queen esmeraldas


Artist Jirka Väätäinen released this collection of art envisioning the Disney Princesses/Ladies in a more “real life” style.

Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Esmeralda, Jane Porter, Megara, Princess Merida, Princess Tiana, Fa Mulan, Pocahontas, and Princess Rapunzel.

She couldn’t let any of them live, not if she wanted to be queen. Esmeralda was smart, she would be harder to trick, but these young girls, they would go down easy.

“Where we go?” One of the girls asked with that insistent, know it all tone. She was still an child with a limited vocabulary but she already knew how to act like a princess, disgusting. 

“Nowhere,” she snapped and the girl shut her mouth. The other child didn’t even try to fight, she toddled along blindly while tears poured down her face.

Here we are, she thought to herself as she pushed up the door to the children’s room. there was a maid sorting through the armoire for the children’s evening dress when they entered. The queen snapped at her to get out and the maid fled from the room. She could practically see the tail between her legs.

The Queen dropped the little girls on their bed and moved to the prepared wall space. The open cupboard sized space sat in the wall attached to the room where Esmeralda rested. She smiled at the idea of Esmeralda going crazy with the cries of her little siblings.

She plucked the children from the bed and sat them in the space. 

“Stay here, little girls. Mummy will be back one day.”

One child rolled to her side and promptly fell asleep. The other, the one that had been crying earlier, stared at the queen with her thumb in her mouth. She glared back until the child looked away. She stacked a blanket atop the pair   and closed the panel in the wall. Pulling a piece of paper from her dress, she chanted a Sealing Charm she had found in an old Magyk book.

The Queen watched as a purple mist formed along the crack where the cupboard touched the wall. When she finished the spell, the mist faded, along with any evidence of the children.

Etheldredda smiled to herself as she left the room. One less obstacle between her and the throne. The last hurdle was that pesky Esmeralda, but she would not be hard to fool. The queen was in such a pleasant mood at the thought of her new proximity to living forever she forgot to snap at a messenger who stepped into her field of view.

“My queen,” the messenger relayed from one knee. “It’s your daughter, Esmeralda. They found her body floating in the moat.”

The woman took a moment to process the new information.

“Oh dear,” she finally responded. “How incredibly awful. We must find who did this and have them executed at once!” She shooed the messenger away and turned toward the throne room.

Etheldredda practically started skipping, she was so excited. Her stupid husband was out of the picture on a year long boat  trip, the infant daughters were finally taken care of, and, now that Esmeralda was out of the way, there was no way Etheldreda would not be queen for a very, very long time.

Now all she needed was the elixir of immortality from her idiot son and everything would be in it’s place.