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game of thrones meme - eight characters [3/8]

margaery tyrell

She has the intelligence of her brother Willas, the observance of courtesies from Garlan, and the good looks of Loras. She has also inherited her father’s desire for advancement and the Queen of Thorn’s cunning - yet her ability to keep her true intentions hidden is completely her own.

Game of Thrones au where Dany, Sansa, and Margaery gather together, regroup, then fly to King’s Landing on dragonback to fuck shit up. They then melt the iron throne down in a blast of Drogon’s fire and replace it with a cushy loveseat where they rule the kingdom side by side and smash the patriarchy into dust.


This week I’m representing my favorite Game of Thrones house with House Tyrell Lemon Macarons! Check out the recipe with instructions here!

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