queen of elfland

To Travel To Elphame : Knocking On Nicnevin’s Door

This is my personal go to practice when contacting and working with Nicnevin. My method differs depending on the situation but this is the basic outline.

Go to a place where the vail is thin, a liminal space if you will. Somewhere where the vary air is different, time seems still or non existent, where even the birds seem to be absent. Bring with you a good whiskey, beer or ale, some food and maybe even some coin. 

 Once you’ve found a place that calls to you, take the liquid offering and present it. 

“Oh queen of Elphame, Nicnevin fair. Whose might is unbound here.
grandmother witch, mother of bones, queen of the fairies I call to thee.”

On your knees pour some of the liquid offering in a horizontal line before you, knocking three times around it

“I ask you to grant me passage and open my eyes to the otherworld.
May I dwell safely within your lands, and return home when I am done”

Wait for a sign or omen. If you’ve been granted passage, stand up and cross the line/door, from there you are free to do what ever workings.

Once you are finished return to the line/door and cross it once more.
Kneel down before it and pour the rest of your liquid offering in a circle at the center. Place your food offering in the middle, and give thanks.

“Oh queen of Elphame, Nicnevin fair., I leave you these offerings as thanks for my safe passage in your lands.
May I be welcomed once again to do my workings in your name.
Hail the grandmotther, Hail the bone mother, Hail the Queen!”

Stand up and bow, walking backwards 3 paces before turning your back and making your leave. 

anonymous asked:

what do you think about hecate? i have seen her associated with so many cultures outside Greek/Roman. (like Brigid with her torch) would you associate her with "old fate" or the queen of elfland?

I don’t like taking deities outside of their culture or historical context. If in history, she was taken somewhere, then so be it, but the associations with her and gaelic deities are modern ones or merely made as comparisons to make a point. 
To match Brigid with Hecate is a very big mistake. They govern very different things. The torch is a common symbol among deities, and just because they hold one doesn’t mean that they are even similar. 
The Faery Queen is her own spirit.
Hecate is the Lady of the Four Ways, the Wolf Headed Queen, the Twilight Key. She leads the dead with her torch and opens the way for those who come. 

theaceofwands  asked:

Hi Mindset! I've got a question about LOTR. Why is it that when people in the story besides the Fellowship seem to think that Lothlorien a dangerous place? When it's brought up, there's always sometimes an implication that you'd be lucky to leave if you were ever there, and they're always talking about being ensnared in Galadriel's web. What's up with that?

This is pretty much Tolkien playing with the concepts of Fairyland, of the Fair Folk who steal away children or entrance handsome singers and return them a hundred years later to a world that’s left them behind. La Belle Dame Sans Merci, “we daren’t go a-hunting for fear of little men”, the Queen of Elfland in Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin, all that sort of thing. But the point is that the Men who believe such things are wrong, that the lies of Sauron have made them afraid of the true goodness of the elves and Galadriel, etc.

On the other hand, there are certain elements of truth to these rumors. (Not actual truth mind you, just elements of it.) With Galadriel’s use of her elven-ring, she was able to create a haven in Lothlorien, a forest of light and music, with immense magical golden trees from Valinor, beautiful and ageless for thousands of years. Men might hear tales of this forest of wonder, ruled by a glorious golden queen (and silver king), but they could never see it for themselves. The Galadhrim were very protective of their land, and while they might only slay orcs that tried to invade, any innocent men wandering nearby might find themselves lost and confused, turned around by magic or by careful hindering by the guardians, unable to enter the forest and not knowing how or why. (Old tales of the Girdle of Melian, which magically protected Doriath in the First Age, also might apply here.) And that, plus any sights of orcs or Sauron’s men entering but never leaving, would add to the eerie impression that “nobody ever goes in… nobody ever comes out”.

Still, again, the point is that these rumors are wrong, that there is no malice to the mystery. Nevertheless, while those that relate these tales in LOTR (like Eomer) will learn the truth, as the ages pass and the elves fade from Middle Earth, the stories will remain, and (per Tolkien) lead to the misconceptions of elves among mankind for centuries to come.

Nicnevin & Her titles

As a devotee to Nicnevin, I’ve put in time to find her many different titles and names. this many faced entity seems to have foot in both benevolent and malevolent pools. 

Nivnevin / Nicneven / Nicnevan - Daughter of Frenzy - Gyre-Carlin / Gay-Carlin / Gyre-Carling - Old Woman - Grandmother Witch - Great Muckle Wollowa - Bone Mother (encycolpedia of spirits) - Queen of Wichts - Queen of the Bad Fairies - Queen of Elphame / Elfhame / Elfland 

On top of that Nicnevin has been described as everything from a Fairy, Fairy Queen, Great witch, to a spirit, ghost, or entity. 

My personal title & Idea of her is : Nicnevin Queen of Elphame (or Queen of Fairies & Bones) And I see her as not necessarily a goddess, but as a High ranking Fairy / Spirit.

Mysteries of the Sabbat

We are mere travelers in the moonlit night: shadows of ambiguity and anonymity. To adorn ourselves in our blackened cloaks, we become one with the shades of this occult host of specters, who chase as venatores and venatrices. 

This game is a mighty one, for we are the hunt of Cain. And with his scorched mark, we are allowed to abscond through the veil following his aureated trail. The serpent spawn reveals the ingress to the mountain of the world; rightfully dubbed the lair of Satan. Our poisoned Queen of elfland being the paramount of those diabolical halls.

The Grand Sabbat beckons to us all, and none can revoke its gales that ululate in our fairy blood. By being alongside our siblings of the Arte, the masked divinity shall baptize us with their sacred diablerie: the wicked act of witchcraft. By these blessings and banes, we allow ourselves to be devoured by the ancestors in their holy cannibalism; however, we emerge from their insides forever changed. We become deific visardists wearing the faces of our gods, and in virtue becoming them. 

Robin, Dark Master
Whom men call the Devil
Horned Boucca of field, mount and fen,
Lord of the skill and the phallus
who rideth with the Wild Hunt:
Open the way we pray thee
the witch way to the Sabbat.

Ninefold mother of night-wisdoms
dame Hel, dame Birth, Morgan Le Faye,
who men call the Queen of Elfland,
Great Herodias who fleith through darknkess:

Thee we beseech, Queen and Hag
to steer us upon they witch way
to the strange glories of the Sabbat,
so mote it be!

—  Sabbat call: Call of the Horned Piper