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anonymous asked:

Would the Core Four still be as tight in the Reverse AU? Because their hardships on the Isle are kind of what made them more understanding and in tune with each other, allowing them to have their unspoken conversations and midnight comfort sessions.

Yes yes they will be. So in this, Cruella is a royal fashion designer and Maleficent, EQ, and Jafar are all rulers. So that’s how CARLOS knows the rest of the Four. The other three probably just grew up together, mainly cause I think that there’s this tension between Maleficient, EQ, Jafar, and Cruella and Gaston, Hook, Ursula (and the Queen of hearts). 

So yes the Core Four is still there and still tight, they bond over their parents being pushy and their duties as royals or whatever. They still go through similar situations (not like similar to the Isle, but similar to each other) and such together that brings them closer. 💙💜💙💜