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Self-Shipping Meme

because there needs to be more love for people’s interactions with their favs (you can ship yourself with a character or they can just be your favourite, hopefully this’ll be a nice creativity booster)

draw/write you and/or your fav:

  1. meeting face-to-face for the first time
  2. going to a cafe
  3. going to the cinema
  4. going to the park/beach
  5. having a movie night
  6. racing 
  7. dancing together
  8. ordering pizza
  9. going on a road-trip
  10. stuck in a traffic jam
  11. dealing with you/your fav being ill
  12. giving you/your fav a back-rub
  13. stuck in the rain
  14. having a prank war
  15. comforting you/your fav after a nightmare
  16. playing video/board games 
  17. drawing each other
  18. hiding a surprise for you/your fav (can be cute/romantic/angsty)
  19. cuddling 
  20. (open suggestion!)

All former Queens of Mewni are now united!

To be honest, I really want to know the names and lore of Queen Bunny and Queen Goblet. Also someone asked where Miss Heinous is. She desperately wants to hide the symbols on her cheeks, right? And she’s also not part of the former queens, right? Maybe she’s Eclipsa’s DAUGHTER??? But I don’t want to jump into the great great pool of theories named tumblr. I’ll wait ‘till the season finale.