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Because 19th century is full of funny historical figures and writers, Jane Austen is actually the only person thinking, Chateaubriand the biggest drama queen in Europe and Goethe hides his gothic kid side.


history edit: 

 ↳ Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine (b.1122) , is most noted for being the most wealthiest woman of Europe during the High Middle Ages. By marrying King Louis VII of France, she became Queen Consort of France, and Louis was reportedly in love with her. Unfortunately, after bearing him two daughters, the marriage was annulled due to marital issues. She then married Henry II of England, and bore him eight children, including Richard I and John of England. She had outlived her her husband Henry, and all her children except for John of England and Eleanor, Queen of Castile. She lived well into John’s reign, passing at the age of 81/82 (d.1204). 

Eleanor was also noted for “courtly love” and, known for her tremendous beauty. Not much is known of how she looked, the effigy on her tomb shows a tall and large-boned woman with brown skin, however this may not be an accurate representation. 

 Aiysha Hart as young Eleanor // Hiam Abbas as older Eleanor

What a beautiful day in Rome! 😆 I’m relaxing and getting over my jet lag by doing some chill art while enjoying the hot sun. 🌞❤ It’s a nice change of scenery from my rainy Vancouver lol but It’s so hot I’m melting like gelato on a sidewalk holy moly! 🍦✨ It’s so different from rainy Juneuary in Vancouver that has been nothing but rain lately. 🌧 I’m gonna take advantage of the warm weather while I can and get in plenty of sunshine! 😁 Can’t wait to see everyone at the Roma Cartoon Festival this weekend! Can’t wait to show you what other art I have for ya 💖

The 60th Eurovision is just over a month away

So its a good time for everyone to educate themselves on the best bits of the contest’s history before it returns

Like the most important winners ever

The Russian Grannies

Don’t forget that Eurovison is the reason ABBA became famous

Then there was the time Ukraine absolutely lost its mind

The time Ireland lost its mind to an even greater extent and entered a puppet turkey

Frankly choose any British entry from the last 15 years and you’ll see the United Kingdom lost its mind long ago

There were the Greek fishermen singing about whisky

The Romanian man affectionally dubbed ‘gay opera dracula’

Iceland once entered a song that should have been the most obnoxious thing ever but was actually really darn catchy

That Turkish ship

After this song flopped the Czech Republic never entered again (though they are returning this year!)

And France sung a song entirely about moustaches

But its not all insanity, there are actually some genuinely beautiful songs sometimes - like Norway’s Alexander Rybak and his violin

This slower, genuinely beautiful song from the Netherlands

And of course, there is the Queen of Europe herself

Eurovison everyone


The Best Of Graham Norton (Eurovision 2008 - 2014)
  • Graham: The bad news is you're about to watch Albania. She's only 17, so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn't she step in and say no?
  • Graham: If it was a singing competition, this next man would do very well indeed.
  • Graham: Now this will put fear into your heart, She's a devoted experimental jazz musician. She can do extraordinary things with her voice. Not pleasant things, but extraordinary.
  • Graham: Small children and pets should probably be removed from the room...
  • Graham: I don't think we'll be troubled by that song again.
  • Graham: It's an unusual Eurovision this year (2012) because there are some quite good songs... that are really well sung...
  • Graham: Azaiza there, proving that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. What were those dancers doing? They looked like they were changing a giant duvet cover.
  • Graham: Oh no, a Polish invasion.
  • Graham: The band is ESDM and they traveled here by boat. It took a week! Something tells me it will feel longer on the journey home...
  • Graham: Ooh it's like the gay wedding I'll never have! Oh no it's in my wine!!!
  • Graham: [to France when they gave GB 1 point] WE BUILT A TUNNEL TO YOUR COUNTRY
  • Graham: I'm 51, not dead!