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Hi tagged people, I was wondering whether it would be okay if I included your beautiful Always Keep Fighting shirt pics on a post on my blog Moondoor Queen?

The post is called This Shirt Is For Everyone and can be found here:


I am attempting to create a huge gallery of Always Keep Fighting pics.

Either reply to this post or message me if this would be okay.

Please spread the word too, the more the merrier

Thanks, Sarah xxx

P.S. I know this is a bit unconventional but it’s much quicker to ask everyone using this method :)


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Non SQ here. How many times can SQ allow themselves to be the scapegoat (b/c I see the fucking disgusting hate they get, it's horrifying) before they finally let go of this twisted limbo? They don't care. They don't care that SQ alone has done some pretty amazing things for a F/F fanon ship. The sweater thing? A+ promotion w/o lifting a finger. They're always targeted. And any defense is taken as offense and other ships get free passes to all things. A&E are either going to cut SQ out completely

- in the season finale or they’re gonna throw them one more ambiguous bread crumb. Either way it’s a trap. They don’t care for ratings or these fans. They’ll continue with these storylines everything else be damned.

Well now, SQ fans aren’t falling into a trap by promoting their much maligned and scapegoated ship. They’d be falling into a trap if they promoted the show, or, for shits and giggles, the theatrical re-re-re-re-release of Cinde’fuckin’rella. They seem to have bolted from the show while continuing to make creative and fun crafts out of the crumbs they’re given. They’re panko crusting tilapia with those crumbs and frying it up in fancy plates. We have to tip our hats to them for that. But it does seem as though lately, the trolls really want them to give up, throw it in and go away. Some of us don’t encourage buying into that kind of logic. We prefer the noise and festivities. Some of us would rather watch it burn with a few people in lawn chairs all around us, sipping Merlot out of red frat-girl cups.

Burn, baby, burn! If we burn, you burn with us. That sort of thing. See us in this pic below? We’re the one in the middle of it all. With wigs and pretty dresses. Going, “what the fuck now, Katniss? Ok, ok, fine, we’re on board just bring us with you and get us some halfway decent wine when the revolution hits.”

Black Widow: Part 1

Title: Black Widow: Part 1

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 3,474

Song Inspiration: Fallen Angel-John Loyd Young Sung by The Jersey Boys, Toxic-Brittany Spears, Black Widow-Iggy Azalea

A/N: Cas time!! Not too much jealous Cas in this one, but part 2 definitely!!!

Anon Request: “Hey I love your writing! You’re so awesome! I was wondering if you could write a one shot where the reader is an angel who rebelled a really long time ago (like the first angel to rebel). And she’s secretly been helping the guys all along. Some tension (sexual) between her and Dean but Cas and her have always had a thing. Lots of fluff and jealous Cas.”

Anon Request: “This is just a suggestion, so if you don’t want to thats chill but could you do cas x reader where the reader is the queen of hell :3″

Anon Request for reader with short chin length hair :)


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“….hear me? Are you okay?”

You groaned, feeling the weight of someone pressing down on your shoulders as they shook you, trying to get you to open your eyes. When you did, you opened them to a strange bald man straddling you, his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose and beads of sweat forming on his upper lip. His brown hair was wispy, mostly gone, and his breath smelled like chilli cheese fries as he yelled at your unconscious form.

You blinked, trying to remember what threw you to the ground, and it was only when you tried to move your legs that you remembered. This bastard had hit you with his mini van as you crossed the street.

“Get off me.” You said, your voice low and threatening, and the man lifted his arms in surprise and clamored off, kneeling beside you instead.

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Vivienne/Cassandra, rated T, 1600 words – established relationship (DAI endgame spoilers)
“Being Divine is a lot of hard work, but some things (or people) make it easier.”

My Wintersend gift for stonestrewn/fireferns!  This fic was a joy to write, and the request was one I was so pleased to see.  I had only started shipping these two after sign-ups ended but right before assignments went out.  It was the perfect moment in time for this little slip of a fic to be born.  Enjoy!

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Thoughts on Bryanna; Due to previous actions I absolutely fucking hate her but I don't hate her because she's possibly Ashton's girlfriend. She's just a major bitch and I think he could do so much better than that (like me lmao jk) but seriously. I personally know her and she is the worst possible person anyone could know. Think of her as the queen of hell.

Okayy buuut someone show me the receipts. If someone gives me some proof then i’ll at least know what everyones talking about when they say they hate her