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“I should have never taken him into my bed.’ He was only a sellsword, no fit consort for a queen and yet I knew that all along … but I did it anyway.”
• Daenerys Targaryen on Daario (ADWD)

“I know that you are wildling to the bone.’ It was easy to forget that sometimes, when they were laughing or kissing. But then one of them would say or do something and he would suddenly be reminded of the wall between their worlds.”
• Jon Snow on Ygritte (ASOS)

Another great book parallel 🙏🏼

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My Game of Thrones OTP’s

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Daenerys: ‘It is customary to kneel in front of a queen.’

Jon: 'We do not kneel.’

Daenerys: 'I have your men in chains and I took your only means of leaving this island.’

Jon: 'All the same, we do not kneel.’

The Wolf And The Dragon • S07E03


“Ours is a war for life itself, and should we fail the world dies with us.”

🔥Theirs is the Song of Ice and Fire ❄️

anonymous asked:

Hello, are there any jon/arya parallels in asoiaf the same there is for jon/dany? what about jon/dany and jon/dany/arya parallels? doesnt it sound weird how all of them are connected and have parallels with eachother? what is george trying to say with this?

There are tons of Jon/Arya parallels, but if we’re strictly talking about ones that expand to include Jon, Arya, and Dany, there are a few. All three have intense connections to magic, and more specifically the animals by which their Houses are represented in sigil; Arya with Nymeria, Dany with Drogon, Jon with Ghost. And all three animals are alphas in a way; Nymeria is obvious with her at the head of her pack (constantly described as a monstrous she-wolf), Drogon is obvious as well because he has been described as Balerion reborn, and Ghost is more subtle. He was the last to be discovered of the litter, thought to be the runt, but he ends up growing quickly and larger than his brothers or sisters. He’s also shown to be one of the only presences that can calm Nymeria or make her submit, so that’s something. 

Then there’s their connections and time with the groups of smallfolk in the areas they occupy. Arya, Jon, and Dany come to sympathize with people typically discriminated against, and act as their champions of sorts; Dany on her various tours, beginning in Vaes Dothrak and currently in Meereen, Jon with the wildlings, and Arya with the riverfolk and those in Braavos. All three also find a love interest within these ranks: Drogo, Daario, Ygritte, Gendry.

The next parallel is one that is quite admittedly reaching, but enough for me to comment on it, and it’s how they relate to Rhaegar. Dany is obvious; his sister, his beauty reincarnated in female form. Jon is his secret son, unbeknownst to (almost) everyone living. Arya is Lyanna reincarnated, the latter of which was Rhaegar’s lover, whether willing or unwilling we have yet to find out. Despite Arya’s lack of solid connection to him, it is still significant that it’s hammered home so often that she resembles in looks and personality her late aunt. 

It’s also significant that each character has references to the other with no subtlety, but directly. I’m going to omit Arya and Jon’s relationship here because it’s too obvious for analysis. Arya has the profound moment in the dungeons of the Red Keep where the dragons lead her to safety, and she also thinks of them as “old friends.” Jon has a moment where he wishes for “a dragon or three,” and Dany often hears wolves howling but never so significantly than when she is alone, miscarrying, and starving in her final chapter of the last book.

Perhaps my favorite of their parallels are the king/queen references for all three. Dany’s have always been there, in her slow but steady process of turning herself from princess to conquering queen, but Arya’s and Jon’s are more subtle, though no less meaningful. Arya has several queen references (as I’ve went into detail in this meta), and Jon is constantly called “king” by Mormont’s raven which is thought to be controlled by Bloodraven. He’s also (one of) Robb’s heir(s) so that’s something too. 

Off the top of my head, they’re also all great horseriders, outcasts/underdogs steadily gaining power and momentum, defy stereotypes, befriend sex workers, fiercely loyal to their families, extremely cunning, and are kind-hearted yet firm with bouts of malice for their enemies. All in all, it’s no surprise that Arya, Dany, and Jon mirror each other in so many ways. They’re three of five characters singled out in GRRM’s pitch letter, each with their hands dipped in pots that hugely affect the moving storyline, and will no doubt have big parts in the war against the Others as well as where the Seven Kingdoms end up by the finish of the story. 

So I was just making a mental list of all my favs across fandoms and I realized I have a type but more importantly than that I realized my type is SLYTHERINS


He is blindsided by the words that come out of his mouth even as he speaks them.
Jon: “Your Grace?”
She stares at him, trying to figure out if he’s saying what she thinks he is saying.
Jon: “I’d bend the knee but … ”
[in bed, presumably naked.]
Dany: “What about those who swore allegiance to you?”

S07E06 • Jon & Daenerys @ Eastwatch