’t believe that your horrible cat girl got the bouquet, though.”

“Catherine isn’t so bad, her species become beautiful only when in love,” she soothed him during the ride, if he was not waiting for another event, he’d be already asleep. Fortunately, they reached the hotel, a modern five-starts one, the princess had reassured him that the rooms are all soundproof.

The room was lavish as expected, mainly themed with mahogany and ebony wood and white touch to contrast, in all, it gave off relaxing vibes. At their right was the bathroom, which seemed very large, and in front of them was the main room. There was even a plasma screen on the wall, right in front of the king size bed.

“The princess really overdid herself,” he noted with sheer enjoyment. Before she could reply, he cut her off with a searing kiss, her back against the door, his taking pleasure in painting again and again the cavernous side. She always had a tangy taste, because of sukonbu, though today it was a little sweeter with the cake, he adored her both ways.

He had been waiting for this, his wife was especially stunning today, it was a shame he couldn’t enjoy himself during the wedding…Shame was a word he didn’t know, but his body remembers well the strength of an angry China.

“Sa—” she was breathless, “Sadist, what the hell?” She looked too vulnerable, red as a tomato, confused. While it was certainly not the first time they kissed each other this wildly, he never surprised her this much before or demonstrated such state of lust.

“It’s our night, I might as well as give you an idea of what’s going to happen,” he gave her a wolfish grin as he carried her— bridal style all literally— and sat her down on the soft bed, holding her hand. “Are you ready? Girls are usually scared of their first time right?”

“You really can’t keep in your pant, huh, pervert?” She tugged his hair to peck the corner of his lips, “I-I won’t back down!”

“That’s because we’re now husband and wife, you are Okita Kagura and my property,” she elbowed him, “fine, my woman. Brazen as always, that’s uncute you know.’

“Ohh, so you can resist,” her mouth planted butterfly kisses on his neck, “this,” her hands broke free and started to unbutton his shirt, “uncute girl?”

“Uncute doesn’t mean sexy,” Okita roughly pushed her beneath him, throwing his tie and his jacket elsewhere. His eyes printed a mental picture of her, locks of vermillion sprawled on the sheet, and her dress. Oh her snow-silver dress, ruffled at the end, and now giving him a perfect view. “Is pretty but let’s took it away— or do you need to change first?”

He wondered if she bothered preparing any special underwear, and felt disappointed when she nodded ‘no’.

“The zip’s behind,” she arched her back so he could reach it, and he did.

Zap. ZAP— 

“Hey, be careful, I want to keep it as a memory!” Okita nodded, trying one more time to unzip it until finally succeeding, perhaps it worked better when you were slow? With speed, the zip simply blocked, he feared to damage it.

“Finally,” he pulled the cloth slowly, white replaced with moonlighted skin, he could never get enough of her. Never. Not when the undressing surprisingly revealed a lacy black bra, transparent to play with imagination, yet hiding the most important place. He licked his lips. “Did you prepare this?”

“…Not really. Soyo-chan gave it to me,” she shyly stared at him, “You like it?”

What kind of question is it? He leaned to rest his head in the crook of her neck— China had been too moe for him. “Of course idiot, why wouldn’t I?”

“B—but it’s weird and lewd and and—” he cut her off with yet another kiss, nibbling her lower lips and then licking it, painfully slowly, as if to tease her.

“We’ve done a lot of things naughtier than lingerie,” he uncovered further, the cloth retreated to her stomach, her flat tummy, her thighs…He felt himself getting harder at the sight of a panty, tied by two frail red ribbons at each side. It barely covered her slit, a need to pounce on her right here disturbed him. She doesn’t know how much she can affect me. “Remind me to thank the princess later.”

“It’s unfair, you still have your shirt and your pant,” she pouted.

Okita ignored her complain first, finishing the stripping and put her dress on the floor— there was no other place anyway, he’ll put it in the closet later— “Now you can remove them since I removed your dress.”

Kagura hummed, time for her to dominate him a bit, she shifted to be one her knees like he was, her right hand continued to unbutton his shirt, however, her right one was now feeling his length. She felt confident in these moments because he wanted her— she almost ripped it— and she wanted to hear him grunt, twitch and be a Do-M for her.

She should tie him up, one day. Or perhaps handcuffs would work better? 

After retiring his pant, he was down to his boxer, the one with ‘S’ patterns everywhere. And she was the childish one?

“Don’t laugh,” came his commanding voice. He straddled her easily, with the adrenaline of the action and the need of devouring her for himself. To make her moan, under him, until her voice was hoarse until her legs gave in. “Ah, right, before I go further, ‘Sadist’ has to go. It’s been three years, we are now married so I have at least the right to hear my first name, Kagura.”

She shivered at his husky voice.

“Make me?”

Tempting me is dangerous, you know?  “Gladly.” He licked her jaw, lowering to her neck and started sucking on her sensible spot, situated close to the collarbone. He was enamored by her light jasmine scent, another thing he had to thank the princess for.

He growled impatiently when she grabbed his hair, mewling softly when his teeth grazed her skin, blowing in it later. The next erogene area was her ear. She was very, very, sensible and he learned to tease her so much with it.

He was going to give  her an unforgettable night.

“S-Stop it!” He was nipping the shell, planting a kiss from time to time before resuming his work.

“Why, since you appreciate it? Be more honest, Kagura.” His hand went behind her back again, and…

And he suddenly ceased all movement. He had no idea on how to unhook this thing. “Shit, how do you remove it? I usually just tore them off!” Here he was, messing up with his beloved, on a wedding night, he sighed.

“What’s with you and stripping me today?” Kagura laughed at first, on the other side, she didn’t mind and guided his hand to help him. “Even you can act cute, huh?” Her bra went off, as she moved him to reach her breast, “Happy?”

“Very.” He resumed in his ears biting, drawing blood covered by the pleasure he was ministering, by fondling her breasts. Over years they grew, and he had been pleased to see how well they fit their hand as if sculpted for him. He smirked. She was made for him, after all, a match of heaven and hell.

Seeing how much she struggled, urged him to go one already, he started to play with the pink nubs instead, one finger rolling it and his tongue doing the same. Kagura was already squirming, moaning, but he didn’t hear his name yet, it was not enough. She wasn’t the type to submit easily, even during intimate time.

“Come on, it’s not difficult. ‘Sougo’. Say it.” He whispered just above them, purposely with his breathing to tease, coax her in losing, she’d be handsomely rewarded.

She bit her lips, “I won’t surrender now.”

“Fine, if you wanna play it like this.” He went down in her. The ribbons were somewhere in the bled or the floor, he spread her mount as much as possible to stare (she was adorable, so red) and licked tentatively the length of it. Then, he focused on the pleasure spit, her clit, tortured her.

He’d spot every time she was about to orgasm, and resumed in his ‘work’, daring to slide a finger. He had to prepare her for what was coming, added one more, then one more, this was the maximum. He began with slow movement, though he was getting rougher now, plunging in her again and again.

“Saa—” she was yelling incoherent words, feeling a familiar feeling building in her stomach and froze when he lapped with her come, thoroughly ‘cleaning’ her afterward.

“I have to admit that you impressed me, still won’t give up?” There was a suspicious scratching sound as if he just tore something— perhaps the square thing he got from his pant, still laying on the bed— condom, which he slid on his cock.

Something hard rubbed her slit, Kagura shrieked.

“H-Hey, don’t you have to use lube or something before?” Sougo wondered why was the girl, usually compliant, suddenly trembling and looking at him like this. Was she…Scared? After everything she said?

“Condoms naturally have been coated with lube beforehand.” He explained, “Kagura, are you scared? That it will hurt at first?”

She looked away. “Of course! It’s my first-time idiot, how can I just go on like I didn’t care? It’s not like anyone reassured me about this matter.” He never thought that China will put such a moe show,  and thanked god for it.

“I’m going to be gentle, okay? I’m not a bastard enough to pain you intentionally,”  he moved a bit to take over her mouth again, and penetrated her all the way, breaking her barrier. After leaving her mouth, he stood still, her teary eyes made him feel guilty.

He hoped that it wasn’t this horrible.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt too much?” He’d even accept to finish his boner alone if she wanted to resume the session for another day. He wasn’t an uncontrollable beast, she was much more important than earthly desire.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable,” she supposed she had to adapt to his size. After a while of struggling and awkward silence, Kagura finally felt used to him. “I think it’s fine now? Can you.Move a bit?”

Okita nodded, yearning for it, she was so damn tight and warm, thrust a few times and was about to ask her again, but she had moaned loudly. She squinted her eyes, and was left breathless at his moves, he knew he was doing it right, and slammed into her with more force. To feel more of her, to drown in the sensual flower aroma mixed with their sweat, of her crying out of pleasure.

“Sougo!” She snaked her arms around his neck, moving to meet him, sensing the tension building up once again in the pit of her stomach. It was not weird to feel him inside her anymore. It was amazing. “Sou..Go…” She hardly uttered, deciding to meet his mouth again, this time leading the battle.

“Augh, Kagura…” Her walls were clenching  around him, a few more thrusts and he stiffened when came at the same time as her. After removing the used condom and aiming it at a bin not fat, he collapsed on her right. This was even more tiring than their usual fight. “You finally called me by my name, you lost.” He embraced her naked body, pressing against him, “I wonder what punition I’ll give you tomorrow, Kagura.”