Fairy Tail 513

……what the actual fuck?!

So not only is Eileen Erza’s mother (which I saw coming) but she’s also the former queen of the dragons?! What the fuck is up with that shit?!
So….now that we’ve had that lovely reveal with Eileen it kinda makes me wonder where Erza’s potential power level really is. Plus, back during GMG we never saw her unlock that second level of magic. They made it seem like she’d already unlocked it but what if she hasn’t? O.O
On the upside, Kagura didn’t try to kill Minerva when they ran into each other. Maybe they’ll become good friends later??? 0.o We still don’t know what’s going on in Natsu’s mind but I’m ok with waiting a little longer. Still so much left to find out @_@

Erza and Wendy versus Eileen

Erza Scarlet is known for being the Queen of the Fairies as well as a S-Class wizard and Seventh Guild Master in Fairy Tail.  She uses Requip: The Knight Magic, Sword Magic, and a master of Swordsmanship to take down her enemies.

Wendy Marvell is a Wind Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail.  She can heal and support mage on her comrades as well as offensive magic.  Wendy can also use Dragon Force.

Erza and Wendy will face Eileen Belserion.  She was the Queen of the Dragons.  She is a member of Alvarez Empire under the Emperor Spriggan of Zeref.  She uses enchantments to change landscapes to trying to get Fairy Heart out of Mavis’s body.

Queen of Dragons

*spits out coffee* 

*composes self*

So….Acnologia is Eileen’s “partner” since he is the King of Dragons, but in order to recive that title, he had to MURDER dragons and envelop their souls, so he is in truth Eileen’s enemy?

Ahem, Mashima. I’ll wait.

Fairy Tail Chapter 513

I loved watching Erza being the badass she is, but…Eileen is Ezra’s fucking MOM!!!!!

And if Eileen is the former queen of dragons who was the king of dragons???

What is Natsu seeing in his memories right now??!

What is Lucy and happy doing to save him????

Is Gray still being an asshole and planning to murder Natsu/e.n.d.???

I have so many questions and not enough answers!!!!!!

Chapter 513 reaction

The Minerva apology was needed and approved; Kagura stopped holding grudges. Grudges are not good for your health so that’s good- WAIT a second. WHERE IS HER INJURY?!?? SUDDENLY INJURIES DISAPPEAR?! HUH?!?? -.-

Larcade is out - Zeref…I swear to god if you don’t go save your son I will feed you to ANKHSERUM

Irene, STOP PLAYING AROUND OMG - Indifferent about your daughter? Okay that’s both fine and cruel - like your very own existence.

Apparently Erza’s family are just all Mary Sues, Former Queen of dragons? OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Walking plot device: STILL AN ANNOYING FACT.

Also I am starting a bet:

Irene or Erza will be the ones to defeat Acnologia.

Let’s see how our fellow Mary Sue And Mary Sue Jr. do.

Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Reaction

Minerva Apologize To Kagura About What Happened At The Grand Magic Games And Kagura Accepts.

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Erza And Wendy Vs. Eileen.

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WHAT!!! Eileen Dodged All The Swords Erza Threw At Her And Arranged Them In A Flower Circle.

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Eileen Reveals She Is Erza’s Mother.

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Erza Says The Only One She Is Calling Her Parent Is Makarov, And No Matter What, She Sees Eileen As Her Enemy.

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FT 513

At this point, pointing out the inconsistencies on power level or plot hopes feels so meaningless because they are happening with almost every characters and chapters.

But still, let me ask how Kagura looks like she never got injured by Larcade, and how the whole Sabertooth was crucified by one spriggan in one moment and in next moment 2 Sabertooth members with their power combined was enough to defeat another spriggran (although my naive self is still a bit suspicious that maybe Larcade hasn’t done yet).

I feel that giving Erza a mother who is the enemy is acceptable but making Irene the Queen of Dragon is really so out of nowhere. But still need to wait for next chapters to understand what truly happened. 

Since Mashima has already developed something to make Lucy and Gray plot relevant, I can only say that it’s just fair for him to give Erza more relevance too even I may not like how things turn out if it’s too ridiculous. 

However, no matter what Erza’s backstory is, I will still love her as a character. Her personality is what matters. In this chapter, she’s as fierce as usual. She remains calm although she may be shaken from her inside. She knows what’s truly important to her and her will doesn’t sway easily. She’s beautiful both outside and inside.

Lastly I really want to read Erza having flashback to when Jellal named her Scarlet and insisting that she doesn’t care about her real last name when Irene’s done telling her her origin. 

  • what he says: i'm fine
  • what he means: if eileen belserion is the former queen of dragons then she also came from the time of zeref and natsu and perhaps so does erza????? like this explains for why erza is so fucking OP it's just in her blood to always win and her beautiful eyes could kill three enemies with one glare and also pls protect erza this has been more painful for her, just seeing her mother for the first time while also knowiNG SHE MAY BE KILLED BY HER OWN MOM???? WTF
Fairy tail 513

Why erza always has to be put in parts of the plot that have nothing to do with her.
Eileen being the former “Queen of the dragons” the only thing that brings is a possible (very possible) interference of Erza in the battle against Acnologia

This situation bothers me so much because I already see how the protagonism and importance of dragon slayers (like gajeel, sting, rogue, cobra, etc) will be completely left out because “she is Erza”

The only thing that left is that Erza is related to Ankhseram and that she is going to execute the “one magic” ‘cause nakama love you know

(I don’t speak english so sorry if I have mistakes)