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dinners with dad (or, forced attempts at parenting) // a queen sugar fic, part 1


about… Micah could do without these forced attempts at bonding with his dad. But, if he has to go, maybe he can use them to learn something. How to be a better person, or maybe just how not to act when you betray your whole family and ruin everything. + read on ao3




Davis grinds his jaw so many times that he can hear the crunch of his own teeth. They’re fine — the teeth — he knows they are; Charley had always insisted that they keep up with their dentist visits and family oral hygiene. Can’t be smiling to millions with a smile anything less than perfect. Unless it’s something cute and genetic, like a little gap that could have the fans going wild or something. She always thought about twenty things at once. And she’d tell him all that stuff too, usually in bed, or over some long phone call while he was in the gym. Now he listens to music when he’s working out, or podcasts when he just misses hearing someone else’s voice. It’d sound pathetic if he said out loud, so he mostly just doesn’t talk about his work outs anymore. Doesn’t talk about much other than the lines Miriam gives him to tell the press. Stuff like, I’m really focusing on the game right now, or I hate the way everything went down, and all I can do now is try to move forward, or Charley’s fine; she’s taking some time with her family right now. Her other family. We’re still — we’re not officially in divorce proceedings yet.

“You’re doing the thing, Dad.” Micah glares up at Davis for a second before dropping his eyes back to the menu. “Wear your nightguard or something. It’s hard to think.”

Davis grinds his jaw again. “I am wearing it. You’d know if you ever took me up on my offer.” Which he’s given at least ten times since officially agreeing to move to New Orleans. “Stay at my hotel a night or two.” Davis ducks his head to try and catch Micah’s eye, but the boy’s stubborn. “I’ve got great service out there. Five star chefs in the kitchen.”

“I’m good at Aunt Vi’s.” He flips over his menu. “Thanks though.”

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dinners with dad (or, forced attempts in parenting) // a queen sugar fic, part 2


about… Micah goes to eat with Davis again, but the subject of birthdays brings back memories of birthdays past. + read on ao3




To Keke // June 14, 2016 (4:31pm)
Micah: he keeps asking me questions. what do I want for my birthday, what is the family doing, if we should have a celebration of our own
Micah: as if I want to spend my birthday with him

To Micah // June 14, 2016 (4:33 pm)
Keke: You could do it the day before? He just wants to give you your present and see you smile at him

To Keke // June 14, 2016 (4:34 pm)
Micah: If that’s all he wants, then we could do that rn. skip the bullshit and just swap
Micah: uggggh
Micah: what if you just crash Boogie’s car into the diner?
Micah: that’ll shut him up!
Micah: then he can’t talk about the divorce, or what my mom’s feeling about the divorce, and I don’t have to go full Hermione on him

To Micah // June 14, 2016 (4:34pm)
Keke: Full Hermione?
Keke: You gon punch your dad in the face?

To Keke // June 14, 2016 (4:36pm)
Micah: no punching, just screaming I’M NOT AN OWL
Micah: but seriously, save me


To Keke // June 14, 2016 (4:37pm)
Micah: Drive the car into the diner, run me over in the process
Micah: pls

“Micah.” Davis sighs. “Come on, son, I’m talking to you.”

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