queen of j pop



Happy birthday to Queen-Goddess, Master Vocalist of Brown Eyed Girls, JeA! Her absolutely awesome voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard and one of my favourites among K-pop idols!

And happy birthday to the kindest person on this planet, the sweet Amber! I know she’s been trying to deal with stuff that bring her down over the past few months but I’m glad to see her back to her usual goofy self! I know she has great potential as a producer, hope she gets to do more of that type of work in the future!

Best of wishes to both of these beautiful and talented ladies!

to anyone who is a fan of Amuro Namie she has announced that she will be Retiring after 25 years of great music. yes the Queen of J-pop aka Japanese Madonna as they apparently call her in Japan is making this her final year of Music. 

she stated the following:

 “I could not have gone 25 years without your support, for which I am eternally grateful. I plan to make the last year of my music career meaningful by focusing my full attention on creating a final album and performing at concerts.”

It’s sad to see her go but i think she’s earned her Retirement. how does hearing this news of Amuro Namie’s retirement make you feel?