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Women of Star Wars
  • ORIGINAL TRILOGY: Leia Organa, Beru Whitesun Lars, Mon Mothma, Dorovio Bold, Sila Kott, Toryn Farr, Oola
  • PREQUEL TRILOGY: Padmé Amidala, Shmi Skywalker, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Breha Organa, Sheltay Retrac, Cordé, Dormé, Sabé, Barriss Offee, Adi Gallia, Stass Allie, Zam Wesell, Aurra Sing, Shaak Ti, Yaddle, Depa Billaba, Sly Moore, Pooja Naberrie, Sola Naberrie, Jocasta Nu, Taun We, Gardulla the Hutt, Bultar Swan
  • THE CLONE WARS: Ahsoka Tano, Satine Kryze, Asajj Ventress, Bo-Katan Kryze, Queen Julia, Steela Gerrera, Mother Talzin, Riyo Chuchi, Peppi Bow, Sugi, Miraj Scintel, The Daughter, Queen Neeyutnee, R2-KT, Numa, Mina Bonteri
  • LEGENDS: Mara Jade Skywalker, Winter Celchu, Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka Djo, Jan Ors, Deena Shan, Tahiri Veila, Ru Murleen, Juno Eclipse, Sian Tesar, Rachi Sitra, Bria Tharen, Kasan Moor, Mirta Gev, Dani, Maris Brood, Darth Talon, Lumiya, Plouur Ilo, Cilghal, Meetra Surik, Bastila Shan, Arden Lyn, Nomi Sunrider, Iella Wessiri Antilles, Mirax Terrik Horn, Tionne Solusar, Callista Ming, Darth Traya, Vestara Khai, Sintas Vel, Ailyn Vel, Etain Tur-Mukan, Alema Rar, Leonia Tavira, Natasi Daala, Ysanne Isard, Tahl, Siri Tachi, Abeloth, Deliah Blue, Aimi Loto, Rianna Saren, Sariss, Cindel Towani, Tavion Axmis, Alora, Bera Kazan, Vana Sage, Darth Zannah, Syal Antilles, Wynnsa Starflare, Aeron Azzameen, Komari Vosa, Rozatta, Savan, Guri, Parja Bralor, Laseema, Jilka Zan Zentis, Besany Wennen, Laranth Tarak, Marasiah Fel, Astraal Vao, Dark Woman/An'ya Kuro, Mirith Sinn, Shirlee Faughn, Darth Maladi, Morrigan Corde, Azlyn Rae, Gunn Yage, Nera Dantels, Teneniel Djo, Charal, Kneesaa, Mallatobuck, Vergere, Kerra Holt, Serra Keto, Vima Sunrider, Eleena Daru, Shae Vizla, Satele Shan, Lana Beniko, Empress Vaylin, Vette, Kaliyo Djannis, Senya Tirall, T'ra Saa, Khaleen Hentz, SCORPIO, Mira, Visas Marr, Brianna the Handmaiden, Mission Vao, Juhani, Latara, IN-GA 44, Kyrisa, Silri, Yuthura Ban, Tyria Sarkin Tainer, Viqi Shesh, Chantique, Jarael, Raana Tey, Tia, Ghia, Sia-Lan Wezz, Soara Antana, Darra Thel-Tanis, Nei Rin, Dr. Amie Antin, Rilla, Donna Telmark, Raina Quill, Clee Rhara, Enna Lands, Malory Lands, Nen Yim, Astri Oddo-Divinian, Bant Eerin, Jenna Zan Arbor, Fy-Tor-Ana, Deara Antilles, Bhindi Drayson, Onimi, Qwi Xux, Inyri Forge, Shara, Queen Kylantha, Ona Nobis, Orykan Tamarik, Cerasi, Elan
  • CANON: Rey, Jyn Erso, Sana Starros, Evaan Verlaine, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Captain Phasma, Maz Kanata, Kaeden Larte, Miara Larte, Rae Sloane, Sosha Soruna, Chelli Lona Aphra, Norra Wexley, Karé Kun, Jessika Pava, Ciena Ree, Jude Edivon, Ketsu Onyo, Seventh Sister, Greer Sonnel, Carise Sindian, Korr Sella, Pamich Nerro Goode, Deathstick, Tynnra Pamlo, Kaydel Ko Connix, Shara Bey, Jas Emari, Lyra Erso, Nakari Kelen, Maketh Tua, Arihnda Pryce, Delian Mors, Bazine Netal, Harter Kalonia, Ursa Wren, Kyrsta Agate, Zal Dinnes, Chanath Cha, Brand/Lauren Mel Coelho, Dhara Leonis, Alecia Beck, Gina Moonsong, Suralinda Javos, Rose, Iden Versio, Amilyn Holdo
  • LEGO STAR WARS: Vaash Ti, Bene, Kordi Freemaker, Naare, Lieutenant Ostic

i can’t stop thinking about what kind of criers dan and phil would be. i feel like dan’s crying would be a slow build up. his eyes just get watery at first, and he tries so hard to keep it in, but eventually the tears start cascading down his cheeks. he’d get a runny nose and his forehead would crease out of frustration because he hates crying, but he does it all the time. when his crying hits its peak, he’d be a blubbering mess, wiping furiously at his tears and constantly blowing his nose. he doesn’t like to be comforted while he’s crying, but when he’s finished and all that’s left is tear stained cheeks, he’d cling to the closest thing, preferably another person that would play with his hair, rub his back, and comfort him quietly.

phil on the other hand is a quiet crier. it happens really suddenly because he’s not afraid to be emotional and soft. his tears build up and he doesn’t try to hold them back. his eyes get red and puffy, and he tries to wipe away the tears quickly with his sleeve. he gets sniffly, but hides it by taking deep breaths through his mouth. his eyes are glossy and doe-like when his crying reaches the climax. he likes to be held the whole way through, even if it’s just someone holding his hand or resting a hand on his knee. physical contact calms him down and helps him feel more real. his favorite thing is when people rub their fingers up and down his arm, it nearly lulls him to sleep, but it distracts him from whatever it is he’s crying about.

Here with another report about my reading @clairesailQueen of Angels, I’ll try to keep it spoiler free.

Morgau is adorable!

Just kidding, Morgau Vasiley is, as per Kurtis’ words, a crazy bitch - and if you piss her off she’ll castrate you. That’s not a metaphor.

Lara and Kurtis are in the weird position of going through and having been through some intense shit together and knowing some pretty personal things about each other but also not knowing shitton of other personal things about each other and it’s a mess that I don’t envy them but enjoy reading about it hella lot. Oh my god these fucking dorks if only they were upfront about their feelings but also oops potentially crippling emotional baggage?

Also I was walking and reading and then came a line that made me go “holy shit that was actually said??? out loud???” and I stopped reading, I was just walking on and grinning at my surroundings like a loon and I wanted to know what would be said next but I also wanted to savour the moment. And anyway it wasn’t very… I dunno, I probably wouldn’t make such a big deal out it in other fic or with other people but here it just sounded like such a huge step for some reason??? Just goes to show how awesome their characterization is! Anyway it’s a bit of spoiler so I’ll put that line under the cut:

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I swear everyday gets harder and harder for me not to randomly start belting out songs when somebody around me speaks; I mean my life should be one big sing song. See, I was on the plane, just minding my own business, if anything trying to fall asleep and out of no where, the hostess speaks through the speakers and says ‘may I have your attention please?’. And me at this point, I’m sat in the corner in giggles, to which I finally belt out, ‘will the real slim shady please stand up.’ Not only that but when somebody says sorry, I automatically sing Justin Bieber. Not only is it an on going problem, but people aren’t finding it very amusing anymore- whereas me, I find it completely hilarious ever single time.

Anyway, for those of you I haven’t met, I’m Leigh-Anne, or just Leigh if it’s easier for you to remember, and I am excited to be here; although I’m due back on the road in two days time to finish the last leg of tour so I don’t know if I’ll be much fun here as of yet. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to meeting you all.