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Pair: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: You are an undercover agent who works with the Avengers and the villain you and the rest of the team are trying to catch happens to be in Queens. 

A/N: So I don’t know how I feel about this so I guess this is an intro thing.  It would have several parts….I think.  Anyways, let me know what you think and if I should continue.  All the love! <3

You were woken up by the sound of an alarm echoing in your room.  You groaned knowing that it was either Tony or Steve trying to get you up to train.  You checked the clock that stood next to your bed which read 5:23 AM.  

“What do you want!?” you shouted into the void.  

The alarm immediately went silent and was quickly replaced with Friday’s voice.  “Mr. Stark and Mr. Rogers are requesting your presence in the control room.” 

You groaned once again before replying, “How important is it?” 

“It’s urgent now get your ass in here, we’re wasting time,” you heard Tony’s voice.  

You sighed before throwing the covers off of your body.  You grabbed the sweater that was resting on the chair near the door and slipped it over your cold body along with a pair of slippers before walking towards the control room.  You entered the dimly lit room seeing both Steve and Tony staring at the tablet on the table in front of them.  

“So what’s up?” you asked, rubbing your tired eyes.  

“That mad scientist guy we’ve been trying to catch for the past couple of weeks,” Tony started.  

“We think he’s in Queens,” Steve finished.  

“Okay, so why did you need me?” you asked, still confused as to why your presence was needed. 

“We need you for this next mission,” Tony replied.  

“We need you to go undercover and find this guy,” Steve said.  

“Isn’t that what Spiderman is for?” you asked.  

“Yeah but that scientist knows that Spiderman or either one of us will be getting him.  You have never been out on the field before so he won’t recognize you until it’s too late,” Steve replied.  

“You want my first field mission to be an undercover op? That sounds a bit risky to me,” you said.  

“We know you’re ready,” Tony said with a encouraging smile.  

You looked down at the tablet taking a clear look of the scientist that you wanted to catch.  You sighed before replying, “When do I leave?” 

Ok, this translator from a manga I’m reading is starting to annoy me. I’m grateful for the scanlations, but they shouldn’t really put in useless translator notes. The one that are informative, like explaining stuff about the translations and references the reader may not understand, those are fine. I like those, those are useful in many cases. But this translator just adds random commentary like “t/n: omg I’m dying”, “t/n: my queen! i love her.”, “t/n: shitz getting done.” Like…no one wants those “translator notes”…unless they are actual useful t/n’s. 

Dark Horse
  • Dark Horse
  • Ten Second Songs

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” sang in 20 different styles

  • 0.00 - Katy Perry
  • 0:08 - Nirvana
  • 0:15 - Queen
  • 0:22 - Michael Jackson
  • 0:30 - ‘N Sync
  • 0:43 - Iron Maiden
  • 0:57 - Jamiroquai
  • 1:07 - Pantera
  • 1:13 - Frank Sinatra
  • 1:29 - Metallica
  • 1:35 - Pavarotti
  • 1:43 - The Doors
  • 2:00 - Run D.M.C
  • 2:08 - Tech N9ne
  • 2:16 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 2:21 - Slipknot
  • 2:26 - Louis Prima
  • 2:32 - Boyz II Men
  • 2:51 - Type 0 Negative
  • 3:14 - John Mayer
Self-Shipping Meme

because there needs to be more love for people’s interactions with their favs (you can ship yourself with a character or they can just be your favourite, hopefully this’ll be a nice creativity booster)

draw/write you and/or your fav:

  1. meeting face-to-face for the first time
  2. going to a cafe
  3. going to the cinema
  4. going to the park/beach
  5. having a movie night
  6. racing 
  7. dancing together
  8. ordering pizza
  9. going on a road-trip
  10. stuck in a traffic jam
  11. dealing with you/your fav being ill
  12. giving you/your fav a back-rub
  13. stuck in the rain
  14. having a prank war
  15. comforting you/your fav after a nightmare
  16. playing video/board games 
  17. drawing each other
  18. hiding a surprise for you/your fav (can be cute/romantic/angsty)
  19. cuddling 
  20. (open suggestion!)

i hope the answer to the ‘how do fusions know their names’ question is ‘they don’t’ i hope they just have to go up to whatever other gems are around and go ‘what kinda rock do you guys think i am’ i hope we get a scene where rose and pearl ask garnet her name and she just stares at her gems like shit…….i don’t know….. and rose very excitedly thumbs over her shoulder and goes ‘we have all kinds of crystallographic analysis equipment in the ship!’ and then it’s smash cut to rose like staring into some giant electron-microscope looking thing calling out chemical and spectrographic reads and crystal formations and pearl combing through the fine print of some giant computer database while garnet sits there awkwardly with her hand under a scanner going ‘guys you don’t really have to do this we literally met 10 minutes ago’ and they both ignore her and finally pearl slams her hand down on the table and yells ‘GARNET!’ and she and rose get all excited b/c NEW FRIEND HAS A NAME and garnet just smiles because not only has she learned what she is in precise terms but also she has learned the inescapable truth that rose quartz the leader of the rebellion and her terrifying renegade pearl are the hugest fucking nerds in the galaxy


Can you pinpoint the exact moment you first fell in love? [insp]