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Would you ever consider making a Royal OC? Y'know, maybe a king like Katuunko, a queen like Miraj, a duchess like Satine, something like that?

She’s not drawn yet but I do have an OC who was a princess at one point but she ran away :0

Sexy Anidala headcanons:

Anakin isn’t exaggerating when he says he could spend days between Padme’s legs… If he was to die with his mouth slick with her wetness and his tongue inside her, he’d die a very happy man.

In the beginning, more often than not Padme had to take the lead where sex was concerned. Anakin took a while to master his prowess and get over his nervousness and lack of experience.

The first time they had sex, Anakin almost released in his trousers when she let her dress fall off of her body, revealing her breasts to his wide but hungry eyes.

Padme secretly loves it when Anakin loses control and takes her with an animistic flair. He makes her feel small and so very womanly, and it’s the only time she feels enjoys such feelings. They’re both always beyond sated and exhausted afterwards. 

Anakin once somehow bent his limbs and crushed himself beneath Padme’s desk and worked her with his mouth until she bit her lip hard enough to draw blood to keep from crying out his name loud enough for it to be heard three offices down.

Padme loves to pleasure Anakin with her mouth. Something about the way he groans, grunts and jerks up into her when his control slips arouses her to no end. It’s a controlling act, and though she may be the one on her knees, Anakin has no power at all. 

After stopping the Blue Shadow virus from getting out into Naboo’s air - after she almost died - Padme locked herself and Anakin (under the guise of recovery and meditation respectively) in her bedchamber in the palace and demanded he make her feel alive again.

Anakin’s biggest fantasy is taking Padme in the Council chambers - the ultimate act of rebellion. Bonus points if it’s in one of the Master’s chairs.

When he wakes up from nightmares in the middle of the night, Padme has found the best comfort she can offer him is distraction… More often than not said distraction comes in the form of letting him fuck her until she’s all he can see, hear, feel and think about.

She can’t explain it but hearing Anakin speak in other languages is a big turn on for Padme.

After rolling around the meadow together, Padme could feel the beginning of hardness between Anakin’s legs and since she was already straddling him, couldn’t resist rolling her hips just a little… By accident, of course.

Whenever he comes home to her with a new wound of scar, Padme kisses it, and then, if he’s in pain, she kisses lower and lower until she’s smirking up at him, on her knees and slowly pulling at the drawstring of his trousers…

Padme has learned that it’s pointless to purchase lingerie, expensive or otherwise, because it always ends up torn off of her body and thrown to the floor, in tatters.

Anakin once took her from behind, over a table in the Senate building - it wasn’t even her office - the thrill of such a stupidly dangerous risk made him feel more alive than he had in months.

They have done many inappropriate things in Padme’s office… Especially on her desk. 

When Padme found out exactly what happened with Queen Miraj, she refused to sleep with Anakin for two weeks. When she finally gave in and settled the argument, accepting that he really had no other choice, a possessiveness of her own came over her and rode him so ferociously, that Anakin was almost intimated. For the first time ever, she marked him, sucking a deep purple bruise into his neck and whispered “you’re mine, Skywalker.” into his ear as he had the most satasfying climax of his life

Threepio has walked in on the pair of them at it in various rooms more than once. Anakin promised over and over that he’d erase the memory from the droid’s drives each time.

He never has.

They’re not always at it like Bantha’s in heat though. They’re extremely comfortable just being naked together without it turning into sex, often sleeping in the nude or using the ‘fresher together. Padme in particular loves just laying between Anakin’s legs in a bath after a long stressful day in the Senate to unwind.

Padme’s biggest fantasy is Anakin taking her in the meadow near Varykino in the midst of a rain shower (she saw it once in one of the romantic Holovids Sola makes her watch and thought it looked very romantic).

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for the OC line meme: my past does not define me

Oof this is hard- but probably Falinx!! They lived as a “lady” to Queen Miraj for a significant portion before they returned for to the Jedi! (A lot of older and grumpier masters still call them “slaver” in the halls of the Temple which is why they’d rather hang out in the barracks w/ the boys)