queen of hell

Clary: 'Why are the vines still here, I did what you asked!'
  • Seelie Queen: Did u nao.
  • Seelie Queen: (ʘ‿ʘ)
  • Seelie Queen: Did u rlly.
  • Seelie Queen: Do as I asked.
  • Seelie Queen: Rlly do as I asked.
  • Seelie Queen: Did I stutter or wut.
  • Seelie Queen: Smh jfc.
  • Seelie Queen: Did u rlly do as I asked.
  • Seelie Queen: Rlly.
  • Seelie Queen: Am I still speaking English
  • Seelie Queen: Or wutsup with dis shit.
  • Seelie Queen: Cuz I sure as hell
  • Seelie Queen: Did not see what I asked.
  • Seelie Queen: Rlly did not.
  • Seelie Queen: Nah-ah.

Sooo, it’s been a bit huh? Sorry bout that, some stuff happened that was throwing me off but I’ve finally got my schedule back on track! Hoo-rah baby. To celebrate (and to be kinda symbolic) I wanted to finish up this picture of my favorite bad bitch: Zelda Queen of Everything. I’ve been working on this on and off since March and it’s finally done. Woo! Love you guys for sticking around, and I’ll see you again soon! I also kinda wanna start writing little stories to go with my pictures cause I really need to practice writing more but I’m still not sure about it, thoughts?

Commission done for @skypirateb (I can’t tag you, whyyyyy). She asked me to draw Hades and Persephone in mortal disguise. Of course, Persephone wanted to use a photo booth to take some picture to remember their first “official date” in the mortal world, like all mortal couples usually do. Hades was pretty confused, tho…

How could I possibily refuse to do that?
Happy Valentines Day! <3 <3 <3

Imagine Crowley having to stop Rowena from butting in too much while you're shopping for a wedding dress for Crowley's and yours wedding.

“Oh, no, dearie, definitely not that one,” Rowena scoffed as you came out in what you thought was a beautiful wedding gown, only to roll her eyes in exasperation as you quickly walked away. Needless to say, she had a very different taste than you in what was jaw dropping and what wasn’t. “The girl is lucky to have me here to guide her.” She glanced over to Crowley as you walked back out in your original clothing.

“We’re out of dresses…again,” you sighed.

Rowena only smiled and jumped up to go searching once again, but Crowley blocked her path. “This round, you’re to sit here and keep your mouth shut,” he demanded her.

“Excuse me?”

“I said to stay here. Are you deaf, you evil bitch?”

She scoffed. “That’s ‘are you deaf, you evil bitch’ mother?”

Now, obviously keeping his temper tied down with a single thread, Crowley took a steadying breath. “Leave.”

Hesitantly, she looked back to you then back to her son. When you didn’t tell her differently, she scoffed and held her head up high. “Very well, then.” With that, she strutted out of the doors with her heels clicking loudly.

Crowley sighed and looked back to you. “You didn’t have to be so harsh,” you said barely above a whisper.

“You’re kidding,” he scoffed. “Did I tell you about the time she almost traded me for three pigs? Three!” His eyes dulled as the pain from his childhood flooded his mind. Guilt pulled you into its arms because it was your fault for making him reach into that dark and empty void.

“Sorry, baby…I should be thanking you instead….She can be quite overwhelming..”

Your husband chuckled and walked over to you, rubbing your arms before kissing your hand where the new ring rested. “Don’t apologize, my queen. Now, go pick out the dress you love…without interference of your mother-in-law.”

A quick map of New York City showing events in the MCU and Netflix shows (UPDATED):

Hulk - Harlem, where The Incredible Hulk and Luke Cage took place (the logo is actually over a specific area Hulk trashed, but that is not all of Harlem)

Daredevil - Hell’s Kitchen, where Daredevil and Jessica Jones took place

Avengers - Midtown, where The Avengers takes place and the general area of Stark/Avengers Tower (it’s a couple blocks north)

Doctor Strange - Greenwich Village, location of the Sanctum Santorum.

Captain America - Brooklyn, where Steve Rogers lived in Captain America: The First Avenger  

Spider-Man - Queens, where Peter Parker lives and where Tony visited in Civil War

Iron Man - Flushing, where Stark Expo 2010 takes place in Iron Man 2