queen maryanne

The Telegraph: Some might argue that Baranski has had decades of typecasting. But then, what a type it is. I ask her how she feels about forever being thought of as grand and fabulous.

“I could do worse! To be known as this kind of sophisticated character who’s witty as sin? Matthew always said, ‘It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye’.” She tilts her sunglasses at me, and, with a self-ironising twitch of a smile, says: “Grand and fabulous? That’ll do.”


((Ever imagined what your Pokemon OCs might’ve looked like when they were younger or pre-evolved?

I’m just testing out a new meme here that maybe everyone could try out for themselves! It was fun for me making my characters young again!

I’m placing this under the tag #pokeocchildhood.))


I needed a warm up, so I started doodling some OC’s. These guys are REALLY old and designed for a film project my cousins and I did a while ago. A queen and her “right hand gal” who absolutely detest each other and spend far too much time trying to make each other miserable, while also having all sorts of sexual tension and a totally lesbo affair behind the kings back XD Preeeetty fun to draw.