queen margarethe

  • Margarethe I: You know, Sweden and Norway are pretty cute~
  • Denmark: wait, what now??
  • Margarethe I: well, I did lose my son... and since you three are physically children...
  • Denmark: ... I don't like where this is going...
  • Margarethe I: I'm going to make all three of you my cute children and protect you from any potential idiotic monarchs!!
  • Denmark: But Queeeeeen!! I don't want Sweden as my brother! And Norway hardly listens to me!
  • Margarethe I: see? We even sound like a family!!

Princess Mary, 44, appears to be taking advantage of her enviable wardrobe by re-wearing the very same plum coat she wore to usher in the new year at a royal event on January 1.

She was wearing in the same coat at Queen Margarethe II of Denmark’s 76 birthday on Sunday.

anonymous asked:

About the adopting-thing. I’d like to give an example of monarchs adopting: Queen Magrete 1 of Denmark became a widow in the late 1300’s. Her young son then became king but died when he was 16 (without an heir obviously). Margrete then adopted he sister’s son Erik and he became king, but Margrete remained queen and it was her who ruled the country/countries even when Erik became an adult. I know this is from a completely different time and country but I think it’s something to keep in mind.

That’s a good example but her adopted son was also a royal in his own right. It wouldn’t be like how people are asking where William and Kate would adopt from some orphanage. That child still had royal blood running through him which made it okay.

And Queen Margarethe is actually quite a story about her using her son and later great nephew to keep the throne. A VERY smart woman in my eye!