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About jealous!Rick, picture this ... Rick and Michonne dining with some members of the Kingdom. Random Kingdom guy takes an interest in Michonne and says to Rick "I take it this one's yours?" whilst licking his lips at our Queen (creep!). Rick looks the guy up and down and drawls out "Yeah.." in that sexy ass southern accent, while placing his Colt Python on the table and tapping the barrel - starring the guy down as he says "The gun's mine too."

Creep [Radiohead Cover]
Melanie Martinez
Creep [Radiohead Cover]

Melanie Martinez is crazy talented. I discovered her music late last year / early this year, though her song Dollhouse and have admired her ever since. Her cover of Radiohead’s Creep is incredible and is definitely my favourite cover she’s ever done !!

[Buy her album, Crybaby, out August 14 !!]


Janet Jackson “No Sleeep”

The Queen of the Late Night Creep is back y’all.  That extra “e” is clearly meant to signify Everything.

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Beyonce can snatch as many edges as she wants to, but Janet is forever trying to snatch my panties clean off my body.  This is a deeeeep body roll jam, like L4-L5 vertebrae down in the lumbar section y’all.  Obviously I’m here for next big dance production from Ms. Jackson, but I can definitely rock with this for awhile.

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"Don't speak. Don't even breathe. Be quiet." for a rare pair

It’s been a long time since Vax has felt helpless. Well… there’s the general unease of being tethered to a strange, ancient deity that frequently goes on monologues about fate, but that’s different. With that, Vax at least knows he’s responsible for himself, and that his own actions will dictate his own failings–and the resulting consequences of them. But this. This is someone else’s life. Someone else’s choices that lead to consequences Vax doesn’t know how to handle. This is completely different.

“Just hang on,” he whispers, fingers pressed firmly against Scanlan’s side. The Gnome’s once-bright shirt is sodden with blood. The wound is still bleeding despite Vax’s best efforts at staunching it. The creature responsible for the laceration lays dead in the darkness a few feet away. Vax can’t identify the poison on its talons. If Keyleth were here she might be able to find out, hell even Percival might have a clue. But nobody is here. No Pike to wash away wounds with Sarenrae’s warm light. No Vex with a handy stock of potions. No Grog with some hail-mary item buried and forgotten deep in the bag of holding. They’re alone.

“I guess this is karma,” Scanlan says, a weak smile on his face. He’s pale and covered in a feverish sweat. “Drop enough deuces on people’s beds, and the universe kills you in a sewer.” 

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