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First Words Spoken ToG Edition

A Court of Thorns and Roses Edition can be found here 

Starting from the Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

By order of appearance

Celaena Sardothien - “Its past four in the morning”

Sam Cortland - “Perhaps if you hadn’t been reading all night, you wouldn’t be so exhausted" 

Arobynn Hammel - “Gregori’s been caught" 

Captain Rolfe - "I’m glad to see you’ve made yourself at home.”

Ansel of Briarcliff - “I’m Ansel”

Lysandra - “Sam!" 

Dorian Havilliard - "Some party”

Chaol Westfall - “What do you care for the armies of Adarlan?”

Duke Perrington - “That is the proper way to greet your future king.”

The King of Adarlan - “She has arrived?" 

Kaltain Rompier - "Dorian likes white" 

Nehemia Ytger - "Thank you”

Nox Owen - “What do you suppose this is about?" 

Elena Galathynius Havilliard - "You know your history”

Rowan Whitethorn - “Let’s go”

Aedion Ashryver - “Majesty" 

Maeve - "Hello, Aelin Galathynius.”

Manon Blackbeak - “Wrong kind of witch." 

Gavriel - "I’ve been looking for you for six weeks”

Lorcan Salvaterre - “She is dead, you fool, or close enough to it.”

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius - “To whatever end?”

Evangeline - "I would like the tart, please.”

Elide Lochan - “C-c-cleaning" 

Erawan - “Wing Leader.”

Fenrys - “I liked your hair longer”

A Moment of Silence

For Lady Marion Lochan - who sacrificed herself to save a little girl, to save her country, to save her daughter’s future.

For Rena Goldsmith - who worked her way to the top so that she could perform for the king, and then was beheaded while she recounted her dead.

For Sam Cortland - who loved a girl so much. Who was tortured and kills for that love, but did not regret one moment of it. Who would love her just as much if he had the chance to do it again.

For Nehemia Ytger - who deserved to live and fight alongside her friends, but instead lived knowing she would never see her country or her plans play out, and died with hope for a better world that has yet to come.

For the girl from Calaculla - who believed so fiercely that Nehemia was her salvation, and who led an uprising in the mines when her princess was killed. She was the first to throw her pickax, and we never knew her name.

For the orchestra after the massacre - who performed the song of each country who had slaves in those mines, and then for their own country in mourning for what they had become. Then were never heard from again. Brave, talented souls who are now lost.

For the demi-Fae outside Doranelle - who were tested on and ruined and tortured. For the girl in the cave that was so far gone, Rowan could not even pull the air from her lungs to gift her a swift death.

For Kaltain Rompier - who suffered so greatly at the hands of vile people, but was able to beat the darkness forced inside her and remembered the kindness of two fellow girls in similar cages. She is why Aelin has a wyrdkey, why the valg-witchlings are gone, and why a third of Morath was destroyed. From her sacrifice.

For Madam Florine and her dancers - who risked everything to help Aelin, and left their entire lives behind in pursuit of a better future. For the dance teacher who gave Aelin music when she needed it most, and promised that she would bring more whenever and wherever peace was found.

For Ress and Brullo and the rest of Chaol’s men - who were tortured by their prince and king, but stayed loyal to their true captain. Who did not break, not one, and were found swaying in the wind from the palace gates.

For all the mortals who were turned into ilken and inhabited by Valg - who were innocent souls, corrupted and violated and did not deserve their fate.

For the shifter turned Bloodhound - who may have been just like Lysandra, but had the unfortunate luck of being turned into a creature of nightmares.

For the healer who looked like Yrene - who did nothing wrong, who cried over a three year old she couldn’t save, and died for the purpose of a corrupt Valg that was bored. 

A moment of silence for the people in Throne of Glass who didn’t do anything wrong, and who deserved so much better.

Nehemia, the Light of Eyllwe, who would save them from their plight.

Finally finished! I actually started this months ago and put it on the back burner. Finally finished though! My favorite princess ❤️💕

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Everything We Know About Yrene Towers

In preparation for Tower of Dawn, here is a reminder of everything we know about our favorite healer. 

  • She has an iron stomach
  • She was nineteen in The Assassin’s Blade so she is now probably about twenty two
  • Celaena describes her as having swift feet, good balance, and intelligent, stunning eyes
  • believes in the gods, especially Silba, Goddess of Healing
  • wears a ring that belonged to her mother and grandmother, etc
    • used this ring as evidence for being married even though she’s not
  • While working at the White Pig, Yrene would make sure to leave any extra scrapings out for women who were living on the streets to eat
  • Yrene has an incredibly strong hold on her emotions that intrigues even Celaena 
  • Celaena taught her how to defend herself
  • Is in the possession of a ruby brooch in Adarlan colors that Arobynn gifted Celaena on her sixteenth birthday


  • possesses a ‘too-slim figure’
  • golden-tan skin
  • ordinary brown hair
  • average height
  • bright gold-brown eyes which she keeps downcast to avoid unwanted attention
  • There may be a scar across the front of her throat from where she had almost died


  • From Fenharrow
  • Her mother was a kind, talented healer who helped everyone
  • mother had sacrificed her own life to save Yrene when Adarlan soldiers came for them
  • Yrene had been eleven
  • for six and a half years she lived with her cousins in hiding
  • a few months before her eighteenth birthday, she’d set off for Antica
  • ran out of money at Innish and had been stuck there for a year with no hope

Future plans:

  • Attend Torre Cesme to become a healer
  • return to the continent to help because ‘there are a lot of people who need good healers these days’ and because ‘its the right thing to do’

What she knows about Celaena:

  • Not her name
  • she is a couple years younger
  • is fierce as wildfire
  • can kill half a dozen men without a thought
  • her handwriting
  • she’s filthy rich
  • brilliant eyes ringed with gold
  • has countless scars that she says are ‘a reminder’

Celaena’s parting thoughts of Yrene: 

  • “Prayed that somehow, years from now, Yrene Towers would return to this continent, and maybe, just maybe, heal their shattered world a little bit.”

The Assassins Blade
Throne of Glass
Crown of Midnight
Heir of Fire 
Queen of Shadows 
Empire of Storm
Tower of Dawn 


endless list of favorite characters → elincia ridell crimea (fire emblem: path of radiance)

↳ “all your dissatisfaction and misgivings about me are well founded. however, do you realize how many lives you’ve simply thrown away? strength without compassion does not a ruler make. you care nothing for the people, sir. you cloak your desire to rule with pretty speeches, but it is petty avarice nonetheless! allowing you to plant the seeds of rebellion and play havoc with the lives of my people is a failure for which i must answer. but i will see crimea through this trial. i will give my people the future they deserve, no matter the cost.”


And THIS is what I ended up going with for 2017′s @0lightsourced birthday. Kinda went overboard maybe, but I wanted to put my recent practicing to good work and see how far I could push myself along with getting something cool for Light. Hopefully this counts as being an improvement over last year’s image! Happy birthday Light! You’re a real pal!

Oh, added note, the background is actually lifted from Sonicomi, I made some minor modifications as I drew it but really, I was kinda rushing so I had to cut some corners somewhere and the background was where that happened. I’ll have to do better next time.

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