queen of hell

anonymous asked:

sooo, i take it you aren't really lured and tempted, with one measly sq script-tease and a whole summer of double-regina (zomg!) promotion? :D

I must admit, for one very brief moment–it was touch and go. But…

Nuh-uh. Fool me ONCE…


being a girl that likes girls is hard for example today the most stunning queen of hell looking girl walked onto my bus right and I was floored because what do I do?? do I smile?? but what if she walks over me and crushes my skull with her perfectly-manicured fingers because I dared to lay my eyes on her?? or worse what if she doesn’t and smiles back?? I mean I’m a girl too so I don’t have the predatory gaze but how do I convey humble admiration, “I wish I were you” and “I totally would date you if you’d let me” at the same time?? girls man.. I am one and I’m clueless