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will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

What I love best about Kubo-sensei drawing Shachihoko!Viktor is that here she is again, calmly responding to our wild screaming that more or less goes like, “WHO THE HELL IS CHIHOKO I MUST KNOW OR ELSE I CAN’T LIVE???”

Kubo-sensei’s consistently subtle way of answering our maniacal screeching throughout the life of this fandom is so refreshing, here I am just laughing my head off. I feel like a banshee meeting its tamer, lmao. I love you, sensei! ❤

gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

I’m really digging the Junker Queen with Sombra tbh. I’ve always had a hard time shipping Sombra with anyone because she’s a manipulative, self centered person and every character she’s usually paired with is someone she’d readily take advantage of.

But I think JQ is a good fit. She won’t let bullshit slide, sounds pretty straight forward, and honestly, Junkertown is canonically cutthroat and lawless, so Sombra would pretty much fit right in. No one there would have a problem with her association with Talon. There’d probably be some initial tension with Sombra pushing limits, but I think they could see eye to eye and could help each other out when they see fit.

if the heavens ever did speak… she’s the last true mouthpiece

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What does Victoria mean when she says Cal gets "territorial"? :/

Well, human beings evolved from animals, and a common instinct men got from their animal ancestors is the need to protect and sort of defend what they see as their “territory”. In sort of uncouth terms, men defend their land, their food, and most often what they see as a potential  “mate”. Now that Mare and Cal have slept together and have been very intimate with each other, Cal probably views her as “his” and in a very animalistic way, as a potential mate (even though as human beings we have placed a pretty big staple on sex as a form of love, at its very roots its just a way to pass on genetics and continue to evolve). So Cal sees Mare (subconsciously of course, so deep down he probably doesn’t even know it’s happening) as the best candidate to help pass on his genes, and that is extremely important because it’s a natural human and animal instinct to find the best female to help pass on the males genetics (natural selection and Darwinism). Now viewing someone of the opposite sex as “mine”, is a natural mechanism that most people have with the person they love, but this can be good and bad obviously. If they can’t learn to let that person have space or be independent, its not good. There’s probably a guy who gets a little too touchy feely, or too close to Mare in a way that makes Cal kind of raise his hackles to defend what he sees as his (most likely Cal sees him flirting with Mare, or touching her in a way that he might have in the past, such as brushing hair back to look at the neck (a very VERY common way of flirting because it shows the girl is vulnerable to the guy)). In animalistic terms, he sees the other male as competition and goes in claws out to defend Mare as his sort of property, and in other words, he gets territorial. And Mare has absolutely every right to tell him to back the f up and not be a possessive ass, especially since she no longer views him as a lover, or maybe she does, I don’t know anymore, I’ve come to the point where I’m no longer really guessing plot. XD 

PL Inktober Day 3: Favourite game

Spectre’s Flute is such a good game, and it was the first I got the actual cartridge thingy for! 100% fav

It was certainly a damn fine day to check the mail!! WOW!!!!

Picture #2: My first bite of an @littlerunnergurl linzer was, “Holy S&@t!! This is the best cookie in the world!!!! How in the hell have I missed this all my life!!!?!?!?”
Picture #3: “Uh oh…these cookies are addictive and amazing and they are the best things ever and dammit why do I have to love my husband? If he was a jerk, I could justify not sharing with him. Dammit, why does he have to be home today? Dammit, he also loves the cookies, so giving him one isn’t enough. But they’re so good that I’m too happy to want to punch him!”

@coachgirl311, you are amazing, and you and @littlerunnergurl deserve ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!!!!! 😍😍😍LRG, you are the queen baker extraordinaire!!!!

Jon and Dany / RED HERRING

Ok, was it me, or did anyone else notice right after Jon and Dany’s “Romantic scene” (Even though it wasn’t, but the Directors are trying so hard) Davos asks Jon about Dany, Jon isn’t even into the conversation, THEN THEY have a chat with Messandei, Jon ends up telling her “And you believe that?” Questioning If Dany would let Messandei go. This was extremely important to watch!!!!! Because even after their little scene together, Jon still doesn’t really care for Dany. You can tell, it’s quite clear. Right after Theon comes in RIGHT when Jon is starting to listen to Messandei about the “Good queen.” Distracting Jon. OUT OF ALL THE THINGS THEY COULD HAVE BROUGHT UP , THEY MENTION SANSA. Jon isn’t in love with Dany. What else I find very interesting was Right when Davos brings up Dany , Jon goes and says “there’s no time for that, I saw the night king with my own eyes. How many men do we have in the north , 10,000?” IT’S QUITE CLEAR WHAT JON WANTS. IT’S DANY’S ARMY!! He doesn’t say oh yes she’s pretty. NO, he asks how many men do we have? Lmao!! If that’s not a slap in the face I don’t know what is. Now with Davos playing CUPID, I’m starting to think if he knows Jon’s not into Dany, which right after I think he knows why. The camera goes right to Davos’s face When Jon Threatens Theon.. @heathergee25 Had told me That Davos has been looking at Jon And Sansa too. In episodes 1 & 2 . So I’m starting to even think Davos wants to distract Jon because he knows of Jons true feelings for his sister. That’s why he even brings up Dany to Jon. My tinfoil made me SAY IT. It’s also making me say Davos will bring it up to Jon and call him out on it near the end of season 7. Jon will feel guilty.. Davos knows something’s up. We also know Jon gets a letter in the next episode, Because he mentions Bran. So he will get a letter more likely from Sansa. So I can’t wait!! 😊 Dany is still the red herring people!! Oh and let’s not forget Sansa mentions Jon when Jon MENTIONS Sansa in every episode.

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A few days ago I saw a quote by Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma that said that when 2 women come together in film we never explore the relationship between them, rather we only focus on how they are connected to the hero. She said that in the future she would like to do more roles exploring those female relationships. And then I really wanted to share that quote with  "Welcome to the Malayalam film industry..we just did this movie.“ I think we should be very, very proud of the fact that we have movies like How Old Are You? coming here, we have a 22 Female Kottayam.  I mean, if we look at any industry in India today, I think, along with Marathi and Bengali, the Malayalam industry is one of the best industries that explores female oriented cinema.
—  Rima Kallingal
Hair of Gold: Prolouge

Once upon a time, a drop of the sun fell from the heavens onto the ground.

The drops had fallen in the mountain tops in the great kingdom of Magisteria. There, the drops flourished into a frail yet beautiful flower, gold petals spread wide and taking in the sunshine, their proud mother spreading warmth upon them.

Being that they were from the sun herself, the flower possessed incredible powers of healing, even the ancient becoming spry after doing one simple thing- singing to it a song.

There was, however, one group of people who wanted to possess the flowers’ ability for themselves. These people were known as The Order of Disorder. They sought to research the bloom’s abilities, and soon use it for themselves. The flower could not be picked as there would be no other one after it, not for at least a century, so the Order kept it hidden away from the public. They were greedy people indeed, yet curiosity was their true fatal flaw.

The flower was kept a secret for centuries, until one fateful day.

The queen of Magisteria had fell terribly sick while she was pregnant with her first son. Terrified for his wife and child, the king sent out search parties for medicines- or in this case, a miracle.

The Order of Disorder was discovered by the royal guards, led by the great General Rajavi. The Order was interrogated immediately and soon the flower was found, and The Order was forced to flee to their more secretive hideouts.

In great triumph, the flower was brought back and stewed into tea for the queen. The child was born healthy and the queen in little pain. The child was named Aaron, as it meant “high mountain”, like of which the healing flower was found on. The baby was a beautiful boy with hair of woven gold like duckfluff and eyes of gleaming emerald. He would be a real charmer among the boys when he grew up.

You were doing so well, so much fancy word choice- you just had to break out of character, didn’t you?

I did, especially after having to write like that.

Just continue, Call.

To celebrate Aaron’s birth, the king and queen released hundreds of glowing lanterns into the sky. Unfortunately, not all good things could last. The Order of Disorder had sent a woman by the name of Lady Alma to kidnap the baby, for they believed Aaron possessed the same powers as the flower had.

Alma arrived at the baby’s carriage and softly sang under her breath. Sure enough, slowly the small boy’s hair lit up, bringing light to the room, restoring strength to Alma. I don’t exactly how, so please don’t ask me.

With a sweep of her creepy as heck cloak, she swept the baby up into her arms. Aaron, the sensible baby he was, cried out. The king and queen startled awake, but they couldn’t catch Alma.

Alma took Aaron to a lone tower outside of Magisteria, made of stone and carved deep into the ground. There, parts of The Order would send caretakers for him each day- sometimes Alma, sometimes a cranky man by the name of Lemuel, even later into Aaron’s later years a young teenager by the name of Alexander. Spoiler alert: he’s an asshole.


What, you don’t agree?

Of course I agree, but that was a little… direct.

I have to be direct!

I mean… I guess…

Anyways, the king and queen obviously missed their child, it’s pretty much impossible not to miss someone like Aaron. Every year on Aaron’s birthday they’d let the same type of lanterns into the sky like they did when their child was still with them. They hoped that somewhere, wherever Aaron was, the lanterns would guide him home. Cheesy, I know, but bear with me, okay?

Aaron was an incredibly curious child, he grew up with such people, but instead Aaron’s curiosity was innocent childish wonder instead of cruel. Every year on one special day, as his hair grew longer and longer, he stared out of his one window, enchanted by the glowing lights.

As much as he wanted to leave the tower, he was bound there for fifteen years, all until a person named Callum Hunt decided to stop by his windowsill.

That, by the way, is me.

Oh, and the crow, Jasper. Him, too.

How can you forget about Jasper? He’s not exactly forgettable.

I didn’t forget, I just forestalled.


I guess I should zoom out a bit before jumping into it like this.

so… uh… that was the prolouge of my first fic, which if you haven’t noticed yet, is a tangled au? not exactly sure when the next part will be out, it may take a while. reblogs and critique much appreciated! shout-out to @mageofsoul for being my beta reader and before you ask, yes, the title is a tøp pun. have a lovely week everyone~


creating a monster by hanging on + paying the price


I’m watching a drama documentary (which is pretty shit so far, tbh) on one of our most famous queens, and honestly some of these historians are so shitty. Like, a lot of people suspect that she was either bisexual or lesbian, but this one lady was like “No I don’t think she’s a lesbian. It’s just people today who want to apply their ideas on the past” and I’m ready to go to Stockholm to fight her. 

I really doubt she was straight tbh. She never married, she never wanted kids, she dressed like a man and was raised like one, and she was in a relationship with another woman. So she wasn’t straight, and she was probably more a lesbian than anything else.

Dating John Winchester would include:

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• Being spoiled with that classic gentleman charm all the time.

• Making you laugh with ticklish, scruffy kisses on your cheeks and neck.

• Him being so grateful to be happily in love again, and wondering how the hell did he score such a pure soul like you to be with him

• Him telling you embarrassing stories about his boys because that’s what dads do

• Pet names or terms of affection like sweetheart, queen, princess, darling, etc and all the good lovely things he knows that makes you blush

• him teaching you mechanics because he wants you to be able to take care of yourself in case he’s not there to help even though it’s rare that you both are separated

• smol public displays of affection like reaching for your hand over the table, an arm around the back of your seat in diner booths or in his truck, tucking a lock of your hair behind your ear, holding pinky fingers.

• Did i mention being spoiled with classic gentleman charm. ?? Stuf like him pulling out your chair and tucking it for you, opening all the doors and letting you in first, the good shit

• T H E C H A R M AND M A N N E R S. him opening the door of his giant truck and holding your hand to help you in bc it is too tall and him closing the door behind you, im a sucker for that good shit ok a y ?goodbye, thank

• putting his big heavy jackets that smell like him over your shoulders when you are cold,

• always saying i love you’s and goodnight kisses before bed bc he cherishes you so much and will absolutely not take little things for granted

• this may have gotten away from me, i am having feels

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Cool camera shot. Love how Oliver immediately turns and starts walking towards her. hmmmm…after seeing this moment makes me think about future eps and it is probably a good thing they have an elevator.