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New Beginning

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She’s taken aback by the sight of her, sitting cross-legged on the porch with her hand propping up her chin. A little smile twists onto Regina’s lips as her head tips to the side as she takes in Mal.

It’s been weeks–months maybe–since they’ve seen each other, yet there she is. Mal’s called a few times, but she hasn’t responded–not because she didn’t want to, but because she didn’t know what to say. While Robin was in New York, they’d had an all too brief affair–nothing too deep, more of a distraction, but meaningful, nonetheless.Then, Robin was back ands he wasn’t sure what to do–and then, he was gone and she was left grappling and struggling to even go through the motions. Having Mal around–having someone who knew her so intimately, who’d seen her at her truest worst–was just too hard, so once again she’d pushed her away.

But as always, Mal saw through her, and never stayed away for too long.

Mal lifted a bottle of wine as a smile pulled onto her lips–and Regina sighed, shaking her head as she continued up the long approach to her porch.

“I heard,” Mal coos as her bottom lip pouts out. “How are you?”

Regina’s eyebrow arches. “You heard?”

“I ran into Henry,” she explains. “He told me what happened… with you and the Queen.” Mal holds out her hand as Regina nears, and she grins as Regina pulls her up from the top step. “You okay?”

“I… am,” Regina nods. “Or I will be.”

“He told me you’ve come to terms with yourself, that you’ve come to terms with your past.” Mal gives her hand a tight squeeze. “I’m so proud of you.”

Regina nods, her breath catching in her chest. “I’m proud of me, too.”

“It’s been a long time coming,” Mal says, her eyes shifting from Regina to the bottle of wine. “And a reason to celebrate.”


Mal nods and her smile warms as she tugs gently on her hand. “New beginnings…” She pauses and Regina feels a soft tingle at her core as Mal’s eyes meet hers. “Or… something like that.”

Regina’s lip catches between her teeth and she takes a breath, holding into Mal’s hand as she climbs the porch stairs and wonders where the evening will take them.


Dragon Queen of Meereen

“Meereen was not her home, and never would be. It was a city of strange men with strange gods and stranger hair, of slavers wrapped in fringed tokars, where grace was earned through whoring, butchery was art, and dog was a delicacy. Meereen would always be the Harpy’s city, and Daenerys could not be a harpy.” Daenerys Targaryen

The first victim murdered by the Sons of the Harpy is brought to Daenerys at the Great Pyramid.

  • Irene: I am the Queen of Dragons, and the first Dragon Slayer.
  • Erza: Am I a dragon?
  • Irene: N-no you're not...
  • Erza: A Dragon Slayer....?
  • Irene: No...
  • Erza: Che, what good are you to me.
  • Irene: Excuse you...
Friendly (Reassuring) Reminder

No matter what happens in ACOWAR, no matter what shit Tamlin or Hybern or Jurian pulls, always remember:

We have Amren.

We have Amren, and the promise from SJM that we’ll find out her true nature. 

And when we do, those boys better run

Omg I finished it!! This took longer than expected but its done. This was actually meant to be part of a bigger painting with the four main girls from eos but Im going to try and do them separately and later join them together. More art coming soon. BTW Thank you for a 1k followers!!!

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D&D Inktober 2016 #31 - Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons

“Tiamat the Dragon Queen is the chief deity of evil dragonkind whose five heads reflect the forms of the chromatic dragons that worship her. She epitomizes the avarice of evil dragons, believing that the multiverse and all its treasures will one day be hers and hers alone”