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A reminder that on US broadcast network television tonight you can watch not one, but TWO dramas featuring black transgender woman characters – and this is mightily important – portrayed by black transgender actresses!

First at 9 pm ET/PT (or 8 pm CT/HT) on FOX-TV, it’s Lee Daniels’ STAR, co-starring Amiyah Scott (The Real Housewives Of Atlanta) as Cotton, the daughter of Carlotta (a shoutout to the famous Aussie showgirl?) Brown, who’s played by Queen Latifah. STAR also features “Miss Lawrence” Washington (Fashion Queens, Empire) as receptionist Miss Bruce (reportedly in transface).

Then switch over to CBS-TV at 10 pm ET/PT for the premier episode of the legal drama Doubt, starring Laverne Cox (#Metallica who?) as Harvard-educated lawyer Cameron Wirth. This show was created and is executive-produced by Tony Phelan and Joan Rater (Grey’s Anatomy), parents to trans actor Tom Phelan (@tomphelan9) (The Fosters); one of its writers is novelist Imogen Binnie (@boredangry). And slated as guest stars are Angelica Ross (@missrosscreative), Jen Richards (@smartassjen) and Alexandra Grey. Via ioneglobalgrind on Wordpress


I don’t know if you guys can see it but this is who I picture as Feyre.
Her name is Imogen Poots. Unfortunately she might be a little too old to play her in the movie because she is 27, but who knows with Hollywood.
Anywho this is Feyre to me.

Do you have someone else in mind?

Scribble-Doodle: Safe Blood

A parabatai story. A Vampire Academy AU, sequel to my story His Guardian. Jace’s a Moroi, Alec’s his guardian. And someone tries to kill Jace.

For @shirasade who awoke the bunnies!

Jace first realizes that something’s wrong when he sinks his teeth into Kaelie’s soft flesh - Kaelie’s his favorite donor, she’s beautiful and smart and her blood tastes like honey - and the girl’s blood tingles on his tongue, burning his throat on its way down, and when it hits his stomach… it hurts! It’s pure agony.

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Scribble-Doodle: His Guardian

A Jalec Vampire Academy AU. Jace’s a Moroi, the queen’s grandson, Alec’s his dhampir guardian. More of a set-up than a real story, just something that kept nagging at me ever since I saw the movie! 

Warning: I’m reading the books in Czech, so if I get any of the terms wrong, sorry! (This is the ficlet @shadowandbones​ )

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Jace’s talking to his grandmother, Queen Imogen, and he’s smiling, basking in her proud attention. And Alec’s smiling, too, just because Jace’s happy. That’s enough to make Alec happy.

“When will you finally tell him?” Isabelle, his sister, whispers at his shoulder very discreetly because they’re standing at the back of the lecture hall with Moroi students, teachers and other dhampir guardians milling around.

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“There’s a fine line between gossip and history, when one is talking about kings.”

The Montmaray Journals Fancast

Sophie FitzOsborne - Imogen Poots
Toby FitzOsborne - Sam Claflin
Veronica FitzOsborne - Jessica Brown Finlay
Simon Chester - Tom Hughes
Henry FitzOsborne - Georgie Henley
Rupert Stanley Ross - Matthew Beard
Julia Stanley Ross - Vanessa Kirby
Daniel Bloom - Ben Whishaw

Prince & Guardian - Chapter 1, by shirasade
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Alec’s first duty as a Dhampir was to protect the Moroi in his charge by any means necessary, which included making sure Jonathan Herondale, heir to Queen Imogen, didn’t go hungry while they were on the run in the human world. However, he saw no need to tell anyone, Jace included, how much he liked it when his oldest friend fed from him.

Instead of working on my WIPs I started a new one - sorry, but I couldn’t resist! :) The lovely and talented @drakamena had the idea first, but I hope she’ll enjoy my take on a ‘Vampire Academy’ AU.