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12.13 Coda: God Save the Queen

“So, the teachers at the girls’ school are all back to work,” Dean says. “It’s like nothing ever happened. That’s all the victims in Ohio.”

“Well, no mention of the Massachusetts murder either.” Sam’s still peering at his laptop, but it’s clear there’s nothing to be found. “No Fiona, no angry ghost. Looks like history’s back on track. Thank you, Gavin.”

“Yeah, but… I can’t put a check in the win column just yet. This has all been too easy.”

“It is a little too perfect, isn’t it?”

“Hey, Sam? Think you could find a list of the crew and passengers from the Star?”

Sam frowns. “Probably. Why?” His fingers tap at the keys without waiting for an answer. “Yeah, here’s a crew list and passenger manifest. Oh. Oh.” He looks up at Dean, eyes wide. “Gavin isn’t listed as the captain.”

Dean nods. “And I bet Fiona’s not on the passenger list either.”

“Jesus.” Sam leans back and runs his hands through his hair. “I just assumed Rowena set up the spell to put them back on the ship. It didn’t even occur to me…”

“That sneaky little witch,” Dean laughs. “She sent him back early. Fiona’s not a vengeful spirit because she didn’t die on the ship! Neither of them did!”

Sam laughs too, but it’s a little uneasy. “That’s… that’s kind of dangerous, right? Messing with history like that?”

Dean looks around him and shrugs. “Bunker’s still here. Internet’s still here. Beer still exists. I’d say everything’s okay.” He waves his half-empty bottle. “Speaking of beer… we’re out. I’m gonna go on a beer run. You wanna come with?”

But Sam doesn’t answer. He’s still staring at the computer screen. “Dean… You’ve got your wallet on you? Look at your money.”

“Dammit, I’ve got money. I’m not asking you to pay. I’m just asking if you want to go.”

“Dean. Shut up and look at your money.”

Dean sighs his best long-suffering sigh, pulls the wallet out of his pocket, and takes out a bill.


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Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

So, you’ve built decks for Rubinia and Roon, but what kind of cards would you suggest as some awesome win conditions for Derevi? I’m hoping to build a deck based around tapping and untapping my way to victory and I’m curious as to what might be best for that kind of stuff. 

When Derevi first got spoiled, I was unimpressed; tapping and untapping stuff just didn’t seem very easy to abuse. Later on, I gave it some more thought and now I have the skeleton of a deck that uses Derevi triggers to break symmetry on some gnarly prison cards.

Derevi triggers for each creature you control, so it’s probably a good idea to lean towards tokens in order to best take advantage of her ability. I haven’t tested this deck yet, so I have no idea what the right number of token generators is/how important evasion is/how efficient the token generation needs to be. You’ll probably have to prune this list a little bit.

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