queen maia

Maia headcannons

For @speedypan oc Maia.

-Current champion at hide and seek with the Teen Titans.

- Her and Lian will do Disney karaoke night. The annoyance of Roy is an added bonus. Yes she does sing Let it go just for Lian.

- So much Pokemon stuff in her room. Like for her birthday Pokemon is a safe bet on what to get her.

- Dick once deleted Pokemon Go app on her phone as a joke. It did not end well for her.

- Her love of trick arrows only cause Dinah more headaches. Like the whole arrow fambam is now using them.

- Dinah and Oliver’s date nights getting crashed by Roy, Lian, and Maia. Like how can you say no to them. 

- Kori and her often questioning why human on Earth do certain things. Roy and Jason are past the point of trying to explain it.

- Her and Dick have gotten into a contest to see who is the better acrobat.

- She should not go to a fast food restaurant during lunch rush. She never has the patience for people who order a thousand items.

- Has gotten blonde hair dye/bleach on Roy’s clothes before. Now has a desalinated hair coloring shirt. (It is his shirt that she ruined.)

I hope you like them. If anything doesn’t fit with the character let me know.

Spotted - Hayden Byerly with his foot in his mouth. Careful Hayden, rumor has it you were priority over your ex co-star Gavin but do you really think you’d win against Queen Maia? Seems a little reckless, even for you.
—  You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl

What If

What if Varda and Manwë had actually been parents to Eönwë and Ilmarë? :3

I don’t know what’s with me and keeping them Valar eyeless >.o

Things we learned from McG’s periscope:

  • He is everybody’s dad
  • He loves us all
  • Magnus and Alec have an extraordinary love affair that’ll have highs and lows, he loves it ‘it’s gonna break our hearts take us high and low, we’ll be crying about’…like we’re not already. Plus Malec happiness, not gonna come easy…oh god. 
  • No comment on Sebastian 
  • We’ll talk about Maia 
  • Seelie Queen is coming 
  • Yeah we’re gonna follow the books, we love the books but the books are the books and the show is the show and we’re hoping the fandom by allowing you to have the books and allowing you to have the show they have a lot to do with each other but its all in the greater good’ bless this man
  • Season 2 is coming in January
  • They’re shooting just now
  • They pick up pretty much after the end of Season 1
  • Loads new characters coming!
  • He’s heading back to the writer’s room right now 
  • Clizzy - stand by! ‘It’s a huge part of what we’re up to in Season 2
  • Alec dropping the steele is a secret that he’ll use to torture us for months
  • Simon Lewis fight scene confirmed
  • If we really want Saphael we need to tell him
  • Parabati crisises ahead 
  • More Lightwood love 
  • More Max
  • Possible Jordan? 
  • Sizzy of course 
  • More Maureen, possibly?
The Signs as TMI Females
  • Aries: Maureen Brown
  • Taurus: Jocelyn Fray
  • Gemini: Dorothea
  • Cancer: Maia Roberts
  • Leo: Camille Belcourt
  • Virgo: Aline Penhallow
  • Libra: Clary Fray
  • Scorpio: Lilith
  • Sagittarius: Amatis Herondale
  • Capricorn: Emma Carstairs
  • Aquarius: Isabelle Lightwood
  • Pisces: Seelie Queen