queen elizabeth of england

So I’m watching The Crown on Netflix, real banger of a show, and Prince Phillip goes “you’ve taken my career and my home and my family name from me what kind of marriage is this” and I was like shit. he’s the woman in a traditional marriage. that’s a completely normal classic marriage, it’s just that the gender roles are reversed. I don’t know if that was intentional from the show writers but DAMN


The Queen Regnant’s of The British Isles, Crowned and Uncrowned


“I once told an ambassador that if I ever married it would be as a queen and not as Elizabeth. If I had ever been convinced marriage was a political necessity, then I would have proceeded despite my personal reluctance. But at my coronation I promised to take England itself as my spouse. Remaining a virgin, not giving myself to anyone but my people, was the visible sacrifice they would prize and honor, binding us together. And so it has proved.”

From Elizabeth I by Margaret George.

Today is the 458th anniversary of Elizabeth’s Coronation, which was the 15th January 1559. 

Many Japanese Look for a Shift to Female Heirs to the Throne
As the governing party considers allowing Emperor Akihito to retire, many in the public believe the law should be permanently changed to admit women as heirs to the throne.
By Motoko Rich

“There are very few women in management, and changes take place very slowly… Like Queen Elizabeth in England, if Princess Aiko becomes the emperor, things may change in society.”

European queens' signs
  • Aries: Catherine de Medici
  • Taurus: Catherine the Great
  • Gemini: Queen Victoria
  • Cancer: Philippa of Hainault
  • Leo: Anna of Bohemia and Hungary
  • Virgo: Elizabeth I
  • Libra: Mary of Modena
  • Scorpio: Marie Antoinette
  • Sagittarius: Catherine of Aragon
  • Capricorn: Empress Elisabeth of Austria
  • Aquarius: Mary I
  • Pisces: Blanche of Castile