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okay so ive never made one of those long posts but after getting second a million times i decided to make one. So i come into the game as sheriff Kweenthy Hillis and win hoh and veto week one and get rid of Dominic right away for not sexting me back.

Then i discover the person im aligning with is actually davonnslay and they become my final 2, aka Jackiesus. I was loyal to the people  was loyal to and had fun also aligning with queens backy and dani. And then a chatzy gets leaks of basically the house talking about me and becky and how they all want me gone. 

But instead it just fired me up and Becky and Jackie and i win comps left and right and i ruthlessly align with everyone in the house and then betrayed them.

I realize i dun goofed and jury noms me and i win veto and then evict james who says i wont win and i realize jury hates me again.

ANYWAYS thank you guys for a great game and for voting for me to win, especially to allies davonnslay and oddreym and my nemisis jackiewaspushed. Also Thanks you at the host Renee all of your were so amazing i cant pick. 

“First and foremost, I just wanna say I feel so honored & so blessed to be given the opportunity to come back into this house for a second time. So everybody at CBS who had any part at all in that, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been a fan of this show since season one. I have the greatest respect for the game. I have a love for this game. & it very, very much saddens me that I am the only person in this house that feels that way. It also saddens me that these people are too afraid to stand on their own two feet & make a stand, & use the brain that the good Lord has graciously given them. I came here to play a game that I love, but unfortunately other people had a different agenda… & that agenda is to sit around for the entire summer to write Jeff & Jordan a paycheck. So congratulations. Absolutely no regrets… only choices… because at the end of the day, I can sit here & say, I’ve made my own.” Daniele Motherfucking Donato, I love you. TEAM DANI FOREVER.

Queens on Tour ch30 - Dani - (Abusive Language TW)

a/n- Trigger Warning: contains homophobic slurs/abusive language. Also contains a reference to an eating disorder, but it’s not directly mentioned.

Here’s another chapter… please enjoy. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading, -Dani

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