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No Sir, No , Nope

I absolutely don’t know what you are talking about

I see no similarities at all

Anyway,we all know that DESTIEL is made up by the fans


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I don’t think we talk enough about Vicki Collins.

I was stalking Misha’s Instagram as always and I came across a comment on a picture with him and Vicki. It was so fucking rude and I felt the need to justify how beautiful Vicki is.

We all talk about Gen and Danneel because they’re actresses themselves but I don’t see posts talking about Vicki. Sure, we don’t see much of her, but I’m sure we can all agree just how amazing she is.

Some things we need to keep in mind:

1.       We talk about how amazing a father Misha is, watching the cooking videos. But we need to remember Vicki is the one behind the camera, filming all of this. Remember how we praised Misha’s patience with West in the first ever video? Yeah, Vicki was with them too, all the while holding the camera and filming the two hours of West’s detour on the way to the supermarket.

2.       Vicki literally travelled to India at the age of 16 after making a presentation about an orphanage there, worked there for two months and came back with babies. She is and always has been an amazing human being.

3.       Misha claims that it is Vicki’s craziness and uniqueness that has rubbed on him.

4.       She has the patience of a saint; with her husband as well as her children. She is the one who has to take care of the kids while Misha is working, and look at how amazing they’ve grown up to be! And she has redesigned Misha’s wedding ring (personalized ring, she herself made) twice now because he keeps losing it.

5.       She has been a part of Misha’s life for 25 years now and he loves her dearly. I think that is reason enough for us to adore her.

So, basically, I just love Victoria Vantoch-Collins so much and I wanted to appreciate her existence and thank her for shaping Misha into the man he is today. Vicki and Misha will always be my favorite power couple.

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what are your drunk Danneel, Misha and Jensen headcannons !

A lot of these come from conversations I’ve been having with @withthedemonblood so I’m giving her partial credit/co-author credits on this one.

Nesnej: the drunk girl in the bathroom at the club who tells you that you’re beautiful and tries to pet your hair

  • Never knows what’s going on
  • Is WAY into his wife, tells that he loves her at every opportunity
  • Repeats himself 400 times throughout the night
  • Laughs really loudly
  • Very friendly and affectionate, often crosses boundaries without meaning to
  • ^ On that note, definitely makes out with strangers on the dance floor
  • MESSY. Throws up heavily in a bathroom stall but it doesn’t dampen his night at all, he rebounds real fast
  • Tries to take lots of group photos but is a terrible photographer (800 blurry crowd shots)
  • Constantly tries to FaceTime Misha
  • Impatient as fuck, very short attention span
  • Drapes himself over the DJ booth to make really dumb and half-coherent song requests
  • Subby
  • Hungry
  • Gets WAY hungover in the morning, swears to never drink again (and always does anyway)

Leennad: the reckless righteous hot girl that’s doing upside down flaming shots at the bar instead of hanging out with the people she came here with

  • Doesn’t give a shit about anything ever
  • Makes questionable and potentially dangerous decisions
  • Screams a lot
  • Laughs at Nesnej when he falls down instead of offering to help him up
  • LOVES tequila
  • Starts fights in the bathroom with girls that aren’t being nice to other girls 
  • She doesn’t even know them she’s just always ready to throw down
  • Convinces Nesnej to do increasingly stupid things #ForTheLolz over the course of the night and then documents them for later
  • Looks absolutely perfect no matter what phase of the night she’s in
  • Touchy, a lil bit gay, has probably made out with a girl on the dance floor before
  • Sings along to every fucking song, particularly hard rap, complete with hand gestures
  • Is sometimes rude but nobody cares
  • Is never hungover somehow

Ahsim: just a complete disaster.

  • Slurs and stutters SO much, punctuated by random giggling
  • Gets naked 800% faster than anybody else, very horny
  • “Let’s wrestle”
  • Likes to dance, but is a Very Bad Dancer
  • Also screams a lot
  • Sweats like you would not believe
  • bel·lig·er·ent, impatient and bitchy
  • Like drunk!Danneel, he also will not hesitate to roast a bitch
  • Will give you his coat if you’re cold, no questions asked
  • Periodically asks you if you’re having a good time, to the point where it actually gets annoying
  • Will take you home immediately if you’re not having a good time
  • Drunk tweets
  • Wanders off, gets lost, nobody knows where he is
  • Doesn’t know any of the words to any of the songs in the club but vibes to them anyway
  • CANNOT hold his liquor, likes fruit cocktails
  • Seriously someone switch him to water
  • A crier. Emotional.

And, bonus!

Deraj: the girl who starts a fight with you on the dance floor because she thinks you were looking at her boyfriend

  • Yells at the waitress collecting empty bottles off the floor for interrupting her dancing during ~her song~
  • Stands outside the bathroom stall while Nesnej is throwing up to keep people from bothering him and to keep an eye on him
  • Does not mind taking care of people even if it means he doesn’t get to party as much
  • Physically puts himself between girls trying to have a good time and the creepy guys trying to dance on them
  • Instantly best friends with all the bouncers
  • Has actual conversations with people at the bar about music and politics
  • Constantly reassuring people that they look “great” while keeping his bitchy comments to himself
  • Does not want to leave when the bars close, makes a big fuss about being kicked out
  • Zero tolerance for whining, would rather you just go home
  • “Just take your shoes OFF if your feet hurt so bad!”

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So ... you are the Queen of Misha's nipple freckle but I never noticed them ...?








I rest my case.

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me everytime
  • me: *watches movie / Tv show*
  • me: *have a new celebrity crush*
  • me: *look up for them on google*
  • me: *ignore the fact that they are already married or dating someone*
  • me: *find their age*
  • me: *Start calculating the difference between my age and them*
  • me: yep theres a chance , i could definitely date him