queen de minthe

In Which Baby!Candy finds he needs a bit of assistance

He wasn’t sure how he’d wound up where he was in the garden, but the towering topiaries had made the child very unsure of his surroundings. One minute, he’d been picking flowers for his lovely wife, the next, he was hopelessly lost. Alone was no fun. Alone was scary, and it was getting dark. He whimpered quietly, tears bubbling into the corners of his eyes. He sat stock still on the ground, save for moving his jingly shoes back and forth a little as a mild distraction.

[The corridors of the hive are long, pitch black, and stretch far like hallways.

Yet the deeper in, the more the hive curiously begins to grow decorated with candy themed furnishings straight out of Sugar Rush, and the halls are suddenly lined with small, colorful, dimly glowing gummy bear lights.

The deep, roaring snores of the slumbering cybug queen shake the walls of the hive every now and then, but aside from that, it’s strangely peaceful within as thousands of baby bugs sleep soundly littered on the floor of the “bug nursery.”

In the far corner of this demented playroom sits a bed with a snoring figure sprawled out under several layers of sugary sheets, mumbling deliriously in his sleep.]

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