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Dolley Madison, Sybil Luddington, Deborah Sampson, Elizabeth Hamilton, Elizabeth Monroe, Molly Pitcher, Phyllis Wheatley, Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Mercy Otis Warren and Eliza Lucas Pinckney.

  • Annabeth: What should we name our first kid?
  • Percy: George or Elizabeth.
  • Annabeth: Why?
  • Percy: Because we don't know a George and we don't know an Elizabeth. More importantly, we don't know a George or an Elizabeth who has died.
  • Annabeth: George Washington. Queen Elizabeth.
  • Percy: 1-800-DID-I-ASK

Queen Elizabeth II

In the late 1950s to the mid-1960s, HM faced a number of challenges, not just on a political, but on a personal level. The second decade of her reign save a change in the order of the world, but she stayed the same as always, the same with the consistency she’s famous for today.

The Political scene of the time:

In November 1956, Britain and France invaded Egypt in an unsuccessful attempt to capture the Suez Canal. Lord Mountbatten (Dickey) claimed the Queen was opposed to the invasion, though Eden denied it. Eden resigned two months later. Now, this of course left a visible strain on their relationship, but we can never know what The Queen actually thought.

Following Eden’s resignation, it fell to The Queen to decide whom to commission to form a government. The candidate was chosen: Harold Macmillan. The Suez crisis and the choice of Eden’s successor led in 1957 to the first major personal criticism of Her Majesty, which would eventually lead to the Conservatives in 1965 to create a formal mechanism for electing a leader, thus leaving the monarch out of choosing the Prime Minister.

In 1957, she made a state visit to the United States, where she addressed the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of the Commonwealth, after that she opened the 23rd Canadian Parliament, becoming the first monarch of Canada to open a parliamentary session. In 1959 she toured as Queen of Canada the United States and of course, Canada. I have to mention that durring that time she met President John F. Kennedy as well as the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy.

In 1961, she toured Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Iran. On a visit to Ghana the same year, she dismissed fears for her safety, even though her host, President Kwame Nkrumah, who had replaced her as head of state, was a target for assassins. There were some controversies she had to face, like speculation about assassination attempts in Canada, although in was never proven, but there was a riot in Montreal when she appeared. Liz was straight up gangsta about it, she took it all like the champ she is. She also revared the Beatles in 1965 with the Grand Victorian Cross.

HM’s personal life:

On 6 May 1960, her sister Princess Margaret married the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey. He was created Earl of Snowdon.

On 19 February 1960 she had her third son, Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duke of York. This pregnancy was a surprise to everyone, as no one expected she’d have more children. Prince Andrew was the first child born to a reigning monarch since the birth in 1857 of Queen Victoria’s youngest child, Princess Beatrice. He was named after Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, his paternal grandfather (you have to love their sentiment).

And there was one more surprise (Elizabeth and Philip were extremely naughty) Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex. On 10 March 1964 the bundle of joy who picked his title out of a film came into this world. It is unknown why they picked the name Edward, many think it’s in honor of Edward VIII, who claimed to be Elizabeth’s favorite uncle.