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Imagine Loki being your boyfriend. He would be a bit confused with human customs, but apparently men would sometimes give pets to the woman of their longing (at least in the movies you liked to watch). So your wonderful little god would buy his loved one a pet which is worthy his future queen, which leads
you to come home to your over excited boyfriend, trying to stop a gray lioness from destroying your flat.
“Say nothing, my love. You are welcome”

Imagine marrying Loki to become the Queen of Asgard. You couldn’t be more proud of his triumphs; he’s overcome so many obstacles to achieve his place on the throne. At the coronation, though, he surprises you. He’s the most powerful being in all the realms, but he ensures the people of Asgard show reverence to you. After all he’s been through, his greatest accomplishment is having you for his Queen.

Dating Loki Would Involve

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  • Cuddling and Loki nuzzling against your neck
  • Being loved by Thor who loves how happy you make his brother
  • Being told he’s a monster and not caring, because you love him and he makes you happy
  • The Avengers thinking you must be just as bad at first, but then realising you make Loki happy, and he’s better when he’s happy
  • Pranking people as a team, or going against each other in a competitive war
  • Having lazy days together, staying in Loki’s chamber reading or going for a walk together
  • Loki telling you his plans for advice and always having a plan for you, to look after you and have you by his side
  • Calling Loki your King and him calling you his Queen
  • Frigga loving you and being a bit protective of you in the way that she wants to make sure Loki is treating you properly
  • Loki admitting he loves you one night under the stars and being shy about it at first
  • You visiting him in his cell and being the highlight of his day
  • Loving each others sense of humour
  • Reading together and showing each other interesting parts of your books
  • Loki putting his arm around you whenever he feels alone, pulling you close to his side.
  • Loki ignoring you when he feels threatened so you’re not seen as his weakness. He always keeps an eye on you however and makes sure you’re safe
  • Loki placing kisses along your jawline and collar bones when you’re alone with him
  • Him creating hallucinations for you to entertain you on slow evenings
  • Being his beautiful queen, which he reminds you of frequently
  • Being the one he loves more than anything and would do anything for
Dear Casting Directors,

if you didnt want us to like to villains more than the heros










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Sincerly, Every Fandom Ever


Things I am Currently in Love With

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one song: The Only Living Boy in New York” by Simon and Garfunkel
two movies:
“I Saw the Light” (for reasons) & “Thor: Ragnarok” (because I have not been watchng a lot of movies lately and I am so excited for this I tingle in my soul).
three series:
Fued: Bette and Joan”, “The Night Manager”, “RuPaul’s Drag Race/Untucked” (Any and every Season, any and all the time. I just love those queens.).
four people:
Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson, Jinkx Monsoon
five foods:
Sushi, pudding, Grilled egg and cheese sandwiches, Pizza from “Baked” (A local pizza joint by the theater where I work that is just ridiculous), Caramel Kisses 
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KONG: Skull Island All Stars vs. Queen Konga! - Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson


I am a fangirl. You wouldn’t think it from a distance - but I am a fangirl.

Now, if you don’t know what a fangirl is (how can you even BE on Tumblr and not know that, I have no clue), come out from underneath the rock you’ve been living under and face the world.

So, I first started fangirling over books, which spread to movies and serials, actors and now bands. It’s a virus that will ruin social life and make you suffer - but you WILL be happy about it.

Sherlock and Marvel have been fangirled over as well as awesome book series’s like Harry Potter (I recently took a pic at King’s Cross - I recommend it!), Percy Jackson, Red Queen, anything by John Green, Six of Crows, the Gone Series, Skulduggery Pleasant… you know where I’m going with this.

I recently have stared fangirling over hot actors who play my favourite characters - TBS (read my last post), Tom Hiddlestone (he’s *sobs* so… so *sobs* beautiful *sniffles*) Benedict Cumberbatch (repeat brackets), Iwan Rheon (repeat brackets) and namely other British actors - these are just the hot list for now.

Of course I have to mention Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At the Disco

Okay - right now a lot of you are relating right? This is tumblr. *Newsflash!* But here’s the thing - never have I ever met a fanboy. Are they extinct? Were they wiped out with the dinosaurs? Did they meet Tom Hiddlestone and die instantly from overload?

Who knows? IDK. But if one is found - please return to the nearest fangirl.

Also, some advice that I use:

fandomart2020, going back to my books.