queen kittens

  • Me: So how long until the halftime show?
  • Sport persons: Well, the second quarter has to--
  • Me: Like when is Lady GaGa coming on?
  • Sport persons: I'm trying to tell you that after the---
  • Me: Please don't explain the game I just want to hear Bad Romance.
  • Sport persons: The second half of the game isn't ov--
  • Me: Or Perfect Illusion. I don't care, I'm not picky, where is she.
  • Sport persons: They have to end the second--
  • Me: It's been five minutes on their clock for like 10 minutes now dude. All the commercials are online and the Puppy Bowl is over. I have nothing to watch. GaGa. Where is Stefani.
  • Sport persons: If you would let me expla--
  • Me: GAGA.
  • Sport persons: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Sport persons: She's up next.
  • Me: okay :)
  • Me: but when tho.

Happy 4/20 🍃
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