queen fei!!


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“This is how a faerie loves: with her whole body and soul. This is how a faerie loves: with destruction…This is how a faerie loves: with a gift.”

-Cassandra Clare & Robin Wasserman

The Folio of Friendly and Furious Fey: Part One

Creatures from the Feywild, a parallel plane to the prime
In this vibrant world these fey have a habit for speaking in rhyme

There are countless creatures who lie beyond the veil of trees
The sprites, sylphs, nymphs, or dryads being only a few of these

Their deities, associated with either the Seelie or Unseelie courts
Wielding the power of nature these creatures offer cunning retorts

While some fey are kind, often showing benevolence
There are often dark, murderous things that don’t see the relevance

Devouring travelers, kidnapping children, bringing misfortune for all
Redcaps, Quicklings and Gremlins will gut you for just being too tall…

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Maya: wait a second! you……..
Nick: oh boy
Maya: and him……..
Nick: here it comes
Nick: [facepalms]
Maya: don’t worry, Nick! I’ll help you confess your love to Mr. Edgeworth! after all, nothing’s stronger than the power of……..
Nick: love…?
Maya: MAYA

The Suriel won't betray queen fey !!
  • Tamlin: *captures the Suriel*
  • Tamlin: tell me, will Feyre love me again?
  • The Suriel: yes *cough* in ya dreams
  • Tamlin: what was that last part?
  • The suriel: n-nothing..
  • Tamlin: tell me or i won't release you
  • The Suriel: I already answered your question *cough* sorz fboi
  • Tamlin: whatever, i've heard what i needed to reassure myself *releases the Suriel*
  • The Suriel: thaz rite *turns to camera* well i wasn't lying

Everything about her brought to mind the old religion, and I knew that the resemblance was deliberate, intended to remind her subjects that as Hephestia ruled uncontested among the gods, this woman ruled Attolia. Too bad that I had seen the Great Goddess and knew how far the Attolian queen fell short of her mark.