queen maia

I relate to basically, every character in shadowhunters, because they are all Extra™.
I mean we have,
• Jace “I will backflip over every fucking thing just because” Herondale/Lightwood
• Alec “my first kiss with the love of my kife will be in the middle of MY wedding in front of MY entire family and the goddamn clave” Lightwood
• Magnus “I am not dramatic but I do sometimes match my chair to my clothes and dance the night away while drinking a fancy ass cocktail” Bane
• Maia “I am so petty about Climon I will make out with Jace, just because” Roberts
• Simon “actually admitting I am not straight? What is that? Lemme eye fuck both Jace and Raphael at every given chance” Lewis

Can you believe all shadowhunters characters are lgbt+ except for Valentine and Sebastian ?

okay so that was actually another really good episode

In which I do some math to figure out the ages of some of the characters to see how old they will be by the end of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, given they are still alive by then. It’s quite weird looking at it now, knowing we will be seeing the characters we started the Shadowhunter Chronicles with end the series in their mid- and late-twenties. I didn’t put Magnus up there because we don’t know his age, except that it’s around four hundred years. 


Spring and its festivals!

(Months are here.)

Earlier tonight, I finished the calendar!!! To be sure, there are a few festivals here and there that I missed the first time around. But otherwise, all the months in the Filyanic calendar and the festivals within each have an image for them! I plan to post the Summer images in two instalments, one for the months and one for the festivals as I did Spring this year.

Then, with Abolan we’ll be back where we began, a year long adventure in images!

I’m probably going to keep making them, just everyone has more to choose from. I’d love it if someone used these images on their blogs or updates - these are very simple offerings to the community we share, for us all to use.

Reblogs welcome!