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Part1) of my rant: Dany not listening to Tyrion's counsel anymore and favouring Jon's because of her feelings is such a bad thing; Ok it makes her more wreckless for his well-being, but Jon has had a positive impact on Dany from day 1, because in comparison to listening to Tyrion's advice which in the past has helped to do the right thing too, they have always been just vocal, whereas here is man Jon Snow who practices what he preaches and shows a good example to her and everyone around him all

Part II of my rant:) Furthermore, Dany has seen and witnessed that Jon Snow is a man of honour and lives by a high moral code. These qualiteshave not only made her fall in love with him but have set an example for her that she’s starting to. Compared to when she first arrived in 7X01, she’s become more humble, more reasonable and more grounded, because what she sees in Jon. Subconsciously she’s trying to model herself into the leader he is.

One of my least favourite things about this fandom is, glorifying Jon & undermining Dany, comparing them is like comparing someone running a startup & a Fortune 500 company. The Night’s Watch had less than 100 people to lead when Dany was the Queen of multiple large cities in Essos, the Slaver’s Bay. Even now, he needs her because she was able to inspire a force much larger to follow her. Jon is a good leader, agreed and he has a good influence on her and I’ll get to why but let’s not go as far as to say that she’s subconsciously trying to fit into his mould. 

If you read only the parts about Dany’s arc in S04 & 5 my meta covering their mirroring character arcs until they met, you’ll notice that Dany was doing very well as a leader (Season 3 & 4A) when she was pretty assertive in making her advisers known that they are only there to advise her. Upon discovering the return of slavery in the region, she began undermining herself and started relying heavily on her advisers, which led to her downfall. 

The best example of ‘what sounds smarter but being a blunder’ is when she sends Daario to kill the leading slave masters in Yunkai and Jorah talks her out of it. The leading slave master of Yunkai, the city of embezzlers, warned her when she first got there that they have powerful friends who would help them destroy her movement of abolishing slavery. With the information we have now, it’s easy to piece together that the Iron Bank was working with the city of embezzlers for creating the Sons of Harpy, to destabilise her regime. 

The only good advise Tyrion ever gave Dany was to kill only the two main leaders of the slave masters by tricking them into discussing terms of surrender during the siege on Meereen end of Season 6. 

Now that the opposing side is his own family, Tyrion’s crisis of allegiance is impacting his counsel and he has started treating Dany like an angry child he needs to control. Every single plan he suggested this season was a failure if you analyse them all and he doesn’t even understand the motivations behind her actions anymore. 

Why Jon is good for her? A psychologist I once knew, told me that when people come to you for advise, never tell them what to do but help them come to their own conclusions. And that’s what Jon does, every time she asks him for advise or he finds her undermining herself, he helps her find faith in herself and her own capabilities. Two good examples is the the fight on the beach in 7x04 & their dragon pit talk. 

That’s why Jon’s influence is better for her than Tyrion’s off lately because he doesn’t wish to control her or tell her what to do but, but he lays out his thoughts, helps her see what he sees in her & pushes her to make her own decisions using the information he presented.

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Stop acting like Lyanna was a wee child. She was a woman grown by Westeros standards. At that age Robb was already a King and leading a war campaign, Daenerys was a Queen and conquering cities. People grew up faster in middle-ages. And even today, a teen is still responsible for their actions. A teen can murder someone, are they not to blame for it? Can they murder with impunity coz they're just teens?

why do people bend over backwards to justify a 22/23 year old married Rhaegar having sex with a 15 year old Lyanna. Why do they compare a teenager having sex with an adult and getting pregnant to literal murder lol

Braavosi Courtesans

Braavosi courtesans are renowned worldwide and they enjoy high status. Every courtesan has her own barge and servants to work them. The beauty of famed courtesans has inspired many a song. They are showered with gifts from goldsmiths and craftsmen beg for their custom. Nobility and rich merchants pay the courtesans large amounts of money to appear alongside them at events, and bravos are known to kill each other in their names. Braavosi courtesans are famous, respected and wealthy and enjoy a kind of celebrity status as well as a certain kind of mystique. They are cultured and beautiful. Some families have produced many generations of courtesans, such as Bellegere Otherys’s, it is likely that there are other Braavosi courtesan families.


The Black Pearl- Bellegere Otherys, also known as the Black Pearl of Braavos, was a smuggler, trader, sometime pirate, captain of the Widow Wind, born of a union between a Braavosi merchant’s daughter and an envoy from the Summer Isles. She meet Aegon IV Targaryen and became his fourth mistress, their affair continued for ten years though it was said that Bellegere had a husband in every port and that Aegon was but one of many. Her daughter Bellenora Otherys became a courtesan called the Black Pearl after her mother and since there has always been a Black Pearl courtesan in Braavos descended from the first.


The Black Pearl- The current Black Pearl is also called Bellegere Otherys and she is descended from the first Black Pearl and Aegon IV. Her mother, Bellonara Otherys was the previous Black Pearl before her. She is young and lovely, with black hair, light brown skin and full breasts. A some say the name the Brown Pearl would be more fitting, due to Bellegere’s light brown skin tone

The Merling Queen- Is a beautiful Braavosi courtesan, she is never seen without her Mermaids to hold her hair and veil, the Mermaids are always young maidens in the blush of their first flowering, and a replaced as necessary. The Merling Queen has her own barge, and servants to pole her to trysts.

The Veiled Lady- Wears veils to cover her face in public it is said she is incredibly beautiful though none but her lovers ever see her face. Like all courtesans she has her own barge and servants to pole her to trysts.

Moonshaow- Is beautiful and only dresses in silver and white, when she heard Dareon of the Night’s Watch singing and playing by the Moon Pool in Braavos she gave him a kiss for his talent.

Daughter of the Dusk- Not much is known about her other than her beauty and that she like most courtesans has her own barge with servants to cruise the canals of Braavos.

The Nightingale- Is renowned for her beauty, Braavos will challenge duels with any man who does not say that the Nightingale is the most beautiful woman in the world, Cat of the Canals claims that her father was killed because he said her mother was more beautiful than the Nightingale.

The Poetess- She is always carrying a book with her, and is quite mysterious, she is beautiful and has her own barge and servants.

"We are ready to depart, my lady."

She nods her head as she continues to look at the sight before. She took a deep breath taking in the salt of the ocean and sweets from her garden below her. She was going to miss her home. Though she would be gone for only a week, she would still miss it.

“Very well.” She turned to look behind her seeing her adviser standing on the top of the stairs. “Do you think I’m rushing things?”

Said adviser arched his eyebrow. “You’re asking me? You’re the one that wanted to go on this unexpected adventure. Everyone almost fell out their seats when you, unexpectedly I might add, decided to embark on this journey.”

The queen sighed deeply. “I know I am the one that set this visit in motion…but I…” She fell silent unable to put her rambling thoughts into words.

Her trusted adviser and friend came down the stairs to stand beside her. “Are you nervous?”

“Not nervous exactly.” The queen tore her attention away from her garden and stare down at her friend. “I’m excited.” She smiled brightly unable to contain it any longer. “I’ve heard many things about her. About her strength. Her wisdom. Her magic. Her coven. Her husband and children. I want to know more.”

Her adviser nodded for her to continue.

“I want to know why so many speak so highly of her. I want to know why so many powerful figures of the supernatural align themselves with her. I want to know of the beauty that not only took the heart of a vicious creature that have been walking on this earth for over a thousand years but as well as the infamous Wolf King. Sister of a Witness and once the lover to the now leader of the Underworld.“

“I wonder how Crowley feels about that? Must have stung to be fired…again. I’d pity the poor fool if I actually cared.”

The queen smiled malevolently. “Serves the bastard right. It’s about time someone knock him down a few pegs. He was getting a bit too comfortable sitting on that ghastly throne of his. I hope wherever he is, he’s suffering a great amount of pain.”

“Yes…but now there is a new threat with this new demon clan of the Underworld. We know nothing about him or his minions. We don’t know how he run things. We don’t know if he and his miscreants will become a problem for us.”

“Exciting isn’t it?”

The adviser huffed. “Of course you would be happy about this. You’re overjoyed that there is a new maniac leading the Underworld while us normal people are plagued with worry and fear.”

“There is nothing to fear.” Blue eyes ablazed staring down at her adviser. “I would burn anyone and everyone to ash if they lay harm to you, my court, and the people of my cities. You know that.”

The adviser nodded his head knowing what his queen say is true. He would be a fool to think otherwise. “That may be so -”

“It is so.”

“- there is nothing wrong with being cautious. I haven’t met this leader. Shades they call him, but I hear he is nasty fellow. Merciless and vicious. He has no allegiance, only to her.”

Her Highness nodded in agreement. “Which makes me even more curious of her.”

The adviser stared at his queen cautiously. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you were growing an obsessive crush for this woman.” He wiggled his eyebrows up and down. “I wouldn’t blame you if you did. She’s quite beautiful.”

The queen face burned red. “You hush. I only want to meet her. Not only meet her, but know her. I want to see the woman behind the lavish titles. I want to meet the woman under the crown.”

“And you shall.” Her adviser held out his hand. “Are you ready, my queen?”

The queen stared back out at her city. She took in one last breath of the sea and the people below her. She let the familiar scorching sun caress her fair skin, warmth seeping into her bones. she listened to the life crawling in the earth and fowls taking flight in the air. With one last nod, the queen opened her eyes taking in everything into memory. It was time to go. “I’m ready.”

She turned away from the sight and took the Hand of the Queen’s hand into hers and gathered her silk light blue gown in the other. “Come Tyrion, we cannot be late. Jon and Sansa is waiting for us.”

“Good. I know they’ve been getting restless since you told them you wanted them to accompany you.”

“They seem on edge to you?”

“That’s putting it lightly.” Tyrion rolled his eyes. “They’re entering into new territory. This is the first time they have traveled outside of the Isles. They have a right to be on edge, as you say.”

“It is mine as well. I hope it will be a welcoming experience. What was this place called again?”

“New Orleans, my queen.”

“Have you been?”

“Oh yes. I loved it. Very cultured. Beautiful buildings. Many places to enjoy and lively people. Wonderful place with great music and the food is delicious. The alcohol selection is stupendous. There’s this one place on Bourbon street that sells the best wine. I forgot the name of the establishment.”

“Too drunk to remember?”

“Most likely. Don’t judge me, my queen.”

A bell like laughter shrilled through the air. “I would never.”

“The women are beautiful as well! I can’t wait to get my hands on -.”

“Tyrion,” Daenerys Targaryen chided her Hand. “We are strictly going for business matters. Not fun.”

“Ruiner.” Tyrion muttered.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, my queen.”

Daenerys side eyed her friend then look upon the horizon seeing Jon Snow and Sansa Stark waiting by their transportation.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter. Making new friends.”

“And new enemies.” A smirk curled at the end of her lips thinking of the possibility facing new challenges. “Come Tyrion,” The young queen pulled at her adviser’s hand. “Let’s meet this Mother of New Orleans.” Gold reptilian eyes glowed with excitement and mirth.

A raven flew down to perch on Daenerys’ shoulder. She whispered a message to the bird then kissed its beak. The raven cawed then took flight leaving its mistress.

Later on that night, Bonnie Bennett-Mikaelson was tucking her daughter into her bed after having a Girls Only Day with Aunt Gigi, Freya, Lucy, Rebekah, and her Godmother Hayley when a tap on a window was heard.

Bonnie stood from her daughter’s bed seeing a raven sitting on the windowsill. The witch kissed Aurora’s head then covered her tiny body in her Princess and the Frog blanket before she moved to the window.

“What do we have here?” The Bennett-Mikaelson held out her hand waiting for the bird to perch on her finger. It didn’t make a move towards her. “Come on. I won’t bite, I promise.”

The raven neck twitch side to side staring at Bonnie before it hopped up on her finger.

“Good girl. You’re such a good girl.” Bonnie stroke the raven’s dark feathers. “Now, tell me why you’re here.”

Bonnie continued to stroke the bird as she listened to the message. The voice that rung through her head like a bell. It was soft and inviting but held authority. As she continued to listen, her thinned lips gradually turned into a grin. Excitement bloomed into the witch’s chest.

“What’s that smile for?”

Bonnie fleetingly turned to her husband then back down to the raven. “We will be having a guest soon.”

“A guest?” Klaus quietly walked over to his sleeping daughter to kiss her soundly on the top of her head. He just finished checking in on the other three. They were sound asleep just like his little girl.

Like the girls having their day out, the boys did the same. They just got back from Pensacola Beach enjoying the nice spring weather. When they came back to the Tudor home, Lucas, Henrik, and Aleksander was down for the count. The older ones went straight to bed. Elijah took Alek and a night bag to his and Gia’s loft to spend the night. Today was a good day for the Bennett-Mikaelson family.

“What kind of guest?” He asked before he stroked Aurora’s tiny fingers with his big ones. “One that I can tear into, I hope.”

Bonnie shook her head. “Stop that.” She leaned back into the solidness of his husband’s chest when she felt him come near. She relaxed into his welcomed embrace snuggling into him deep. Bonnie leaned her head back on his shoulder waiting for her kiss she had been craving since earlier to today. He did not disappoint. How could he ever? “This guest only want to talk. To me mostly.”

“To you?” Bonnie hummed as she kissed along her hybrid’s strong jaw. She missed him so much. “And who is this guest?”

“A queen.”

Klaus’ eyebrows pinched together, lips pulled into a deep frown. “What queen?”

“The Queen of the Lost Cities. Mother of Dragons they call her.”

Klaus’ frown grew deeper. “And what does this queen want with you? Why is she entering into our city?”

“Just to talk, isn’t that right lovely Isabelle?”


“The raven.” Bonnie stroked Isabella’s dark feathers. “It’s the queen’s. Isn’t she precious?” She kissed the top of her feathered head.

“Bonnie, put that down. It might have rabies.”

“Oh stop it. It does not have rabies. She’s healthy, aren’t you girl? Yes you are.” Bonnie cooed.

Klaus rolled his eyes at the sight. Truly sickening. He couldn’t stand most birds if not all of them. They were all rats with wings. “When is this…queen coming?”

“Two days. Three tops.” Bonnie leaned down to whisper a message to the raven. When she was done, she kissed the bird on top of its head ignoring the distaste on Klaus’ face. “She’s coming with her trusted adviser.” She lifted her hand holding the raven out the window. She watched the winged creature fly away before she continued. “She’s also coming with Sansa Stark and her brother, Jon Snow.”

“The one who knows nothing.” Bonnie slapped her husband’s arm telling him to hush. “Why are they coming?”

“I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Klaus leaned down to kiss his lovely wife’s lips ever so gently. “Two queens in one city.”


“The Mother of Dragons and the Mother of New Orleans finally meet.”

“Exciting isn’t it?” Bonnie twisted into Klaus’ embrace wrapping her arms around his neck. “Two queens. Two strong beautiful women figures standing in one place.”

“I don’t care for the Dragon woman. I only have eyes for one queen. My queen.”

Bonnie leaned up to kiss her hybrid’s pillowy red lips. “I love when you get sappy.” Bonnie kissed him again. “It makes me all warm and gooey inside.”

“Does it really?” Klaus muttered against his wife’s sinful lips. Bonnie hummed as he continues to kiss her. “I’d do anything for my queen.”


Klaus stared down at Bonnie and he swore he felt his dead heart lodge in his throat. Green eyes glowed under the silver moon rays and stars that shined through the window. She was looking up at him, chin resting on his collar bone, nails raking through his curly hair. Her crooked smile was giving him life. He lived for that smile. He couldn’t be without it.

Love and happiness exploded in his chest feeling their bond strum to life. He loved this and he loved her. He smoothed tendrils of hair that fell from Bonnie’s ponytail behind her ears. He brushed his nose against hers, forehead touches, lips inches apart. This was his. This was his Bonnie.


Bonnie kissed Klaus’ chin then rested her head on his chest. “Take me to bed, my king.”

The next morning, the raven arrived back to her mistress. She and her party were hours away from the airport to take them to New Orleans. Daenerys held out her hand and watched the bird gracefully land on her finger. She brought Isabelle to perch on her shoulder as she relay the good news.

The dragon woman smirk grew into a blinding smile as she heard Bonnie’s voice. Daenerys turned to Tyrion who was waiting for his queen to say something.

“Well…” He started. “What did she say?”

Daenerys giggled then stared out the window seeing the world pass her by. “She says she’ll be waiting with a bottle of her best wine.” Tyrion face scrunched up in confusion. “She said she has been waiting for me. She tells me we have much to discuss.”


“What else?” The Mother of Dragon eyes gleamed with mirth. “A alliance.”

“A alliance?” Tyrion shook his head. “How…how can this…you two haven’t even met yet and now there is a alliance?”

“She would like to speak with Sansa as well but that will be after me and her had our talk. Another queen will be joining us, along with someone accompanying her. Someone named Merlin.” The queen shrugged her shoulder. “It seems we all have a mutal enemy that I did not know we shared.” She turned back to the window, smile still not leaving her face. “I was right, you know?”

Tyrion rubbed his face trying to stay calm about the dangers they were about to face. “And what is that?”

His stomach twisted in ugly knots as the familiar gold reptilian eyes came alive once again. Teeth and nails now long and sharp, and ears pointed with black scales peeking from under her flesh. The Mother of Dragons was alive. Above her hiding in the clouds as they soar, was her three dragons, following their mother.

“This is quite exciting.”

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